Olivia Palermo's Signature Manicure

Monday, June 22, 2015

Olivia Palermo x Ciate London

I think its safe to say that my sisters and dear friends are all very familiar with my red manicure addiction. Its a perfect color that goes with any ensemble and looks pretty on every single skin tone. Although I love many polish colors (creamy whites, nudes, pale pinks, mint, etc), there is something that always brings me back to red and continues to be my go-to shade nine times out of ten. 

Over the years I've racked up quite a few red favorites and will certainly add this one lovely red created by one very cool style maven to that ever-growing collection. 

If you haven't already heard the big news (are you living under a beauty deprived rock?!) let me enlighten you a bit. Ciate London, the beauty powerhouse across the pond, has appointed socialite Olivia Palermo as their Guest Creative Director. Among the fun duties of her new role, OP got the chance to create a three-piece nail polish range for the SS 2015 season. 

The luxe polishes feature three summer-friendly shades (creamy light pink, chic coral and red) which I'm sure all her style fans will rush out to buy. One shade that really pops against the rest is Hutch, OP's signature red polish. As a fan of both the color and her style (how could you not!), this polish was a must buy on my seasonal beauty list. 

A bold beautiful red, Hutch is the kind of classic red you'll reach for time and time again. The polish itself is quite nice and is equipped with the large rounded brush, similar to Dior polishes, which makes application a breeze. The formulation is nice and opaque with a glossy finish, ultimately making top coat optional. You get an opaque application with one coat, which I really like. 

Although I pay great attention to the overall quality of a product, I'm equally a sucker for great packaging. In this case, the presentation certainly didn't disappoint. Boxed and nestled in a small base, OP's Ciate polishes are so sweetly presented and will certainly add a jazzy touch to your vanity this season. I mean come on, the whole boxed presentation is dripping in gold foil accents. Pretty perfect if you ask me. 

Can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the collection. 
The collection is available at Sephora.com

Press Images: Ciate London

6 Years

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cannot believe this past Monday (June 8th) marked my sixth anniversary with my sweet little heart.
For those who aren't familiar with my story you can read all about it here...

While this is always an emotional time of year for me, this year felt even more so. To know that I am only four years away from the BIG TEN is pretty crazy! Each year, this sweet celebration gives me the opportunity to evaluate the past year, concentrate on the accomplishments and truly take a moment to be thankful for how fortunate I was to receive a perfect match and make it another year without any major medical emergencies. The feelings I felt on that day (or year, rather) will always be with me and the experience as a whole has ultimately shaped the person I am today. 

Reaching the Big Five rejection free was such a big deal and cannot believe a year has passed since that milestone. It's hard not to get emotional and literally beam with love around everyone, especially my sisters. To say they are the greatest support system is an understatement. To every single individual who as made a difference in my life during this amazing journey, I send you my biggest thanks and radiate my love to you this week. 

It's quite unfortunate how the important topic of organ donation is still not widely discussed. It is a challenging and heartbreaking experience to be placed on this list. The wait for a perfect organ match to swing by can take years for many and sadly, most pass waiting for one. As of 9:40 this morning, there are 122,994 candidates waiting on the list. To speak in numbers, an average of 21 individuals pass daily, a figure that's seriously too big to accept. 

While this is a personal decision, I would love for you to look more into this as its SUCH a big deal but a wonderful contribution should you decide to become a donor. Remember, you don't need organs in heaven :) 

Style note: This is the outfit I wore to my Anniversary dinner with one of my dearest friends.

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