Best Findings Across Beauty, Hair and Skin in 2022

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

When looking back at the past year, I've had the opportunity to not only try new products but also have been introduced to new brands that have become fast favorites. While some fell below expectations others flourished and slowly became my most reached for products of 2022. From hair to skin and an array of cosmetics in between, this year proved to be one filled with products featuring innovative formulations, restorative qualities and many providing elegant beauty upgrades. 

Read on to discover this year's comprehensive cut of standout products and remarkable items that have enhanced my beauty routine across all areas of attention. 

2022 best beauty products


2022 best skincare products

2022 best haircare products


2022 best bodycare products

Estee Lauder | Youth Dew 
Jo Malone | Soap Bar (Red Roses) 

An Elevated Wellness Experience at The Park Terrace Hotel

Thursday, February 9, 2023

yoga at the park terrace hotel

A fresh year invites the opportunity to reevaluate goals and aspirations. For most, health and wellness are often found on the tippy top of this list however implementing these goals may seem a bit daunting. Good health is often a comprehensive effort which extends beyond simple fitness targets and values a balance between the mind and body. Thankfully, the Park Terrace Hotel is simplifying these aims with their new Wellness Package which highlights a variety of experiences that nourish the mind, body and soul. Keep reading to discover the remarkable elements of this unique program and how it can elevate your wellness journey in 2023.

park terrace hotel ritual of jing

Taking a multitiered approach to wellness, the Park Terrace Hotel has crafted a carefully planned package that lends to every aspect of one's wellbeing through impactful services. During an overnight stay, an individual can partake in a centering set of activations that can be modified to one's unique needs. Prior to diving into the thrilling physical aspects of this trip, guests are invited to settle in and unwind in one of Park Terrace Hotel's signature rooms. These elegantly designed spaces feature all the premium needs one requires for a rejuvenating escape which are all elevated by eye-catching views of the city. Best of all, guests of the wellness package are treated to luxurious in-room amenities including products from the Ritual of Jing Collection by Rituals. This sleep-supporting aromatherapy range features healing ingredients (Jujube) and fragrant botanicals (Lotus, Lavender) which enhance serenity and promote a more peaceful state of rest. Best used in a pre-slumber routine, the pleasant scent profile of Ritual of Jing has the power to transport one to more tranquil mindset by creating a calming and soothing atmosphere. With such a comforting ambiance, a night of undisturbed, deep shut-eye is sure to be achieved.

Once refreshed, a visitor can kick off this special journey with an adrenaline boost at their state-of-the-art fitness center. A sleek space that hosts heart rate-charging classes by renowned instructors and a collection of Peloton bikes with various open equipment for individual cardio sessions. 

eric mosley yoga

Alternatively, one can opt to move the body through a fulfilling yoga experience with acclaimed NYC yoga instructor and mediation expert, Eric Mosley. Whether it's a class or a one-on-one session, Eric's calming demeanor and welcoming tone makes both novices and experts of the craft feel at ease throughout every yoga class. A truly worthwhile fitness event, Eric leads with intention and concentrates on movement through engagement that feels comfortable to every individual in attendance. Heading the class in a meditative fashion, he highlights the need for centering the body with one's mental state through specific movements that ultimately nourish one's personal needs. 

Visitors of  Eric's exclusive yoga experience are certain to leave in a more serene and complete state as his attentive teaching methods allow attendees to really engage and release any tensions they may have entered with. Helping client's gain the most of each step with simple, tailored modifications and soothing breathing patterns, Eric creates a meaningful experience that feels both organic and mood boosting. 

An exceptional encounter that results in peak relaxation, a yoga class with elite instructor Eric Mosley is not to be missed whilst visiting the Park Terrace Hotel. Once physical health is adequately satisfied, the hotel's luxurious facilities allow one to further unwind in their deluxe sauna space. 

wellness at park terrace hotel

Perhaps the most exciting offering of the hotel's impressive wellness package is a 90-minute Hypnotherapy session with HMI Certified Hypnotherapist Ginger Gibson. Amplifying relaxation and heightened awareness through guided concentration, this therapeutic practice marvelously opens the mind and allows one to turn inwards and discover themselves with a fresh, distraction-free perspective. Ginger's expert skills helps client's maximize on this exclusive and valuable experience through a calming method which help individual's better understand themselves whilst gaining greater control over their own psychological state. 

With a radiant disposition, one cannot help but feel at great ease and delight in Ginger's company. Expressing such welcoming qualities in addition to her certified expertise, a hypnotherapy session lead by Ginger can broaden the mind beyond the current position and help reevaluate both general needs and specific concerns. While some remain unfamiliar with this beneficial practice, Ginger ensures that all who sit with her in session are treated to a powerful, stress-reducing and healing experience that results in a more confident and positive sense of self.  

yoga at park terrace hotel

With such an exceptional and thorough wellness package, the Park Terrace Hotel is helping their visitors achieve the greatest state of wellbeing in 2023. Whether you're looking to recharge with high-impact fitness courses or seeking a more relaxed revision to daily living, the Park Terrace Hotel is the prime place to attain such goals. 



Founder of Black Mat Yoga // lululemon Ambassador 
Renowned Yoga and Meditation Expert who has taught extensively in various professional spaces/studios as well as the wildly popular streaming workout platform, lululemon Studio Mirror

HMI Certified, Expert Celebrity Hypnotherapist // Founder of
With a global, age-inclusive clientele Ginger Gibson, a member of the American Hypnosis Association, has counseled many individuals with various conditions and continues to practice in-person at various locations - presently at the Park Terrace Hotel
Book Dates: 12/1/2022-12/31/2023
Stay Dates: 12/7/2022-12/31/2023

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