Dial A Dilemma: Blowout Basics

Friday, April 5, 2013

Nothing makes a girl feel more pretty and glamorous than getting her done exactly the way she wants it. Whether it’s sleek and glossy or big and full of body, a luxurious blowout is the easiest way to achieve that glorious feeling. While we may not have the luxury of getting a daily blowout  by your go-to hair stylist, you can always grab a few must-have products and get that lustrous look from the comfort of your own home, all you need are the right tools and products.

How do I achieve a professional quality blowout at home on my own? 

Here’s the skinny on getting great hair:


Repeatedly using harsh heat and extremely hot hair tools directly on hair does quite the damage on your tresses; protecting the hair is crucial. Whether it’s a spray, cream or serum make sure to coat your strands in a heat protecting product to ensure a safe base for styling and can combat some of that damage (no one wants dried out ends!). I like to apply a protectant in my hair while it’s damp and shuffle/scrunch it onto the hair. GHD Thermal Heat Protect Spray ($17) has been my go-to product for years and never disappoints. It’s light enough to layer additional products and sufficiently protects hair from the damage and stress from hair tools and additional heat.

Prime & Fluff:

Once your hair is all washed and protected, it’s time to lather on your favorite hair products. Whether you’re aiming for the sleek, polished city look or want to be a few inches closer to god with big, glamorous locks, here is where you have to use styling products strategically. Choose a hair oil or serum (Keratin Complex Styling Oil, $25) if you want your tresses to remain extra smooth with silky sheen and a great mousse (Drybar Southern Bell, $25) for extra volume. I should also point out that since its launch, Living Proof’s Hair Primer ($20) has been a hair styling staple for me and makes hair extra smooth and ready for any styling ahead.

Hair Styling Tools:

I can’t say it enough; invest in a REALLY GOOD blow dryer. You’re going to get loads of use out of it, it will last you far longer than a basic one and nice dryers often times come with settings that reduce the amount of harsh heat on your strands and other goodies standard dryers skimp on.

Make sure your brushes are free of any loose, tangled hair from your last use and bristles are clean and ready for your next twirl.  Please make sure to replace any brushes with bristles that are overly used, burnt or broken. The lifespan of brushes varies from brush to brush and depends on its bristles and how often it is used (we all know when a brush is beyond saving!). 

With these must-have products and quick tips, you're sure to achieve that perfect blown out, just out of the salon look without ever stepping out of your home. Happy styling! 

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