Chic 4th of July Manicures with JINsoon

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Birthday America

Break out your favorite red, white and blue nail polishes, it's time to celebrate our lovely country with a little color. In honor of 4th of July, Jin Soon Choi has dreamed up two very chic (and super easy!) manicures that look great on any nail length. 

While the first design features our classic patriotic colors, Jin opted for a brighter summer-friendly look for the second option. 

Here's how you can achieve these fun nail designs yourself: 


STEP 1 -- Always start with completely clean, polish-free nails which have been buffed and shaped to your liking. To ensure a perfectly prepped base, apply a base coat of JINsoon Power Coat to your nails. 

STEP 2 -- Now comes the fun step, COLOR. While you'd usually use this step to fully saturate your nails in a solid color, you'll be applying two this time around. On one half of the nail apply JINsoon Coquette (red). Make sure to alternate between the top and bottom as you continue on to the next nail. For those who need bit of a cheat to get it perfectly even, just use a piece of scotch tap on the nail. It'll get it perfectly even every single time. 

STEP 3 -- Once the red has fully dried, fill in the remaining halves with JINsoon Blue Iris (one of my favorite blues) and let it dry completely. 

STEP 4 -- To get those cute flecks of white (stars), apply two coats of JINsoon Polka White to the nails. 

STEP 5 -- Finally, seal this fun look with JINsoon Top Gloss, an ultra-glossy top coat. 


STEP 1 -- Like the start of any good manicure a clean polish-free foundation is a must. Trim and shape nails to your liking and apply a single base coat of JINsoon Power Coat for a ridge-free even base for color. 

STEP 2 -- To get that perfect milky white opaque color, apply two coats of JINsoon Doux to nails. 

STEP 3 -- Now comes the fun part, the colorful dot motif. Once nails are completely dry, use a dotting tool or tooth pick (the ball of a hair pin works perfectly too) and dot JINsoon Poppy Blue to a section of a nail. 

Once all the nails are covered with concentrated sections of Poppy Blue, continue this step with the next three nail colors (JINsoon Farouche, Charme, Enflammee)

STEP 4 -- For a finishing touch, apply JINsoon Top Gloss atop your design after they've completely dried. The result with leave nails looking perfectly  polished, super glossy and will prolong the manicure for a few more days. 

Whether you're sticking with our lovely red, white and blue or feeling extra summery, make sure your nails make a splash this lovely celebratory weekend!

Images: Courtesy of Jin Soon 

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