Energizing Spring Scents to Jumpstart The Season

Monday, March 29, 2021

As the sunshine becomes abundant and the temps grow more palatable, spring invites a refreshing change across the board, including our choice of fragrance. With the long winter behind us, now is the time to embrace bright and punched up fragrances that carry beautifully through summer. Fresh floral notes, sparkling citrus and delectable upgrades to familiar favorites are all present in this year's fragrance offerings. Read on to find out the best energizing scents to get you ready for the sun-drenched seasons ahead. 

Jo Malone Red Hibiscus & Yellow Hibiscus 
Along with two relaunches, Jo Malone's limited edition 2021 Blossoms range features two floral-focused fragrances, Red & Yellow Hibiscus, perfect for the sunny seasons to come. These vividly formulated scents both uniquely bottle the essence of a beachy paradise, each presenting a different profile of island-inspired scents. Red Hibiscus, which is abundant in tropical forests, is the heart of  this fragrance. It is complemented by soft and inviting hints of Jasmine Sambac and Vanilla which creates a sensual blend kissed with a citrus dash of mandarin. Conversely, Yellow Hibiscus serves as a bright pop next to the more sensual and smooth sister fragrance. This radiant interpretation features fresh floral notes like rose with a sunny spark of lime to awaken the overall blend which is finished off with a more mellow note of white musk. 

Bulgari Allegra Collection 
A five fragrance collection reimagining passionate Italian emotions through scent, the Bulgari Allegra collection is certainly a feast for the senses. Expertly pulling familiar scents signature to Italian living, each fragrances is blended with botanical classics, sparkling citrus and sweet fruit notes. Whether you're in a mood for a sweet blend, a punchy mix reminiscent of an Italian getaway or a romantic evening in historical Rome, there's a perfect perfume for you in this lovely, luxurious collection. 

Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle In Bloom 
For spring, Aerin has expanded on her beautiful and much-loved Mediterranean Honeysuckle fragrance and created In Bloom. This limited edition extension on the 2015 favorite is beautifully layered scent on its own which bottles elegant and luminous notes of the warmer season. Classically bright honeysuckle and grapefruit is joined by rich tuberose, jasmine, and bergamot. A truly sophisticated take on a warm weather favorite that stands strong on its own. 

Estee Lauder Beautiful Magnolia 
Lauder's iconic Beautiful fragrance is a beloved favorite which was reimagined for the 2021 woman. Beautiful magnolia is an emotional fragrance evoking the memorable spark one gets when meeting a new romance. It's an exciting blend of crisp Maté and Water Lotus met with luscious botanicals like sensual Turkish rose and Gardenia. Luxe additions like Cedarwood and Sandalwood round out this complex scent that will sure to become a fast date night favorite.

NEST Perfume Oils
The authority in all things luxury scents, NEST New York newly launched a dreamy range of opulent perfume oils. These beautifully blended oils expertly capture the heart of each fragrance's star ingredient. With the foundation of each respective scent coming from botanical ingredients signature to exotic locales, every unique blend becomes a pronounced stop on a grand global journey through sensational aromas. For an amplified, lasting wear, mix in a few perfume oil drops with your favorite unscented body cream or lotion.



5 Beauty Lessons I'd Tell My Younger Self

Friday, March 19, 2021

Please lather on SPF on both your face and body every single day, no exceptions. Your skin is prone to keloids and needs to be completely protected from the sun at all times. Additionally, limit your time in the sun, your skin will burn and lead to lasting damage. 

Bronzer is not face powder, remind yourself of this important rule every time you grab that oversized shimmery tan palette. You will look back on your photos with a tinge of horror as your face will be a few shades tanner than your neck. Try using the three technique when applying this beauty favorite, it'll bronze the proper facial points naturally warmed by the sun (it will work just fine). Bonus: Quit pairing MAC Cosmetics Myth with this super tan look, overly pale lip colors will never be a flattering option. 

Gelled scrunched hair may be all the rage, but don't do it everyday. All that hairspray and gel will damage your healthy hair. Speaking of damage, throw away your hair straightener. Applying all that heat to your lush naturally curly hair will only lead to weakened tresses, breakage and split ends. Enjoy the natural texture and look of your hair. 

Blemishes are unavoidable but please let them heal on their own. Resist the urge to pick at your skin. Continuing to do so will leave unsightly, deep scars that will take ages to heal. Embrace skincare, proper treatments and let your skin breath when suffering. 

Speaking of suffering skin, heavily fragranced body products like lotions, soaps and soaks may smell lovely but they irritate your delicate skin, avoid them at all costs. Lastly, stay away from witch hazel, it's NOT for you. 

Oh what a journey you'll be on! Enjoy every bit of yourself, take all of the photos and don't worry about your jean size. Your body will always change and face tough times, but your strength will never waiver. Loving yourself is the greatest beauty lesson of all, you'll look back and feel silly for worrying about the little things. You are wonderfully beautiful as you are now and always. 

Elevated Hair Styling Finds at Target

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Wide Tooth Comb | Kristin Ess

When it comes to styling hair, the usual necessities are seen in every routine. From tools to products, a complete routine can quickly become overwhelming. Opting for a streamlined collection of elevated basics can be game-changing. These select products deliver salon-quality results which upgrade simple styles to magazine-worthy looks. Best of all, these key hair styling upgrades don't break the bank and can all be found at Target. 

Perhaps my favorite find, SGX NYC Do It All Dry Texture Spray is the perfect styling companion for a multitude of looks. A unique product functioning as a dry shampoo and hair spray, this product adds a flattering oomph to hair while refreshing and volumizing the roots. A must-have for lush blowouts, this multitasking wonder is great for updos as well. Added texture not only makes hair more manageable for  intricate creations but also adds an extra layer of hold. 

To mimic those glossy, picturesque tresses seen in commercials, a shine product, like TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shine Serum does the trick. Without added weight or a greasy after feel, this serum glosses over hair and leaves it looking healthy and full of sheen. A little product goes a long way and beautifully tames frustrating frizz, flayaways and stiff ends. 

To escape the dreaded bends traditional hair ties cause, Teleties Hair Elastics save fresh blowouts from annoying marks and damage when tying away. A favorite for quick updos, these secure elastics minimize snags which lead to painful hair pulls and breakage. Sliding hair pins under these coiled ties also provides additional grip. 

For an ultra-stylish and chic finish, Kristin Ess released an array of beautiful, quality hair accessories to jazz up your favorite hair styles. Achieve the coveted Bridgerton look with the Bow Slide or create a regal look with the celestial clip set. From a styling perspective, I appreciate her choice to create a large hair bow accessory with a gripping clip design rather than a standard hair tie. The clip style can easily slip onto barrettes, pins and ties which makes styling with these hair adornments truly limitless.  

3 Elegant Ways to Tie a Silk Neck Scarf

Monday, March 8, 2021

Luxurious. Classic. And so very CHIC.

Silk scarves will always be a favorite accessory to pull from my wardrobe. These boldly colored and pretty patterned squares instantly elevate ensembles and add a polished accent to any look. Whether it's a skinny style delicately wrapped around my wrist or a large statement piece topping off my favorite blazer, silk scarves are a wardrobe staple that remain timeless and fashionable. While I've shared smart ways to style a silk scarf in this post, the following story will highlight elegant ways to tie a neckerchief, a smaller silk scarf variety, around the neck.

Style 1 // Simple Fold Tie
1. Fold your neckerchief in half diagonally, be sure to have the pointed edge facing downwards and smooth over any ripples.
2. For the next fold, securely fold the long edge inwards half way. Be sure to keep the pointed edge free. 
3. Tightly pinch the ends of the freshly folded edge and bring the scarf to the front of the neck. Join both tails at the nape and tie once. 
4. Holding onto the knot, shift the scarf over to the right side of the neck, with the pointed edge sitting neatly at the left. Tie the knot once more for a strong tie, neatly adjusting the tapered tails over the shoulder.  

Style 2 // Double Fold Tie
1. Follow step one of the previous style. 
2. As in Style 1, the scarf will be folded inwards but this time it will be folded twice, a third of the way in each time. 
3. Now the scarf with look like a long, slim style with a pointed tip. Bring to the front of the neck, pull the two edges to the back and knot.
4. With the free tails, bring them neatly to the front and tie once more. Double knotting for a secure tie. 
5. Lastly, adjust the setting of the scarf. For this style you can keep the pointed edge centered  or placed to the side like I did below. 

Style 3 // Complete Tie  
1. Follow step 1 of Style 1
2. For this style, fold inwards from the pointed side. Pull the pointed tip up towards the long folded edge.
3. Continue folding two more times until you have a neat long, slim folded scarf. 
4. Tightly hold the ends and bring the scarf to the front of the neck, making sure it's centered. Tie once at back.
5. Bring the tails to the front, keep them aligned with the initial placement and tie twice at the center. Pull and accentuate the tails for a tidy look and make sure all the folds are properly tucked and present clean lines as seen below. 


Cold Weather Haircare Heroes

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Hair evidently behaves differently in contrasting seasons. Each season holds a unique set of environmental stressors and elements which impact the overall condition and health of the hair. In winter, lack of moisture in both the scalp and hair itself becomes a predominate issue which can be troublesome if ignored. Combating these sometimes uncomfortable seasonal consequences with effective treatments and products can help revive stressed tresses and aids in the maintenance of healthy, strong hair. Whether it's revitalizing a suffering scalp or repairing a damaged mane, here are four beneficial products resolving winter's greatest hair woe. 

Before we tend to the tresses, it is crucial that we assess the root of the issue. In this frigid season, the scalp can unsurprisingly grow drier and flakey, which creates a frustrating itchy and inflamed response. Tacking on incorrect shampoos or styling products to the strained area can sometimes dry it our further which only compounds the initial concern. Reaching for a scalp-specific product with essential ingredients that work to flush out impurities while balancing scalp disruption is key. Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal & Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo is an ideal solution as it consists of charcoal, a powerful cleansing ingredient known to drive out pesky impurities and works to rid the surface of dead skin cells and grime, successfully creating a healthy foundation. An expertly blended product, this shampoo is chock full of healing ingredients, similar to those found in effective skincare. Hygienic ingredients like tea tree oil formulated with a refreshing duo of mint oils (spearmint, peppermint) heal itchy scalps while dehydration is remedied by a deluxe dose of coconut oil. Massaging in this nutrient-laden shampoo onto the troubled scalp, working well through the hair (don't miss the ends!), provides a comprehensive soothing solution. 

Regardless of hair type, an intensive weekly mask concentrating on restoring moisture is a greatly effective element in a lasting strategy to maintain healthy hair and revive damage. Wavy and curly hair textures crave more moisture so opting for a richer formula promoting deep conditioning and softness is imperative. Oribe Moisture & Control Deep Treatment Masque is a recurrent favorite as its various botanical ingredient-rich blend tackles common hair stressors while infusing hair with smoothing, moisture-rich oils. The masque's potent multifaceted approach to healing hair revives it by strengthening strands from root to tip, sealing in moisture without added weight and protects against the wear of natural keratin while combating dryness causes by numerous harmful factors. With extended use, this impressive mask is sure to leave you with strong, envious locks ready for the season ahead.

With smart solutions to cleanse and treat tresses ready to be implemented, how can we amplify hair hydration between washes? This once tricky issue is easily fixed by impressive hair oils developed to provide hydration without unsightly greasy results. Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beauté, a decadent body and hair oil, delightfully works on both styled and damp tresses and provides hydration and shine to dull winter hair. Packed with a fortified mix of nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids, this natural beauty oil protects hair while sealing in much needed moisture ultimately leaving locks lusciously healthy. 

Interestingly, delaying a hair wash can offer a beneficial break that can be helpful to the overall health of hair. For certain hair types and textures, over-washing can lead to drier conditions which only leads to further complications during the cooler months. Shhhowercap, the ultra-chic eco-friendly cap is the perfect shower companion that protects hair on days a wash is skipped. These boldly colored, beautifully designed reusable shower caps are constructed with durable, lasting materials which help reduce waste caused by disposable alternatives. In an effort to further minimize waste, using these stylish yet useful sustainable caps limits water usage and additional electricity pulled from damaging hot hair tools used to dry and style freshly washed hair. 



Dial a Dilemma: Lackluster Winter Skin Rescue

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Winter is certainly a tricky season for skin as it is forced to adjust to extreme competing temperatures. Cool winter air coupled with the dry conditions caused by indoor heating leads to overly dry, lackluster skin. Rather than loading up on highlighting cosmetics, focus on the actual condition of skin, what it's lacking and how to repair these concerns. 

How do I restore my skin's radiance during the winter?

Unsurprisingly, skin appears more stripped and dull during the cool months and remedying such an issue simply lies in strengthening the skin, more specifically the skin's barrier and diminishing loss of water (moisture) throughout. Epidermal water loss leads to a flakey, drier state of skin and can also cause unsightly redness.

Angela Caglia Soufflé Moisturizer is the ideal one-step solution as it precisely tackles this vital concern while a potent blend of effective ingredients work towards soothing and softening the skin. What makes this special product stand apart from the rest is its use of a unique patent-pending Lipid-Lock technology which expertly uses essential fatty acids to diminish trans-epidermal water loss throughout with intense hydration. 

While this exclusive technology solely makes this twice-a-day, lightweight moisturizer a skincare necessity, it is the overall vitamin and antioxidant-rich formulation that truly transforms skin. Meadowfoam Seed Oil, an exceptional, deeply moisturizing component that mimics the skin's own oils which ultimately balances the skin is the lead ingredient in this daily skin wonder. With extended use, this healing and luxurious blend will not only rejuvenate the skin but will work towards softening fine lines, intensely hydrate parched, dry areas and help achieve optimal skin health. 


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