How Basic Invite is Taking Custom Invitations and Stationary To The Next Level

Thursday, March 28, 2019

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It all starts with your invitation. 
An invite to a personal event or celebration should be as unique as the event itself. While custom invite services have been around for quite sometime, I recently approached by Basic Invite, a unique website that is taking customization to the next level in more ways than one. Whether you're in the market for invitations, save the dates, or personal stationary, Basic Invite's easily navigated site previews a stunning collection of options in every respective category and beyond. The best part of it all, their unique service allows you to edit and customize every design element in a color of your choice. 

The sophisticated color library available on Basic Invite goes far beyond the standard colors of the rainbow. It features over a whopping 180-shades from which you can pick and apply to your chosen design. Along with color, the options of fonts is equally vast. As someone who prefers an amplified touch or an unexpected hint of elegance in paper goods, I was so excited to learn that they also offer flat foil (gold, rose gold, silver) options as well. A truly luxurious design experience, this degree of customization can really allow you to create a special invite that expresses your personality and taste in the finest fashion. 

A New Way to Look At Invitations 
Upon browsing their beautifully designed invitations, I found that photos could also be added to an invite as a fun layer of customization. With graduation season just around the corner, Basic Invite's incredibly tailored designed experience is certainly one to try when creating your own graduation party invitations. As special as the event itself, the beautiful graduation invitations offered by the website reads professional and elegant yet incredibly stylish. Far from the traditional fonts and classic grad-centric clip art, these ultra-classy, modern designs will make for a memorable invite that's pretty enough to frame. Whether your style is fun, sporty, chic or beyond, the stunning array of options will satisfy your every need. 

The only website with an impressively grand collections of colors, incorporating your school colors into your grad invite design would be a breeze. For those who want a more glitzy invite, their Hollywood graduation invitations also feature the luxe option of the exclusive foil. 

A Personal Look at Stationary 
In addition to the dazzling collection of various invitations, Basic Invite is taking standard stationary and upgrading it with incredible quality and style. While I love a nice stack of personalized stationary, most times I find myself disappointed at the cost of a poorly made product. The lack of quality I've experienced in the past with various companies may range from color pay-off, paper quality to the overall printing of the design itself. If the quality of your own stationary is weak, it can certainly hurt some aspect of your personal branding.

I decided to give Basic Invite's business stationary and notecards a go and was welcomed by a dizzying array of lovely designs. While I absolutely adored a handful of designs which aligned with my aesthetic, I ultimately settled on the stunning and sophisticated Script Monogram Business Stationary. This is where I got to experience their customization options first hand. I was able to swap colors to my liking (I chose Pumpkin for my base rather than black) and loved the font in the color present (white). Another interesting aspect of this design experience was getting to edit the text. Thanks to their instant preview and real-time editing feature, I had the ability to edit the original design to include my whole name rather than just the initial.

I also appreciated the unexpected editing touch which included the website's logo at the back of the card. I loved how the whole stationary card, including something as small as a logo, could be customized. Additionally, a unique factor which amplifies their website's exceptional services consists of a complimentary set of peal and seal envelopes which are delivered with almost all orders and can be matched in a color of your choosing before finalizing your order. 

With a pleasant delivery which arrived beautifully packaged well before the estimated arrival date coupled with the unmatched quality and wallet-friendly rates, I highly recommend Basic Invite for your next invitation and stationary needs. For the month of March the site will be offering 15% off your order with code: 15FF51

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