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Thursday, December 13, 2012

There’s no surprise that I LOVE the beauty benefits of olive oil, but beauty oils –facial or otherwise—worry me a little. I gave argan oil chance after chance and was left disappointed each and every time. While my hopes of enjoying the wonders of beauty oil were dashed, I hadn’t given up just yet. Through my work I came across Tarte’s Pure Maracuja Oil and it stopped me dead in my tracks. If the beautiful packaging and design weren’t enough, I’d done my proper research and was sold.

This luxurious liquid promises to firm, soften and better the appearance of skin all while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pretty hefty promises right?  Being a girl that suffers from serious combination skin that gets super shiny throughout the day, the thought of layering on an additional layer of oil was bizarre to me. So in the sake of beauty – I gave it a go.

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil

Starting as a nightly treatment, I’d coat my skin in a VERY thin layer of this wondrous oil. Every morning my skin would feel incredibly soft, unbelievably hydrated and left supple and glowy. I loved the way my skin started to look better after each passing day. Soon enough, I decided to ditch my usual moisturizer and layer on Maracuja in its place. The silky consistency soothingly glided on my skin and sank in. My skin was free of any greasy film or stickiness, just a perfectly hydrated canvas ready for a flawless foundation application.

I’ve been using Maracuja oil for about a month and boy has it lived up to its promises. My skin has healed, my frustrating blemishes have cleared (a pleasant result) and skin looks lively and rejuvenated. If great skin wasn’t enough, my regular shininess has lessened dramatically.  Maracuja is a major miracle product and completely understand everyone’s love with oils – especially this one! If you had to invest in trying one, try Tarte. They have found an absolutely winner that will transform your skin.

Ask and Tell Beauty Tips
Who said Maracuja was just for the face?

*Mix some of this with your favorite body lotion for an additional dose of hydration & luxurious feel. This is extra helpful now because the current cooler temps tend to dry out skin far more than those in the warmer months. 
*Rub a dime sized amount of oil in your hands and thoroughly apply to hair before a blowout. It will ease any frizz and leave hair looking shiny and smooth. 
*Extend hydrating properties of this oil by mixing it in with your foundation. It will thin out the consistency and provide a more flawless application all while healing your skin. 

Currently Loving Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil

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