The Secret To Beautiful Hair

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The biggest beauty question I always get asked is how I keep my hair in tiptop shape and looking the way it does -- here is my answer..

Keeping your hair healthy, shiny and thick and is a daunting task for many. From expensive hair masks, to pricey treatments and every remedy in between, many of us (me!) ring up the quite the bill in the quest for luscious locks. While many of these tips and tricks can help your hair, many lose their luster rather quickly and hair falls right back into its unruly habits.  The answer to beautiful, healthy hair has been sitting your pantry this whole time – Olive Oil.

This extraordinary golden liquid packs a punch and has a multitude of beauty benefits. My favorite way to use it is as a hot oil hair treatment. Mix in a little bit of lavender in warm (not super hot!) oil and massage onto the scalp, working all the way to the tip of your hair. Once done wrap your hair in plastic wrap and towel over and let it sink in for about 20 minutes.  Wash your hair after as you would normally and can skip conditioner if please.  

Beautiful hair starts at the roots and a nourished scalp promotes stronger, healthier hair. Substituting the lavender with peppermint oil in your hot treatment can help stimulate the scalp as you massage it in.  Dryness is often times more apparent with longer hair and is furthered in the colder months.  This once a week treatment will do wonders for your tresses and keep them softer and full of shine.

This wondrous ingredient could also be used as substitute for shaving cream and an extra moisturizing additive to your body lotions and creams. I usually add a few drops of essence oils like lavender or rose to add a little pop. Also, if you are running low, dip a cotton ball into you oil mixture and use it as a gentle alternative to makeup remover.

Norma Kamali was definitely on to something when she enlightened the fashion masses on the benefits of olive oil and let me tell you, I’m certainly on board. She looks absolutely stunning and so full of life, that same energy and liveliness could be given to your hair, skin and body with the magic of nature’s golden treat. 

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