The Beautiful Campaign Shining A Light on CHD Survivors

Friday, August 31, 2018

All proceeds to benefit the last photography chapter of the Scars Are Beautiful Project

As someone who has experienced a fair share of heart troubles, I was blown away when I stumbled upon the Scars Are Beautiful Project

This incredible initiative brings awareness to congenital heart defect (CHD) survivors. Founded by the inspiring Brigitta Zatko, this eye-opening project highlights individuals of various ages around the world who all have a striking chest scar marking life-saving open heart surgery due to CHD. 

The Founder
A beautiful lady both inside and out, Brigitta has created a project where those suffering and beyond can feel both inspired and included. Expanding on her own CHD experience, Brigitta has taken her brilliant photography talents to various cites to chronicle the stories of these brave heart survivors and photograph their beautiful scars. With so much stigma around the appearance of scars, Brigita's Scars Are Beautiful project has created a community that celebrates the signature zipper-like chest scar and gives a face to CHD.

Brigitta Zatko 

With my own personal experience with life-long heart disease and open heart surgery, it is incredible to see this thriving and welcoming community celebrating a scar I was once embarrassed by and reading the stories of fellow heart heroes of every age.  

Her Mission
A strong advocate for this cause, Brigitta's ultimate goal is to photograph 100 unique individuals with CHD who proudly wear their open heart surgery scars and compile these stunning images into a coffee table book. This brave collection of moving images is such a wonderful project that highlights such an important cause while eliminating the shame of scars. 

Brigitta Zatko

Fundraising Efforts
Due to its success, Brigitta has a designed a charming shirt promoting her passion project that is perfectly fitting for all. A fundraising effort that will only be live until September 5th, this darling shirt is a wearable memento that represents so many beautiful stories and raises awareness for CHD. All sales of this shirt will go towards funding Brigitta's last trip (Australia) on her Scars Are Beautiful photography mission. Whilst in Australia, Brigitta will visit four cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane) to photograph thirty individuals for her upcoming tome. A mission worth the spotlight, Brigitta is changing the conversation on scars and CHD by focusing on actual survivors and their unique stories. 

Contacting Brigitta Zatko 

All images courtesy of Brigitta Zatko

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