This Plant-Based Answer to Retinol is Youth In A Bottle

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

best antiaging serum

Since its launch, Herbivore Botanicals has transformed the scope of skincare through the power of nature. Committed to creating effective skincare formulated with naturally derived ingredients, Herbivore's sustainably driven brand offers mindful products from design to final product execution. Their gem-toned bottles housing potent blends have captivated many and their latest launch, Moon Fruit Serum, is sure to do the same. Read on to discover the impressive ways this recent brand addition is transforming aging skin. 

With so many anti-aging products on the market, Herbivore expertly formulated the secret to turning back the clock on aging through natural substances. Moon Fruit Serum is a plant-based retinol serum which works directly on the signature characteristics of aging skin and effectively diminishes the progression of these familiar signs. 

Crucial concerns like fine lines, wrinkles and uneven texturing are remedied by this potent product without any harsh effects on the skin. Those suffering with these hallmark issues of aging skin as well as acne and loss of suppleness are prime candidates of this plant-based retinol alternative as its clinically proved blend goes to work on dramatically reducing such issues while promoting a more youthful, heathy condition of skin . Due to its heavily researched non-synthetic compilation (peptides, 1% Bakuchiol, vitamin-rich super fruits), this reformative anti-aging serum offers a dramatic improvement in skin through gentle, well-tolerated ingredients which are universally suitable and safe to use while pregnant and breast feeding. 

The key to achieving lasting results and maintaining a healthy state of skin through this serum is strict consistency. Like all treatments of quality, results are seen through steady use which is even more important for a product like this as it's natural composition sometimes requires more time than its synthetic counterpart. Though more time may be needed to achieve maximum results, the improvements outweigh the treatment timeline. The best way to attain the ultimate benefits of this serum is to use it during your evening skincare routine with 1-2 pumps applied to freshly cleansed face and brought down to the neck (an often ignored section) prior to moisturizer. A prime skincare tip to lock in this powerful youth-boosting serum is using an enriched facial oil as your final skincare step. 


1% Bakuchiol // The key plant-based element currently present in the skincare industry as the most effective alternative to retinol. This remarkably researched gentle ingredient is proven to prevent fine lines and wrinkles while aiding in the recovery of elasticity, firmness and lightening of pigmentation, all commonly occurring in aging skin. 

Vitamin-Rich Natural Ingredients // Derived from a carefully chosen combination of superfruits and herbs, these contents are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, C, B5 and essential acids which are clinically proven to firm skin. 

Peptides // Naturally extracted from key plants which offer multipurpose benefits ranging from firming skin along the face and neck to tightening suffering skin areas in these targeted spaces. 

best anti aging serum


City Approved Beauty Bag Essentials

Monday, June 13, 2022

beauty bag essentials

As we head into the high heat months of the year, our beauty bags require a bit of an upgrade that'll help beat the city heat in polished (and protected!) fashion. The key concerns during this sweltering season include high-grade sun care and easing the traditional woes of this sunny period (hello, frizzy hair and sweaty complexions!). To combat these often pesky issues, keeping the right products on hand is vital. From hair taming wonders to multipurpose cosmetic winners, here are my city approved beauty bag essentials that'll offer a revived and refreshed appearance in a New York minute. 

top beauty bag makeup

Between running in and out of muggy subways and strolling crowded outdoor spaces, buzzing through the city on busy days calls for high quality makeup that'll stand up to my packed schedules. But even the best of applications need a mid-day spruce up and that starts with a touch of a powder. My favorite powder to settle that unsightly shine is (1) Dior BACKSTAGE Face & Body Powder-No-Powder. This lightweight translucent powder never feels cakey or blotchy and its seamless matte application looks terrific on camera. Amna Tip: Tuck a slim round powder puff into the case for a flawless on-the-go application.  

For my oily complexion, maintaining a photo-ready base is sometimes tricky during the summer. A dash of powder and a top-up of color helps create an radiant look with minimal effort. (2) Rose Inc. Blush Divine Clean Dewy Cream Blush is a wonderful staple as it beautifully blends on the skin and offers a soft hydrating wash of color that can be intensified if needed. For an on-trend monochromatic take, I sometimes blend this clean cream product atop my lips for a flattering, cohesive look. Best of all, this versatile product doesn't demand any fancy tools - clean finger tips is all that's needed to blend this blush. For a polished lip alternative, the ultra-chic (3) Pillow Talk lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury is a year-round beauty bag power player. This sophisticated neutral shade pairs well with a glossy topper or mixed with a bolder hue for a customizable option. 

With these back-to-back days, I'm often catching a break in the park or a bench on a picturesque sidewalk under the unforgiving city sunshine. However minimal, extended time in sun demands a reapplication of sunscreen every few hours. A traditional sunscreen would disrupt a makeup application so how is one to remain protected yet polished? Enter (4) Supergoop! (Re)Setting 100% Mineral Powder Sunscreen SPF 35, a compactly designed brush product housing a powder SPF which allows you to adequately coat the skin with precision. The small brush helps get sunscreen to the tighter areas of the face yet it's fluffy enough to apply along commonly exposed skin areas like the shoulders, neck and sensitive dĂ©colletage. This powder alternative became a fast staple as its lightweight formulation delivers sufficient sun protection without the sticky or greasy after feel often seen in more common SPF choices. 

top hair products for beauty bag

Much like the face, the hair sees its own set of issues during the summer. Enjoying long days in the sun can feel heavenly on the skin but leads to dry hair while increased humidity enhances frustrating fizz. Thankfully one newly launched hair hero remedies both of these seasonal hair woes and beyond. (1) Fable & Mane HoliRoots Hibiscus Hydrating Hair Oil Mist is a small yet mighty product you'll want on hand all seasonal long. This luxuriously scented (jasmine sambac) enriched  mist evenly distributes on the hair and tames troubling frizz while offering a veil of UV protection. While that alone makes this a summer hair saver, this multifaceted hair perfume oil goes further than simply scenting tresses and hydrates dry sun-soaked hair while boosting shine and softness without disturbing any previous hair styling. Due to its clean, hair-benefiting qualities, extended use of this antioxidant-rich product doesn't diminish its efficacy and can be used daily on all hair types. While the product can be locked in with a simple tousle with the hands, I love using it with (2) Kristin Ess Wide Tooth Detangling Hair Comb, a sleek slim wide toothed comb that glides through the hair and loosens any tangles that occur under the hair on extra warm days. Amna Tip: For flyaways at the crown, spritz the the straight spine of the comb with the Fable & Mane Hair Mist and glide along the hair for an easy and lasting way to keep these teeny hairs at bay. 

No hair essentials roundup would be complete without a strong hair accessory to pull away and keep the hair back while remining chic. My go-to is the (3) Emi Jay Peach Cabana Hair Clip, as its strong functional hold and generous size holds hair up well without slipping. Best of all, the darling peach striped design feels sweet and summery. 


Whether you need a complexion refresher, a punchy pop of color or a rejuvenating on-the-go hair boost, this tried-and-tested collection of streamlined products will keep you looking your absolute best as your stroll through the city this warm, sunny summer. 

How To Recreate the Timeless Hair & Makeup On Anatomy of a Scandal

Tuesday, May 17, 2022


anatomy of a scandal sienna miller makeup hair

It's no surprise that Netflix's latest show, Anatomy of a Scandal, is generating a lot of buzz and it has nothing to do with the subject matter of the program. The attention is focusing on Sienna Miller's exceptionally chic hair and makeup seen throughout the series. Sienna plays Sophie Whitehouse, a polished mom whose picturesque life of privilege comes undone when her husband is involved in a high-profile consent scandal. While the jury is still out on the quality of the storyline, there's no denying that viewers are absolutely mesmerized by her look which perfectly blends elements of polished mom and the enviable London cool girl essence. 

Her signature look - effortlessly loose waved tresses and a glowing barely there makeup look - highlights all the hallmarks of a timeless yet luxe appearance without the work. I hunted down the details behind her elegant screen-stealing look and found the exact products and tools required to recreate this style yourself. 

makeup anatomy of a scandal

Kate Benton, the hair and makeup powerhouse behind Sienna's impeccable look used her hair and makeup as a mode of story telling for her character and beautifully depicts her emotions in this respect throughout the series. As a person of life-long privilege, the character of Sophie is no stranger to luxury which was evident in the choice of makeup. The key to her luminous, fresh faced beauty style was to illustrate a refined look without looking overly perfected. 

To achieve her flawless radiant complexion, Kate used a light application of  Burberry Ultimate Glow Foundation, a hybrid product which infuses skincare heroes like moisture-locking hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich ingredients (white tea extract) for a youthful, radiant finish. For areas which required a bit more coverage, she followed up with Maqpro PAM Daniel Phillips Six-Color Palette, a comprehensive cream-based palette suitable for fair and medium skin tones. This versatile product was also used to further enhance Sienna's cheeks bones. For a touch of youthful color, a flushed cheek look was achieved with Chantecaille Cheek Gelee. To maintain the luminous elements of her skin and prevent a heavy made-up look, powdered products were avoided. 

The product I was most interested in tracking down was the exact red lip Sienna stunningly wears in Episode 1. The entire ultra-elegant yet cool look not only made me pause the episode for a clearer glance but made me return to it once the series ended. This perfect rose red hue was created by using a blend of Burberry Kisses Matte Lipstick in The Red 106 and Maqpro Red Lip Slim Lip Palette

anatomy of a scandal hair

In the first court appearance, the audience gets a generous view of Sophie's chic waved hair - her signature soft look. Unlike classically waved or curled tresses, the key to Sophie's waves was to keep the look undone. Using a Babylisss curling iron, Sienna's hair was loosely curled leaving the ends out, ultimately achieving a soft wave reminiscent of beachy waves with a luxurious twist. While her hair appeared rich and healthy, plenty of texture was achieved courtesy of Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dryspun Hairspray, which offered a more practical look fitting for a busy mom. For the final touch, her waves were tousled with the fingers for a more relaxed finish. 


As the series progresses, both the hair and makeup begin to lose their luster as Sophie's life starts to unravel. Slowly, the beautiful tousled blonde hair is pulled back into an unfussy ponytail, the makeup loses its glamorous edge and finally at the peak of her stress, those immaculate waves are thrown up in a messy bun and paired with a minimal makeup look. Regardless of how terribly Sophie's life crumbles around her, what Kate so wonderfully achieves is maintaining the common thread of refinement in all stages of her looks despite how diminished they become. While the script may have left much to be desired, the visual treat Kate created with Sienna's hair and makeup is sure to leave a favorable stamp on this limited series. 

Get The Look: Gigi Hadid Glossy Rose Beauty Look at 2022 Met Gala

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

gigi hadid met gala beauty look

After a 2020 cancellation and months long delay in 2021, the 2022 Met Gala is back once again. The glamorous event, which draws many famous faces across industries and members of the press, made up for lost time by delivering a dazzling and memorable event. The red carpet hosted plenty of extravagant and eye-catching looks which created quite the buzz on social media. Gigi Hadid's bold burgundy Versace ensemble and slick beauty look was one of the note-worthy looks which caught the attention of many. 

The standout beauty look was created by Erin Parsons, Global Makeup Artist for Maybelline New York, featured fresh tones with glossy elements mimicking Gigi's shiny vinyl look for the evening. Using popular favorites from Maybelline, the overall look, which concentrated on the lips, also drew inspiration from the theme of the evening with tonal notes matching her ensemble. “We really wanted to keep her clean, fresh glowing skin, as a nod to the gilded glamour of back in the day when they would only use cheek rouge and red lipstick," says Erin. 

gigi hadid 2022 met gala

To achieve Gigi's flawless base, Erin begin by applying SuperStay Longwear Liquid Foundation (105 Fair Ivory) to her skin with Superstay Active Wear Concealer (11) layered atop. To set her application, she followed up with the dusting of Lasting Fix Banana Setting Powder. Moving onto cheeks, Erin created a youthful, flushed color effect with barely-there contouring and Cheek Heat Gel-Cream Blush (Fuchsia Spark). "Hadid really loved the idea of fresh skin with lots of blush," says Erin. Once complete, Erin enhanced the high-points of Gigi's face with Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter (Light Iridescent 100). Prior to heading out on the the red carpet, Erin used Fit Me Matte Poreless Pressed Powder (120) to touch up Gigi's skin and keep her makeup camera-ready. 

Using the Nudes of New York Palette, Erin softly sculpted Gigi's eyes by applying a modest amount of the shade Heroine in the crease and along he under eye for a delicate, clean look. In lieu of traditional liner, Erin expertly defined the eyes by using the shade Self-Starter from the same palette with a fine brush for a soft framing effect. For a grand, eye-opening effect Erin finished the eye look with a sweep of Falsies Lash Lift Mascara (Brownish Black) to Gigi's lashes. To keep in line with the fresh notes of the look, Erin kept the brows minimal, using on Tattoo Studio Brow Lift Stick (Clear) to keep them naturally in place and skipped any additional color assistance. 

The focal point of the beauty look, Gigi's edgy burgundy lips featured a beautiful layering of rosy shades. Erin's stunning makeup look always features aspects of contemporary elegance and this look no exception. "Of course, we had to add some dramatic gloss for a modern touch," explains Erin. To create this look, she began by defining Gigi's look with Color Sensational Shaping Lipliner (153 Divine Wine). For a multi-dimensional look, Super Stay Vinyl Ink Liquid Lipcolor (Wicked) was applied to the outer corners of the lips with the center saturated in Super Stay Vinyl Ink Liquid Lipcolor (Red-Hot).  Not only did this create an ultra-luxurious and sleek lip look mirroring Gigi's outfit but the long-lasting and smudge-resistant formula offered a photo-ready look ideal for the red carpet. 

gigi hadid met gala look


Get The Look: Phoebe Bridgers Radiant Beauty Look at Met Gala 2022

Phoebe Bridgers Met Gala 2022

Every fashion savvy eye was set on the star-studded red carpet of  last night's 2022 Met Gala and the beautiful turnout and jaw-dropping looks certainly did not disappoint. From glitzy ensembles to beautifully elaborate gowns and beyond, the First Monday in May was a welcomed return after a 2020 cancelation and 2021 delayed presentation. Phoebe Bridgers, a multi-talented artist and actor, shined on the red-carpet  in a sparking, crystal-embroidered dress which was topped with an equally radiant makeup look. 

Using  an array of Tata Harper products, Makeup artist Susie Sobal created a minimal yet chic look which spotlighted Phoebe's glowing skin while stunningly complementing the show-stopping dress. When detailing the inspiration behind the look, Susie aimed for a youthful look with a dramatic pop. "We were going for a young, modern vamp look," explains Susie. 

To breakup any buildup and rid the skin of any debris prior to cosmetics, Nourishing Oil Cleanser was used to clean the skin. Once the skin was cleansed, Susie followed up with two key products which ensured maximum hydration and skin suppleness. The duo included the Resurfacing Mask, which helped the skin achieve a fresh glow and was then followed up with the Hydrating Floral Essence to lock in the moisture and provide extra hydration. For an enhanced dose of brightness, Susie applied Rejuvenating Serum thereafter. 

Continuing with the skin, Susie wanted Phoebe's undereye area to appear fresh and youthful. This delicate area was treated to a hydrating application of Elixir Vitae Eye Serum. She continued with her final tip to achieving a flawless and glowing skin look prior to makeup by using Water Lock Moisturizer which gives a smoothing look to the skin, 

The key to this modern look was a radiant complexion which Susie created with her layered skincare technique and Illuminating Moisturizer with Diamond Dust blended onto the skin. The result was a fresh and nourished base with a hint of flattering shimmer. Susie livened the skin by diffusing the cheeks in Cream Blush (Lucky), which offered a lovely wash of color. For the final dramatic pop to the look, Susie finished the look with a vampy lip choice, achieved by drenching lips in Be True Lip Balm, for a smooth and full pout and layering Lip Tint (Be Adored) atop for the perfect deep rose hue. 

Much like the face, Susie wanted Phoebe's overall skin to also glow. A simple blend of Revitalizing Body Oil with the Illuminating Moisturizer was applied to the skin giving the body an irresistibly hydrated and glowing appearance. 

Phoebe Bridgers Met Gala 2022



NYC Style Classics No.2 - How to Wear Chic Shorts

Saturday, April 2, 2022

how to style shorts

nyc style series

Spring is finally here and it’s time to shelf those bulky winter layers. The warm sun-drenched days ahead invite a wardrobe shift to lighter, brighter fabrics and skin-baring garments. An effortless seasonal suspect among the shift is shorts. For this New Yorker, shorts of the tailored and stylish variety is often chosen over ultra-casual denim options. For an upgraded spin on this warm weather essential, try these uncomplicated styling methods for your next sunny city outing. 


A universally-flattering piece attainable at every price point, a crisp white shirt instantly adds a timeless and smart touch to the most casual ensembles. A power player in warm weather attire, a white buttoned shirt paired with stylish shorts makes for an upgraded seasonal uniform suitable for a range of settings. Finishing accents like statement gold jewelry or a poppy-colored silk scarf creates interesting dimensions for a more complete look. 

how to style shorts with white shirt

New Yorkers love their sleek noir style and sport this full dramatic tone year-round. To liven up this dark shade for the warmer months, add a dash of color to tonal outfits in the form of accessories and a topper. While an single  neutral toned outfit serves as a canvas for color, haphazardly throwing random hues with this base look can appear sloppy and confusing. For a polished look which feels fresh and modern, throw a topper (blazer or sweater) over your shoulders and a minimal accessory (small handbag or shoes) in a single matching color. Sweet tones like pink and lavender add softness to this edgy tone while zesty citrus colors feel appropriate in the spring and summer seasons, all of which stand out beautifully against black and other neutrals. For a flattering shoe option, pair your shorts with a slingback sandal, which offers a lovely lengthening effect to bare legs (my favorite tip for petite frames!)

how to wear shorts with a blazer

Airy fabrics, fantastic florals and lush laced textures are all hallmarks of romantic dressing and are among my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. While often wearing these refined styles with a variety of skirts, styling with pleated shorts changed my perspective on wearing these types of bottoms to more fancy affairs. A sharply tailored pair of dark-toned shorts are elegantly elevated by the feminine features of romantic blouses. The result is a sophisticated ensemble with a contemporary take on delicate power dressing. 

how to wear shorts with romantic blouse

Currently Loving - Charlotte Tilbury Push Up Lashes! Mascara

Friday, April 1, 2022

pillow talk push up lashes mascara

Talk about luscious lashes! Pairing exceptionally atop a lash primer or wonderfully worn alone, this mascara quickly made it its way to the very front of my mascara drawer for great reasons. Here's why I'm considering this new launch as a hero product in its category. 


An authority in all things glamour, Charlotte Tilbury's beauty and skincare range is worth the splurge in every aspect. While the ultra-chic and luxurious packaging draws the eyes, the quality across her range is truly remarkable and keeps me coming back to this brand time and time again. Already a fan of her iconic Pillow Talk collection, I was quite intrigued by her latest addition to the line: Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara. 

As a major mascara enthusiast, I was eager to get my hands on this one. An attractive option, this mascara features an innovative wand design offering a long-lasting lift effect to the lashes. Unlike traditional mascaras that are commonly designed with a 360-degree bristle wand, Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! is uniquely designed with a duo comb-like brush. A closer look reveals that the bristles arranged on either side of the wand spine are diamond-shaped which evenly coats and beautifully fans out the lashes for an eye-opening effect. Best of all, this precision wand design lifts and coats the lightest and tiniest lashes on the line. 

The real goodness of this wonder product lies in its formulation. It touts a weightless, pushed up, and lengthening effect that makes the eyes appear bigger, brighter and more awake - hefty promises which beautifully deliver with sharp accuracy. 

Comprised of three key ingredients: Carnauba Wax which creates body and texture for a light-as-air false lash look, the ultra-conditioning and thickening agent known as Keratin, and an exclusive lifting polymer extracted from the Larch Tree which creates that mesmerizing pushed up, flexible application with maximum holding power, this mascara makes for an incredible makeup bag addition. 

Always drawn to a mascara with a fluffy, voluminous wand, I surprisingly enjoyed this slim, comb-like design far more than I initially thought and was thrilled to see it live up to its advertised promises. Not only did my long, fluffed out, glamorous lashes last throughout the day, no pesky smudging or fall-out occurred with this richly-colored formula. Despite my layered application, my lashes looked healthy, clump-free and nicely removed without any lash loss (a problem I see with with similar products on heavy makeup days!). 

If you'd like to try this amazing new mascara for yourself. grab it at a sweet deal at the annual Spring Sephora Sale starting today, 4/1!

pillow talk push up lashes mascara

Best Spring Sephora Sale Buys To Shop Now

Thursday, March 31, 2022

what to buy from the sephora sale

Spring has finally arrived and with the abundant sunshine and budding florals comes the most coveted beauty sale of the year: the Spring Sephora Sale!

I'm sharing my top picks in each category to get your seasonal shopping sorted in top tier fashion. From tried & tested skincare products to my most-loved cosmetic choices and beyond, these picks are not to be missed. Much like sales of the past, highly-sought after favorites are sure to sell out so don't delay - score these irresistible buys at sweet deals before it's too late. Happy Shopping! 


Charlotte Tilbury // Pillow Talk Palette

Sunday Riley // Good Genes Serum

Living Proof // Perfect Hair Day (stock up!)

Necessaire // The Body Serum 
Tan Luxe // The Water

Yves Saint Laurent // Libre
Tom Ford // Lost Cherry
Armani // Si Passione
Tocca // Cleopatra 

NYC Style Classics No.1 - How to Wear White & Warm Neutrals

Friday, March 25, 2022

how to wear white and neutrals

One look at current trend reports will reveal the resurgence and wild reinterest in neutral ensembles. Modestly toned and visually pleasing, white and a warm neutral is a timeless pairing that is once again gaining influence beyond the fashionable set but sadly leaving much to be desired. Those seeking fresh ways to wear this simple combination are left in a sea of bland copy cat looks featuring the same style suspects: oversized trench coats, blazers, trousers and white shirts, often all worn together at once. While the look reads clean (and rather dated), it has also been worn to death which ultimately loses its modern value. Take a break from this repetitive formula and reimagine this palette with these three chic alternatives fit for contemporary city settings. 

While color block looks are reserved for more punchy, vibrant hues, the same formula can be applied to soft tones. Rather than opting for a cool break between a top and bottom, a chic jacket saturated in a single contrasting tone (tan) atop a solid colored dress (white) amplifies the chic factor. Bookend the look with richly colored dark accessories and finish with a bold red lip. 

trench coat style

For this styling option, I like keeping the warm neutral the focal point of the look and have the contrasting soft white tones frame the piece. A sweater in a deliciously deep caramel anchors the full look and provides an simple foundation to build upon. Polished materials like tweed and an a-line skirt create a more elevated look but a more casual take can be achieved with a classic topper coat and tailored pants in the same pale white color.

white and neutral fashion look

Much like the reintroduction of this color pairing, silhouettes and design details of the past are once again becoming new. Pretty details like embroidery and puff sleeves can be worn beautifully if proportions and garment styles are taken into consideration. Opting for a piece with overly voluminous shapes and extra fabric can often drown the figure and appear frumpy. Selecting a more properly fitting blouse or sweater with subtle takes on this design offer a more current and effortless way to enjoy this vintage style. 

puff sleeve sweater style

Reviving Hair The Indian Way with Fable & Mane

Monday, March 14, 2022

Akash Mehta & Nikita Mehta

In the midst of the pandemic, the world was forced to return to the basics as the lights dimmed on our thriving realities. For siblings Akash and Nikita Mehta, revisiting their Indian roots was just the remedy they needed during this trying time. With a vivid upbringing steeped in culture, tradition and Ayurvedic practices, it was the therapeutic and beneficial Indian ritual of hair oiling from their childhood which soothed the stressors of the modern era. This humble ritual ultimately sparked the creation of Fable & Mane, a unique Ayurvedic haircare brand reviving and strengthening hair from root to tip. I sat with the two to get the skinny on the brand, their philanthropic efforts and chatted all things hair the Indian way. 

Bringing the meaningful traditions of Indian culture and Ayurveda to mainstream audiences was a vital mission for the Mehta siblings. From ingredients to development and the overall brand philosophy, every element of Fable & Mane is rooted in meaning. The name itself is inspired by the treasured childhood memories Akash & Nikita have of their grandmother oiling their hair. While a special tradition on its own, these hair oiling sessions were colored with lively storytelling, which further enhanced the experience and ultimately became the spirit of their brand. It was only fitting that their initial product launch was an impressively formulated star hair oil: HoliRoots Pre-Wash Hair Treatment Oil.  

fable & man holiroots hair oil

An age-old tradition pulled onto the contemporary stage, hair oiling not only rejuvenates lackluster tresses but offers a wealth of benefits. Hair oiling focuses on both the restoration and strength of hair and the scalp, which many in the western beauty world recently learned is crucial to comprehensive hair health. 

An impressive oil comprised of dynamic, healing Ayurvedic ingredients, HoliRoots Pre-Wash Hair  Treatment Oil is an efficacious blend restoring hair in a way not seen before. This unique oil is a pre-wash treatment designed to be massaged onto the scalp to achieve maximum benefits. "Indian head massage is really important...massaging this oil throughout increases the blood circulation to your scalp which will help deliver essential nutrients and oxygen" says Akash. The massage is an integral part of the treatment as the absence of this ritual can cause healthy hair to inadequately absorb its benefits. While one can apply the treatment 10  minutes prior to washing the hair, Nikita encourages leaving it overnight for the best results as a longer window allows the product to soak in and let's the ingredients get to work.  

One of the primary benefits with consistent hair oiling with the HoliRoots Pre-Wash Hair Treatment Oil is the increased strength of hair and lessening of hair fallout. Coming off the heels of the pandemic, stress is at an all time high which is a leading cause of greater hair loss among many factors like postpartum, illness and over-worked hair. Tackling this unsettling hair woe with traditional hair oiling coupled with the ever-important scalp massage ultimately enhances the health of weakened hair and changes it's state of growth and texture. 

indian head massage

The passion the two bring to the development of each product is evident throughout the line. The highly coveted HoliRoots Pre-wash Oil Treatment is formulated with Ashwagandha, a potent Ayurvedic ingredient, which aids in strengthening and thickening fine hair along with Dashmool, a powerful blend of 10 potent plant roots and extracts which repairs an irritated scalp and soothes any itchiness or dryness. Coconut is a prevalent base ingredient throughout the line which is naturally vitamin-rich and features lauric acids and other fatty acids which is excellent for hydration. For their SahaScalp Serum, they sought out Amla, a mighty antioxidant ingredient far richer in Vitamin-C than an orange.

For the Mehta siblings, Ayurveda is not just a buzz term but rather the core essence of their brand. Hair care should be tackled in the same streamlined approach as this ancient healing science suggests: with quality natural ingredients, minimal components and addressing an issue with intention and self. "We wanted a core range as less is more. In Indian Ayurveda, you don't have many products in the cabinet, which is the opposite of what you see in beauty today," says Akash. The siblings sought out to create a mindful foundational collection of carefully curated and crafted products that can be uniquely layered together for specific needs. 

The universal haircare range offers products with multilayered solutions targeting the source of the issue. Scalp care is addressed with the SahaScalp products, a powerful pair of products that addresses and remedies stressed scalp conditions (SahaScalp Amla Soothing Serum) and ensures a pristine cleansing (SahaScalp Wild Ginger Purifying Scrub). The HoliRoots products, the meeting of holistic plant roots, is a complete haircare regimen reviving hair with a concentration on strengthening the hair. Their take on the classic haircare method is improved with the HoliRoots Hair Mask, an ultra-nourishing and damaging-reversing cream mask which provides hair with a vitamin-rich punch of shine and moisture. A favorite of Nikita's, this silicone-free rich hair mask was in development for three years prior to hitting shelves. Much like the luxurious hair treatments at  premium salons, this product allows one to slowdown and focus on application and enjoy the masking experience while gaining its immense benefits. 

holiroots hair mask

Akash and Nikita honor their heritage in every layer of Fable & Mane, though the heart of their work lies in the Fable Fund, a philanthropic endeavor which benefits the endangered Tiger population in India. While the majestic animal serves as the logo of the brand, it is the protection of the species and their natural habitat through various efforts that is the grander purpose for the duo. The sibling funded foundation addresses this growing issue with a multifaceted plan of action which provides full support of the rangers on the ground from equipment to aid, educating locals and providing relief on damages, and ultimately providing better watering systems and habitat conservation for the big cat population in the area. 

fable & mane haircare founders with amna anwar

Fancy & Chic Valentine's Day Gift Edit

Thursday, February 10, 2022

valentines day gift guide


For the Sweet One
Maison Boissier //  Heart-Shaped Gummies 

For The Timeless Beauty 

For The Skincare Enthusiast
Angela Caglia // La Vie en Rose Face Roller

For The Chic Busy Bee 

For The Whimsical Personality 

For The Jewelry Lover 
Nicola Bathie // Golden Heart Stud

For The Fancy One 

For The Beauty Lover 
Natasha Denona // Mini V Day Palette 

For The Glamorous One 
Gucci Nail Polish // 25 Goldie Red

For The Elegant Decor Darling
Lalique // Anemone Figure


Must-Have Lip Colors For Autumn/Winter

Monday, February 7, 2022

best autumn winter lip products

Lipstick is one of the most versatile beauty products and has the power to transform any makeup look. A single swipe of your favorite shade can revive a tired complexion or stand beautifully on its own. Interestingly, specific tones have become synonymous with certain seasons throughout the year. Luxurious red tones are often opted for during the winter holidays whereas poppy pinks and corals are reserved for the warmer months of the year. With a dense catalog of lip colors currently offered on the market, what lipstick hues is one to use during autumn/winter? While the choices may seem overwhelming, I've minimized the confusion by refining the lot and landed on six must-have lip products both new and tried and true that need to be in your autumn/winter lip wardrobe. Read on to discover these irresistible and luxurious shades for picture-perfect seasonal lips. 

MERIT // Shade Sick  Tinted Lip Oil (Cara Cara)
If you're in the market for deliciously hydrating and color-packed lip product which enhances your pout, look no further than MERIT Beauty's Shade Slick Tinted Lip Oil. This highly coveted, pocket-sized wonder is formulated with grapeseed and jojoba oil which work to nourish and soften lips while providing the perfect wash of conditioning color. The shade Cara Cara is a lovely autumnal pop which not only looks great swiped on bare lips but pairs wonderfully over a similar toned lip liner. 

A lovely muted rose tone, YSL Tatouage Liquid lip in 16-Nude Emblem offers a pigmented applicated without the weight or tackiness of a traditional liquid lipstick. It's unique formula feels incredibly light on the lips and dries down to a rich matte finish. For this crisp autumn/winter season, 16-Nude Emblem is the perfect pink tone to sport as it provides a chic pop of seasonally appropriate color. Unlike the poppy pinks known to the warmer months, this terracotta toned pink creates an eye-catching look which complements the natural warm and fiery foliage hues signature to this time of year. 

MAC COSMETICS // Powder Kiss Liquid Lipstick (Sorry Not Sorry)
Perhaps the best and my most reached for lip color this time of year, MAC Cosmetics Powder Kiss Liquid Lipstick in Sorry Not Sorry is a flattering pumpkin orange tone which not only wears beautifully with a variety of warm-toned eye looks but provides a long-lasting, smear-proof finish. The seasonal punctuated pop offered by this mask-approved lippie makes it a standout shade you'll want to wear well into winter. 

Lisa Eldridge // Lip Velvet (Cinnabar) 
An authority in the beauty industry, Lisa Eldridge has created an incredible lipstick range which is wildly loved by both beauty fans and seasoned professionals. Her most recent Lip Velvet launch includes a shade named Cinnabar, a beautifully spiced crimson ideal for autumn and the chilly months ahead. While the color itself is stunning, the formula is a dreamy matte which glides onto the lips leaving behind a richly pigmented, non-drying swipe of color. 

Charlotte Tilbury // Matte Revolution (Catwalking)
Tilbury's lipsticks are some of the best I've used in recent years and her beautiful range includes an array of ultra-flattering lip colors in lovely formulations. Some of her best tones fall in the nudes category including Catwalking, a rich neutral matte lip fitting for the cooler months. A modern peachy nude with soft spicy undertones, this elegant lipstick offers a sleek finish to your A/W makeup looks without looking too summery. 

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