The Perfect Skin Base: Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

Friday, December 4, 2015

Finding a perfect foundation is easily one of the toughest and most time consuming cosmetic tasks you'll ever experience. From color to formulation and every other unique concern in between, finding your ideal skin base is not as easy as it may seem. 

With so many different foundations currently on the market, this dizzying pool of options becomes clearer if you understand your own specific needs. While a superstar product may be boasted by your favorite beauty youtuber or blogger, it may not be the best for you. Once you've understood your own skin, alone or with the help of a professional, you'll be closer to finding the perfect skin base that best suits you. Skin type, texture, desired coverage and finish are the main concerns one needs to take into account when shopping for a foundation. 

These major concerns are the exact factors expert Prescriptives Custom Blend Beauty Geniuses (CBBG) look into when creating your unique foundation. I had the opportunity to have a digital meeting with my fabulous (and very intelligent!) CBBG, Erica. Upon providing a picture of my bare face in natural light (a crucial factor in picking up your actual skin tone/coloring), we got to chatting about my skin concerns. 

I've always liked medium to full coverage foundations that aren't too heavy and provide a matte finish. While many foundations fit that very description, often times many of these tend to oxidize on me throughout the day. This leaves my face a good shade or two darker than my actual skin tone, which is terrible and looks awful. *tomato face* 

If that's not troubling enough, SO many brands shy away from offering foundations with yellow undertones. I can't tell you how many lovely foundations I've tired where I needed another shade to even out the tones. 

Thankfully, Erica noted every single one of my concerns and blended my perfect foundation while we chatted up foundations. 
Here are some of the major noteworthy tips from our conversation: 

*Oilier Skin Types: for a longer lasting and nicer overall look stick to matter finishes. Anything with sheen or a dewy finish will only further highlight the troubling aspect of your skin and will slide right off your face by end of day (or even start to breakdown within the hour) 

*SPF: while a great factor to add to to foundation, this is the exact thing that is making the product oxidize 

*Finding the Perfect Color: to get a true color match to your actual skin tone, swatch three colors along your jawline and neck in natural light (if possible). Erica noted that she take's all her clients at her  CB counter outside to get the best look at shades. A foolproof trick that will get you the best match every time

*Application: foundation application is not just for your face. Pull it down to your neck and ears as well, especially if you're wearing your hair up. It will give you a perfect, seamless look 

Anyone can walk up to a Prescriptives beauty counter and schedule a one-one-one session with a CBBG and you too can experience an eye-opening meeting that'll leave you with the perfect skin base you've been wanting for what seems like ages. Also you don't only have to be a fan of liquids, Prescriptives offers a powder in your exact shade as well. 

With the holidays right around the corner, I'm sure your social calendar is filling up quickly with fun events. Now is the perfect time to walk  run to your nearest department store and schedule your Custom Blend Foundation meeting with a Prescriptives CBBG. Don't have the time to head out, enjoy the digital Custom Blend experience from the comfort of your home, a PX Beauty Genius will help you find your perfect shade at a time best suited for you (please be aware of session hours).  

Who wouldn't want the gift of flawless skin for the new year? 

LDW Manicure with JINsoon

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Grab your fruity iced beverages (preferably dressed with a little umbrella) and get excited because you're headed for a long lovely holiday weekend. While this weekend marks the official end to summer, you can still liven up the mood with some manicure cheer.

My favorite nail guru, Jin Soon Choi, has created a simple summer manicure featuring a sleek white design with blue and red stripes. This look can easily be achieved on nails of any length and requires no intricate skill or wildly advanced tools (and gives nails a bit of a preppy touch.)

Here's how you can recreate this summer look yourself:

STEP 1 -- As always start with clean polish-free nails. Trim and shape to your liking and apply a base coat of JINsoon Power Coat. A prime base, much like JINsoon, helps coat any ridges or roughness the nail may have and allows colored polish to bond to the nail in a more lasting fashion.

STEP 2 -- For that sleek inverted triangle look, take a striping brush, swipe a bit of JINsoon Doux and draw a V shape tapering in towards the base of the nail (stopping a little before the cuticle). If you have a bit of trouble creating full lines free hand, you can create small dots starting with the end point. Once you've comfortably created a dotted outline, connect each and saturate the shape with Doux.

STEP 3 -- Once completely dried, you can begin painting on the striped designed. Use a clean striping brush and create interchanging lines of blue (JINsoon Cool Blue) and Red (JINsoon Coquette) neatly upon the white design. To save time and trouble, create all the lines of a single color first and go back with the second and final shade in this design.

STEP 4 -- For that clean professional touch, apply a high-shine top coat to nails. JINsoon Top Gloss not only gives nails a super glossy look and locks in the look for longer wear. Please be sure the design has fully dried before you layer a single application of top coat. Applying too early will smear the lines you've worked so hard to create, which is a MAJOR bummer.

Hope you guys try out this festive look this weekend and remember, that silly rule of sporting white after labor day is lie. Wear it as much as you like :)
(But , I must say, white jeans do look completely out of place in the fall!) 

Have a great & safe holiday weekend friends.
For all you sweet souls waiting on the transplant list, may you get lucky this weekend and find your perfect organ matches! 

Image courtesy of JINsoon 

Hey Sunshine

Monday, August 24, 2015

I may have a slight obsession with sunglasses. OK, maybe a bit more than slight. So simple yet so perfect, this small accessory is one you'll never find me without. A simple item meant to protect your delicate eyes from the sun is far more than just that in my world. An  instant pick-me-up on a Plain Jane day or a chic topper to any ensemble, sunglasses are the perfect accessory to tote along on any day.

Whether driving or walking around the city, sunglasses are a must. Sadly, my eyes have become more sensitive over the years and require more coverage. They tear up on beautiful sunny days, windy partly cloudy afternoons and refuse to behave on bright winter mornings (low temps make it so much worse!). I suppose my love for sunglasses stems from necessity.

A love that began years ago with no stop in sight, my little collection of three sunglasses has blossomed into boxes upon boxes full of beautifully made eyewear. Like shoes or jewelry, I do tend to play favorites with a few classic pairs and break out the "good" ones on rare occasions. I think I may be the only strange one that'll purchase an "investment" (over priced!) piece and never wear it. I won't wear these treasured sunnies but they'll remain boxed and neatly tucked away free from damage. How crazy, right? You buy something to wear and, gasp, it may get damaged. Well that's kind of the point. Much like red lipstick, these investment pairs rarely get worn outside the house. It's completely bizarre, I know, but I'm working on it. 

Along with the special ones and the moderately priced favorites (Kate Spade, Tory Burch, DVF, etc), there are a handful of cheap thrills. Surprisingly, those cheap finds (found in random vintage shops, street vendors, Anthro, F21, etc) have held up well. 

Regardless of price, if you take care of your sunglasses and keep up with little things like adjustments of arms and such, you'll have them for quiet a long while. And please, learn from my mistakes, keep your sunglasses in a protective case or pouch. After years of tossing my favorite pair (wearing in photos below) in my purse sans case kind of ruined them. While it's not super visible, the lens are now home to some pretty deep set, irreversible  scratches. Before you say it, I have tried all the home remedies to get scratches out. The worst involved Vaseline, but that's a story for another time. 

Chic 4th of July Manicures with JINsoon

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Birthday America

Break out your favorite red, white and blue nail polishes, it's time to celebrate our lovely country with a little color. In honor of 4th of July, Jin Soon Choi has dreamed up two very chic (and super easy!) manicures that look great on any nail length. 

While the first design features our classic patriotic colors, Jin opted for a brighter summer-friendly look for the second option. 

Here's how you can achieve these fun nail designs yourself: 


STEP 1 -- Always start with completely clean, polish-free nails which have been buffed and shaped to your liking. To ensure a perfectly prepped base, apply a base coat of JINsoon Power Coat to your nails. 

STEP 2 -- Now comes the fun step, COLOR. While you'd usually use this step to fully saturate your nails in a solid color, you'll be applying two this time around. On one half of the nail apply JINsoon Coquette (red). Make sure to alternate between the top and bottom as you continue on to the next nail. For those who need bit of a cheat to get it perfectly even, just use a piece of scotch tap on the nail. It'll get it perfectly even every single time. 

STEP 3 -- Once the red has fully dried, fill in the remaining halves with JINsoon Blue Iris (one of my favorite blues) and let it dry completely. 

STEP 4 -- To get those cute flecks of white (stars), apply two coats of JINsoon Polka White to the nails. 

STEP 5 -- Finally, seal this fun look with JINsoon Top Gloss, an ultra-glossy top coat. 


STEP 1 -- Like the start of any good manicure a clean polish-free foundation is a must. Trim and shape nails to your liking and apply a single base coat of JINsoon Power Coat for a ridge-free even base for color. 

STEP 2 -- To get that perfect milky white opaque color, apply two coats of JINsoon Doux to nails. 

STEP 3 -- Now comes the fun part, the colorful dot motif. Once nails are completely dry, use a dotting tool or tooth pick (the ball of a hair pin works perfectly too) and dot JINsoon Poppy Blue to a section of a nail. 

Once all the nails are covered with concentrated sections of Poppy Blue, continue this step with the next three nail colors (JINsoon Farouche, Charme, Enflammee)

STEP 4 -- For a finishing touch, apply JINsoon Top Gloss atop your design after they've completely dried. The result with leave nails looking perfectly  polished, super glossy and will prolong the manicure for a few more days. 

Whether you're sticking with our lovely red, white and blue or feeling extra summery, make sure your nails make a splash this lovely celebratory weekend!

Images: Courtesy of Jin Soon 

Olivia Palermo's Signature Manicure

Monday, June 22, 2015

Olivia Palermo x Ciate London

I think its safe to say that my sisters and dear friends are all very familiar with my red manicure addiction. Its a perfect color that goes with any ensemble and looks pretty on every single skin tone. Although I love many polish colors (creamy whites, nudes, pale pinks, mint, etc), there is something that always brings me back to red and continues to be my go-to shade nine times out of ten. 

Over the years I've racked up quite a few red favorites and will certainly add this one lovely red created by one very cool style maven to that ever-growing collection. 

If you haven't already heard the big news (are you living under a beauty deprived rock?!) let me enlighten you a bit. Ciate London, the beauty powerhouse across the pond, has appointed socialite Olivia Palermo as their Guest Creative Director. Among the fun duties of her new role, OP got the chance to create a three-piece nail polish range for the SS 2015 season. 

The luxe polishes feature three summer-friendly shades (creamy light pink, chic coral and red) which I'm sure all her style fans will rush out to buy. One shade that really pops against the rest is Hutch, OP's signature red polish. As a fan of both the color and her style (how could you not!), this polish was a must buy on my seasonal beauty list. 

A bold beautiful red, Hutch is the kind of classic red you'll reach for time and time again. The polish itself is quite nice and is equipped with the large rounded brush, similar to Dior polishes, which makes application a breeze. The formulation is nice and opaque with a glossy finish, ultimately making top coat optional. You get an opaque application with one coat, which I really like. 

Although I pay great attention to the overall quality of a product, I'm equally a sucker for great packaging. In this case, the presentation certainly didn't disappoint. Boxed and nestled in a small base, OP's Ciate polishes are so sweetly presented and will certainly add a jazzy touch to your vanity this season. I mean come on, the whole boxed presentation is dripping in gold foil accents. Pretty perfect if you ask me. 

Can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the collection. 
The collection is available at

Press Images: Ciate London

6 Years

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cannot believe this past Monday (June 8th) marked my sixth anniversary with my sweet little heart.
For those who aren't familiar with my story you can read all about it here...

While this is always an emotional time of year for me, this year felt even more so. To know that I am only four years away from the BIG TEN is pretty crazy! Each year, this sweet celebration gives me the opportunity to evaluate the past year, concentrate on the accomplishments and truly take a moment to be thankful for how fortunate I was to receive a perfect match and make it another year without any major medical emergencies. The feelings I felt on that day (or year, rather) will always be with me and the experience as a whole has ultimately shaped the person I am today. 

Reaching the Big Five rejection free was such a big deal and cannot believe a year has passed since that milestone. It's hard not to get emotional and literally beam with love around everyone, especially my sisters. To say they are the greatest support system is an understatement. To every single individual who as made a difference in my life during this amazing journey, I send you my biggest thanks and radiate my love to you this week. 

It's quite unfortunate how the important topic of organ donation is still not widely discussed. It is a challenging and heartbreaking experience to be placed on this list. The wait for a perfect organ match to swing by can take years for many and sadly, most pass waiting for one. As of 9:40 this morning, there are 122,994 candidates waiting on the list. To speak in numbers, an average of 21 individuals pass daily, a figure that's seriously too big to accept. 

While this is a personal decision, I would love for you to look more into this as its SUCH a big deal but a wonderful contribution should you decide to become a donor. Remember, you don't need organs in heaven :) 

Style note: This is the outfit I wore to my Anniversary dinner with one of my dearest friends.

Falling In Love With A (Frog) Prince

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Leave it to Poppy King, the ultimate lipstick queen, to create a creative and innovative lipstick that is sure to look lovely on every pout. As a longtime fan of her hydrating sheer lippies, I was pretty excited to hear that she had launched a new shade for the coming season.

Much like last summer's wildly famous Hello Sailor, Frog Prince comes in an outlandish color that is sure to make anyone look twice in complete confusion. However, what you see is NOT what you get in the greatest was imaginable. Although the lipstick is bright frog green it comes on as soft sheer rose shade. Interestingly so, no two shades are perfectly alike. This product is uniquely blended with an interesting factor that responds to your individual lip tones and chemistry and transforms a single swipe into a rosy pink that's all yours.

Similar to those already on the market, (Smashbox O-Glow, Dior Lip & Cheek Glow, etc), be careful not to go overboard with application as this too leaves lips ultra pink as it sets in (looking much like a stain). Like a small child with a new toy, I got too swipe happy with my first run with this product and my lips looked SO PINK -- which looked awful on me. Unlike those already available, I find this to be far more hydrating (shea butter & soothing vitamin E) and a lovely base for another lipstick or liner. The wear off throughout the day is actually quite pretty. This little wonder will surely be a makeup bag staple this summer.

In other style news -- popped into H&M recently and completely fell for this cute dress -- a perfectly simple silhouette that looked equally lovely belted or just thrown on. I mean how can I not love a dress covered in greenery, ha!

Note: Yes, I ALWAYS carry flats when I'm in the city, I'm not trying to be a hero. Its not fun taking an always crowded bus and two trains to your destination and back home in heels -- typical NYC lifestyle. To those fabulous ladies that can do it (like my best friend) you girls are pretty amazing. 

Images: Lippie image courtesy of Lipstick Queen 

The Red Trench

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"She's the lady in red when everyone else is wearing tan.." 

Much like the perfect LBD or LWD, we all need a statement coat in a lovely color. And as a long time lover of this radiant shade, of course I chose a classic trench in red. 

eShakti Celebrates Real Fashion for Real Women Campaign

Monday, May 11, 2015

Dress: eShakti c/o | Belt: Michael Kors Collection | Sunnies: Diane Von Furstenberg
Jewelry: Jewelmint (Pearl Cuff), Crystal bangle (vintage), Earrings (Vintage)

With so many unattainable standards advertised to girls daily, it's always refreshing to see a company take the initiative to rewrite this script. eShakti, a digital retailer specializing in customized garments, has launched a campaign that works towards banishing the ideal standard of fashion perfection and celebrates women of all shapes and sizes while keeping them stylishly dressed. Their goal is to show that it does not take one size/look (often times very slim) to feel and look chic in a beautifully made garment.

Not only does this amazing campaign promote positive self-esteem but gives women the opportunity to find a garment they love, will fit perfectly and will ultimately make them feel their absolute best. The brand's humble beginnings has grown into a buzzing ecomm fashion destination offering stylish and embellished garments of modest designs. These affordable designs are made to order and seek measurements like height for an overall better fit. Skipping the middle man and any associating delivery troubles, eShakti delivers each order directly to the buyer which makes the shopping experience even sweeter (and low in cost!).

Remaining true to their style philosophy, this unique brand caters to sizes 0-36w as well as an extensive range of heights from petite to tall. In an effort to remain authentic, eShakti reached out to multiple bloggers of various styles and sizes to find an eShakti piece that represented themselves and would make them feel beautiful -- real fashion for real women.

I had the opportunity to try out this fabulous brand and experienced their customization process first hand. The site itself is easily browsed and features modestly designed dresses, skirts, outerwear, etc of various fabrics. As one that loves a luxe jacquard fabric, I was immediately drawn to this chic floral number.

I always have trouble finding dresses that fit me perfectly and found that a-line and tulip/full skirted options are always best for my body type. Oddly enough, I chose a silhouette that was more form-fitting and hoped that it'd fit properly upon arrival. Offering up a detailed note of my measurements (a really thorough measurement section is presented), along with length (arm and hem) and preferred neckline, my dreamy dress was on its way to be made.

The result was just as I had hoped, a well made dress of a lovely light fabric and print that'll be a go-to for the coming warmer months.

If you're in the market for a special piece that'll fit you perfectly, I suggest you take a peek at and take advantage of their easy-to-use customization feature.

To learn more about this exciting campaign or see how other fabulous bloggers are styling their chic picks head over to eSkati's social media pages: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram 

Note: My measurements have changed since the order and the dress fits looser -- a problem that can be easily fixed with a belt :) 

Spring Hair Revival

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Long are the days of hiding our hair under warm knit hats and fur-trimmed hoods. Spring has arrived and that means warmer temps and ample amounts of sunshine. It's time to let our hair flow freely in this (pollen filled!) breezy air. 

BUT HOLD THE PHONE. Like any seasonal shift, our hair may still be suffering from the previous season's wrath. We may be experiencing dry. limp tresses that are in dire need of a major perk up for the season ahead. My hair is certainly different during the warmer months of the year--its more prone to frizz, dries out a bit more and intolerant to most styling products. 

To insure healthy hair all season long it is important to treat the foundation and maintain a routine that is suitable to your unique concerns. Whatever your hair type, I always recommend a good coconut oil treatment once a week. Along with oil, here are my all-time hair savers that keeps this lioness mane of mine tamed and lovely. 

Coconut Oil Hair Mask 
Trust your mom when she talks about natural beauty wonders she loves, I listened to her about this and never looked back. Its an simple affordable and super beneficial treatment that will revive your hair in the best ways. A single treatment will leave it softer and lighter. Its a wonderful alternative to a heavy conditioner and does far more than just hydrate parched hair. 

Simply massage oil onto your scalp and concentrate on the roots of the hair. Softly apply any and all remaining oil on hands onto the shafts and tips of the hair. You can tie your hair into a loose ponytail or messy bun and let it sit for a couple of hours. You can surely pop on a plastic shower cap if you feel strange at first. It's the perfect weekend treatment. 

A voluminous blowout after a treatment makes my hair feel/look like I belong in a Pantene commercial. 

Weleda Rosemary Conditioning Hair Oil
I was turned onto this little gem early last year and absolutely love it. A perfect product to tame frizz, hydrate and polish hair, Weleda's rosemary oil has become a fast favorite of mine. You need a super small amount of this product to do the trick and can apply to hair before or after styling. I prefer to apply a small bit to my hair after I've styled it as a serum to lock in the look and focus on the ends to soften them a touch. This product can be a bit thick in consistency (it is a dense oil after all) so a little does go a LONG way (trust me!) and be sure to avoid applying product in the roots. 

Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails 
There is no better way to treat our hair than from within. A fortified vitamin that targets these prime areas is a great piece to have to your routine. Infused with a super oil (Argan), these vitamins feature biotin along with a medley of antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid. 

From my experience, not only has my hair felt and looked more healthy but fallout (which happens too often for various reasons) has lessened quite a lot. From the pleasing results thus far, this lovely little vitamin isn't leaving daily vitamin mix anytime soon. 

What are some of your go-to hair saving tips & products?

Springing Forward

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sunnies: Kenneth Cole Collection  | Jacket: via  Bloomingdales| Earrings: Vintage
Belt: via Variazioni (old) | Dress: Eliza J 

Hello sunny, floral-filled days of spring!

After one frigid winter, it's nice to finally say goodbye to the harsh days of months past.
A seasonal shift always welcomes a new beginning and I couldn't be happier to start anew.

While the low temps haven't completely abandoned my sweet city, NYC has been seeing some mild (by our standards!) days. Of course, being the dress obsessed girl that I am, a sunny, semi-warm day means bare legged style fun.

To welcome such a lovely weather change, I dug deep in my closet and pulled out one of my favorite dresses--a fun floral number by Eliza J. This brand continues to put out beautiful pieces that flatter many body types. It's rare to stumble upon a brand that can achieve that without skimping on quality and detail. This dress was my first purchase from EJ and certainly won't be my last. I recently bought a stunning embellished gold shift dress that I'm saving for a special event later this summer.

All of my colorful garments reserved for warmer weather are moving to the front of my closet this weekend and I'm pretty excited about it. Don't get me wrong, I love my chic NYC black ensembles more than the next stylish lady but about poppy colors on sunny days just work.

Along with my wardrobe, I've invited some bright tones into my beauty routine.
I've introduced some fun peachy, coral lippies into my daily mix -- NARS Audacious Lipstick (Jane) and YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lip Stain Gloss (#6).

Who knows, with all this color I may even try to wear a red lip outside my house this spring/summer.
Yeah, I wouldn't bet on it #NotReady!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Rocksbox: c/o

Attention all jewelry enthusiasts -- I have a special treat for you and I think you may just love it! 

You may have heard the buzz about Rocksbox over social media and after finally giving this super cool monthly service a go, I can certainly say that its a great one. 

As one who loves jewelry, my personal style ranges from delicate to full on statement. Rocksbox is just the remedy to my glitzy obsession. A monthly jewelry service, Rocksbox has taken a personalized approach to shopping which allows you familiarize yourself with a product prior to purchasing. 

Upon signing up and creating a dense style profile, you will be assigned a personal stylist who will chose three uber-chic pieces of jewelry that'll cater to your unique style preference each month. Featuring creative and wildly popular designers like Gorjana, Kendra Scott, and Loren Hope, among others, there is a variety of styles to please your sparkly needs. 

My favorite aspect to this service is how it functions like your very own personal shopper. Each month, Rocksbox members get to familiarize themselves with three new pieces on loan. We can see if it truly suits us, plays well with our wardrobes or sits well with the jewelry we already own. The goal is the streamline our jewelry collections and find items that will carry us seamlessly into the next season, time and time again. 

Once your personalized box has arrived, you are given three dazzling pieces of jewelry on loan. 
These borrowed baubles can be swapped or purchased at a time you see fit. Better yet, once you find a gem that you adore, it can be purchased at a discounted price, simply for being a member. Once you're ready for a new set, neatly nestle your unwanted pieces back in the box and ship it back (shipping label is provided or your convenience) for your next set. 

My box was quite great. Madison, my Rocksbox stylist, pulled pieces that perfectly catered to my tastes. Hitting the statement aspect beautifully with the Perry Street Olivia Necklace and delicate touches with the Gorjana Infinity II Ring in Rose Gold and Sophie Harper Pave Ball Studs in Gold.

As a Rocksbox "It Girl," I'll be taking you along with me on this fabulous jewelry journey for three sparkly sets. Stay Stay tuned for the next set and see which pieces I'll be receiving and styling. 

If you'd like to try this pretty awesome service yourself, head over to Rocksbox and build your profile. 
Don't forget to use code askandtellbeautyxoxo to score your first box completely FREE!

Let me know what jewelry you fabulous girls receive or which pieces you have your eye on! 
Happy Shopping 

Images taken by F.A.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Whether its jewelry, clothing or beauty favorites, it's no surprise that I love a little gold. I'm thrilled that this beautiful sparkling metal is a must for Fall/Winter 2015, especially on the nails. This fabulous shade has been popping up backstage at major shows and lead manicurists have created some unique and creative ways to sport this color on the nails. 

From chunky glitters to modern solid metallics, opulent gold manicures are certainly trending this NYFW. 


Michelle Saunders created this stunning and glamorous "dew drop" look to complement the lovely embellishments seen throughout JP's FW 2015 collection.

This lady-like manicure featured just enough glitz to dress up an otherwise subtle nail look. For the foundation polish, Saunders used Essie Adore-A-Ball, a flattering sheer cream. Once fully dried. Saunders created a couple of dots on the nails using Essie Tart Deco, a soft creamy orange tone. 
She then layered smaller dot of Essie Summit of Style (sparkling bronze glitter) atop Tart Deco. 
For a glossy finish, coat nails in Essie Second Shine Around. 


I have yet to meet a Naeem Khan collection I didn't like. Khan has an exceptional talent in taking luxurious fabrics and designing ultra glamorous garments fit for a princess. Each collection is more glamorous than the last and FW 2015 was no exception (dreamy embellished gowns). 

For such an opulent collection, it was only fitting that Julie Kandaleccreate an equally rich champagne gold manicure. This luxurious look was achieved by layering a thin coat of Essie Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low atop two coats of Essie Shifting Power. For a glossy finish, be sure to coat nails in a final coat of Essie Good To Go Top Coat. 


All that glitters was certainly gold backstage at Delpozo. Julie Kandalec's "gold nugget" manicure is the perfect way to dazzle up an otherwise simple manicure. Her cool and modern look featured a subtle gold glitter stripe down the middle of the nails atop a matte neutral polish. This undercover edgy look takes cool girl manicures to the next level. 

To get this look, Kandalec began by polishing clean shaped nails with Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat. She followed with a single coat of Essie Mattte About You. Next came that beautiful glitter. Saturate a striping brush in Essie Good As Gold and drag the brush from the base to the tip of the nail in a straight line. For an added element of glitz, she layered Essie Rock At The Top over the gold centered line. To preserve the matte base, only apply Essie Second Shine Around over the gold glittered line. This will not only lock in the glitter but will also give it an ultra shiny effect. 


There was no shortage of this luxurious metallic tone at Nanette Lepore. Saunders was back at it with another fabulous manicure creation that consisted of an over the top look that perfectly matched the metallic gold shoes featured in the collection. 

To get this sparkling look, Saunders coated a single layer of Essie For The Twill Of It atop a fully dried foundation of Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat. She then followed with a coat of Essie Rock At The Top. For added depth and a touch more color, layer one coat of Essie Shifting Power over that. To seal in the colors, Saunders topped the look with Essie Good To Go Top Coat. 

Will you try out this luxe shade yourself? Let me know how you'd wear it in the comments below.

Images: All Courtesy of Essie

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