Monday, February 23, 2015

Whether its jewelry, clothing or beauty favorites, it's no surprise that I love a little gold. I'm thrilled that this beautiful sparkling metal is a must for Fall/Winter 2015, especially on the nails. This fabulous shade has been popping up backstage at major shows and lead manicurists have created some unique and creative ways to sport this color on the nails. 

From chunky glitters to modern solid metallics, opulent gold manicures are certainly trending this NYFW. 


Michelle Saunders created this stunning and glamorous "dew drop" look to complement the lovely embellishments seen throughout JP's FW 2015 collection.

This lady-like manicure featured just enough glitz to dress up an otherwise subtle nail look. For the foundation polish, Saunders used Essie Adore-A-Ball, a flattering sheer cream. Once fully dried. Saunders created a couple of dots on the nails using Essie Tart Deco, a soft creamy orange tone. 
She then layered smaller dot of Essie Summit of Style (sparkling bronze glitter) atop Tart Deco. 
For a glossy finish, coat nails in Essie Second Shine Around. 


I have yet to meet a Naeem Khan collection I didn't like. Khan has an exceptional talent in taking luxurious fabrics and designing ultra glamorous garments fit for a princess. Each collection is more glamorous than the last and FW 2015 was no exception (dreamy embellished gowns). 

For such an opulent collection, it was only fitting that Julie Kandaleccreate an equally rich champagne gold manicure. This luxurious look was achieved by layering a thin coat of Essie Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low atop two coats of Essie Shifting Power. For a glossy finish, be sure to coat nails in a final coat of Essie Good To Go Top Coat. 


All that glitters was certainly gold backstage at Delpozo. Julie Kandalec's "gold nugget" manicure is the perfect way to dazzle up an otherwise simple manicure. Her cool and modern look featured a subtle gold glitter stripe down the middle of the nails atop a matte neutral polish. This undercover edgy look takes cool girl manicures to the next level. 

To get this look, Kandalec began by polishing clean shaped nails with Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat. She followed with a single coat of Essie Mattte About You. Next came that beautiful glitter. Saturate a striping brush in Essie Good As Gold and drag the brush from the base to the tip of the nail in a straight line. For an added element of glitz, she layered Essie Rock At The Top over the gold centered line. To preserve the matte base, only apply Essie Second Shine Around over the gold glittered line. This will not only lock in the glitter but will also give it an ultra shiny effect. 


There was no shortage of this luxurious metallic tone at Nanette Lepore. Saunders was back at it with another fabulous manicure creation that consisted of an over the top look that perfectly matched the metallic gold shoes featured in the collection. 

To get this sparkling look, Saunders coated a single layer of Essie For The Twill Of It atop a fully dried foundation of Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat. She then followed with a coat of Essie Rock At The Top. For added depth and a touch more color, layer one coat of Essie Shifting Power over that. To seal in the colors, Saunders topped the look with Essie Good To Go Top Coat. 

Will you try out this luxe shade yourself? Let me know how you'd wear it in the comments below.

Images: All Courtesy of Essie

NYFW TIBI FW 2015 - Nails

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New York Fashion Weel Fall/Winter 2015
Designer: Tibi
Manicurist; Jin Soon Choi
Brand: JINsoon

It's seems as though Jin Soon's creative snow-tipped manicure couldn't have come at the better time. New York City continues to get hit with harsh weather and snow lately and this sweet manicure is making me fall in love with the natural patterns of this unpredictable snowfall this season. 

While the current weather is mimicking Jin's manicure, Tibi's FW 2015 collection was inspired  by the valued elements of the Inuit culture--kinship, strong spirit for adventure and wandering and thier expert understanding of the Artic climate. Tibi's designs illustrated the foundation of Inuit dressing with warm garments with interesting textures in a cold color palette.  

With such a collection, Jin created a sophisticated neutral nail look that featured elements seen throughout the designs (sculptural lines, textures, cool tones). 

Here's how to achieve this look yourself: 


PREP: Clean, polish-free nails are a must. File nails to a desired shaped and apply a fortified protective base coat like JINsoon Power Coat. 

COLOR: Once dried, apply two even coats of JINsoon Nostalgia on the nails. 

DESIGN: Assuring that the nails were first dried, Jin followed with the snow dipped design. To create this unique effect, start at the middle of the nail paint a curved line across the nail to the to tip (horizontally). For the prefect icy shade, she used JINsoon Doux (to launch in Spring 2015). 

FINISH: To seal in the look, Jin layered on a coat of JINsoon Top gloss for a perfect high gloss finish. 

Images via: 1 (style.com), 2-4 (courtesy of JINsoon) 

NYFW Carolina Herrera FW 2015 - Nails

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The ever-elegant collections of Carolina Herrera are ALWAYS a favorite of mine during NYFW.
Her feminine lines and dramatic silhouettes are the stuff of dreams and her FW 2015 collection was no exception. 

This collection makes you feel as if you stepped into a stormy watercolor painting -- soft yet powerful with just the right amount of cozy glamour. Exploring with the theme of water, the collection featured stunning takes on the element with opulent silks and jacquard. The collection also featured designs with rich cashmere and soft mohair fabrics.

The beauty look was one of my favorites this week. A modern look centered around a elegant berry lip and radiant skin. The look was topped off with a playful sparkled lash (how fun!).

For the nails, Michelle Saunders drew inspiration from the soft grey hues seen throughout the collection and the faint tones of red in the fabric. Her final look resulted in two nail looks that perfectly complemented the collection.


Here's how Saunders achieved this classic luxe look:
PREP: Always begin with clean, polish-free, neatly shaped nails. For a flawless, crease-less foundation, she coated the nails with a single coat of Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat.

COLOR: Once dried, she followed with two even coats of Essie Forever Yummy, a beautiful, richly pigmented red polish.

FINSH: For the final touch, Saunders coated the nails with Essie Good To Go Top Coat.

PREP: As noted above.

COLOR: Once the base coat is dried, Saunders followed with a single coat of Essie Imported Bubbly and layered a coat of Essie Allure atop that.

FINSH: Like the previous look, she topped the look with Essie Good To Go Top Coat for glossy finishing touch.

Images: 1 (style.com), 2 & 3 (Courtesy of Essie) 

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