Seeing Red - The Perfect Holiday Pout

Friday, November 30, 2012

There's no beauty look more glamorous than the red lip. It instantly brightens up your face, looks dazzling on every skin tone and is absolutely holiday appropriate. A season welcoming sparkling glitz and frilly extras, a beautiful red pout is just the thing to tie up the classic holiday look. From satin finishes to deep, rich hues, the options to finding your ideal red are endless.

While you may find yourself under the mistletoe more than once at your holiday festivities, I do advise you to keep the kissing at a minimum when sporting this daring shade. An intense kiss may leave you and you kissing partner's mouths looking like intense, bloody crime scenes. Beware but have fun with this color and embrace the shade of the holiday.

I took the guess work out of finding the perfect red lippie and rounded up some of the newest and best around. Whether its a classic matte red, a cheeky red or a classic fiery shade -- give this festive lip a go this holiday season.

Ask and Tell's Beauty Professional Tips 
*Use a lip liner in a similar hue before your choice of lippie and apply the lipstick with a small lip brush. This helps you enhance the shape of the lip and keeps it lasting much longer than a standard swipe from the tube.
*With a small concealer brush, precisely apply concealer to the corners of your top and bottom lip. This cleans up any smudges or mistakes that might of leaked on to the skin, prevents bleeding of the color and highlights a clean, perfect pout.
*If you want to intensify the color and give it some more dimension, take your favorite shadow or blusher in a similar shade and pack on the powder onto your lipstick with a small flat shadow brush. Hold a tissue under your lip as you apply to catch any fallout that may fall. You're then left with a richly colored, matte red lip. How chic!

Be bold this holiday season -- Sport your red lip in style. 
Lipsticks (clockwise):  Illamasqua | Benefit | Sephora Brand |


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