How This Brand is Using Powerhouse Ayurvedic Ingredients to Heal Skin

Monday, September 11, 2023

sachi skin overnight retinol treatment

In today's era, a lengthy skincare routine featuring an array of products is wildly encouraged. Though seeking such an extravagant skincare regimen with conflicting ingredients may leave skin in a more vulnerable state than when one started. The answer to healthy skin is not found by the number of products used but rather it is the quality of ingredients which produce real results. Sachi Skin is one unique brand which sought to do exactly this by developing a potent and highly-effective streamlined range geared towards healing skin through the power of ayurvedic medicine. Read on to discover how this remarkable brand is treating skin and using centuries-old powerhouse ingredients with scientifically-backed contemporary elements to reverse skin damage.

Motivated by her own skin concerns, founder Farah Bashir, a formally trained aesthetician and cosmetic developer, wanted to create a powerful skincare range which solved the major concerns that arise in melanin-rich skin while being both safe and accommodating to such skin types. Through innovative research and proprietary technologies, Bashir's carefully-crafted formulations for her Sachi Skin range endured strict clinical trials and practices which not only proved product efficacy but offered a simplified skincare collection delivering real results. 

sachi skin ayurvedic skincare


The four powerhouse products offered by Sachi Skin tackle key skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, inflammation as well as other common skin woes with ease and accuracy. Though most interestingly, each potent product in this tightly-crafted collection features multifaceted reparative aspects which aids a number of issues without the need and heft of additional products. Bashir exceptionally achieves skin healing through her expert formulations and highlights the power of single product skincare that offers lasting results without complication.  

Bashir's deep appreciation for ayurvedic medicine is woven  throughout Sachi Skin's skincare range and anchors each of the brand's products with beneficial ayurvedic ingredients. Whether it's a blend of soothing botanicals like Holy Basl, Centella Asiatica (Indian pennywort), Bosewellia Serrata (indian frankincense) or clarifying natural agents like organic Neem and Black Cumin, incorporating trusted and mighty ancient ayurvedic healing botanicals with modern skincare contents ultimately creates an unparalleled remedy garnering real results without further skin disruption. The goal is not to seek perfection and flawless skin but rather use these proven and effective skincare compilations to achieve long-lasting healthy skin. 

To maximize on the valuable qualities of these centuries-old medicinal botanicals, Bashir carried these traditional methods to the modern era by developing a proprietary complex (10.5% Ayurvedic Bioflavonoid Healing Complex) aiming to revive suffering skin. This exclusive complex consists of a verified antioxidant-rich blend  that diminishes a wealth of skin aggravators like inflammation, blemish-prone activity, early signs of aging, oily conditions and active flareups. Expanding on these trusted ayurvedic healing practices and elements, this effective and safe complex as well as her skincare at large uniquely remedies these unsightly concerns while promoting a more even, brighter and healthy state of skin. 

5 Noteworthy Spring/Summer Beauty Launches To Enjoy Now

Monday, August 21, 2023

new beauty spring summer 2023

With high summer in full swing, our beauty routines have appropriated readjusted to suit the season's warm conditions. Transitioning to lighter and brighter cosmetics and skincare is always a welcome delight as well as the inclusion of the fresh product launches during the exciting spring/summer period. Much like years prior, 2023's spring/summer beauty offerings present an outstanding assortment of products which invite a touch of radiance and mimic the coveted characteristics of the seasons like vivid hues, airy formulations, and a heavy botanical appreciation. Read along as I detail some of the top-tier seasonal releases that are becoming fast-favorites in my beauty bag this summer. 

florasis new highlighters 2023

A brand steeped in tradition and culture, Florasis continues to keep excellence in design and quality at the forefront of their brand. These principles are evident in their latest launch, the Twin Lotus Luminous Glow Highlighters, a lovely duo comprised of fine botanical essences and high-quality pigments with a finely-milled luminescent blended throughout. Available in two lovely colorways (Quartz Glow, a pale gold and Amber Glow, a radiant peach), these limited-edition highlighters offer a wonderful sweep of seamless radiance along the skin and can be layered for a more intense glow. Launched just in time for the warmer seasons, these beautiful highlighters are just the item to include in your summer beauty bags. 

summer fridays new lip balm cherry

The perfect remedy to sun-soaked, parched lips, Summer Fridays newest lip product is soothing common seasonal lip woes with ease. Formulated with completely vegan ingredients, this ultra-nourishing balm coats lips in a flattering wash of color while essential elements of shea and murumuru seed butters condition and heal suffering lip states. Currently available in 6 irresistible shades, it's understandable why this fan-favorite product is flying off shelves. Thankfully, the experts at Summer Fridays are not only keeping up with demand but have added a new enticing shade to the range, Cherry, a delicious edition illustrating the sweet characteristics of the actual fruit. 

laura mercier new flawless foundation

A leader in the cosmetics industry, Laura Mercier has consistently offered a range of delightful foundation blends that veil the skin with effortless application. The brand's most recent foundation launch, the Real Flawless Weightless Perfecting Foundation features a lightweight, vegan blend which seamlessly provides a lasting (12hrs) natural finish on the skin. The blurring qualities of bamboo silk powders with high-resolution pigments create a optimal blend which evens the skin without added shine and cakey textures while beneficial antioxidants fortify the skin against common seasonal stressors. Best of all, this waterproof, buildable formula is an ideal complexion product for the summer months when skin tends to crave more breathable, weightless cosmetics that can withstand the heat. 

chantecaille new summer collection bronzer

A brand which is proudly rooted in philanthropic efforts supporting wildlife, Chanetecaille has steadily remained a brand committed to formulating products with the healing powers of botanicals and scientifically-backed powerhouse ingredients. In an exciting update, this year's limited-edition summer collection is all about capturing the glowing essence of the season and leaning into luminous bronzed beauty. A comprehensive 11-piece range, this summer-friendly collection consists of carefully crafted skincare and cosmetics that offer sun-protection, skin-boosting creams and an array of lustrous fresh color cosmetics that are made to highlight one's natural features with a beautiful bronzed glow. 

Editor's Favorite: The Real Bronze Bronzer is a lovely blend that warms the skin without the artificial muddy coloring seen with more matte bronzing products. Best of all, the radiant formulation leaves a sun-kissed, natural finish on the skin while the subtle sheen leaves skin looking fresh and healthy. 

new jason wu beauty lip plumper

A brand with an impressive range of high-quality offerings in both cosmetics and skincare, Jason Wu Beauty regularly presents exceptional makeup bag staples at modest price points. The brand's latest addition is a truly unique lip care option which conditions and soothes the lips while an providing an exciting boost of pout fullness. The Tint It Oil It Plump It formula features a potent blend of nourishing and rejuvenating oils (Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil) with Shea Butter which flood the lips with much needed moisture while a signature element (Maxi-Lip) goes to work on creating a more voluminous effect on the lips in a single swipe. Currently featured in 3-flattering shades, this notable new lip oil is sure to upgrade your lip hydrating routine. 

A Restorative Lip Reset with Typology Paris

Friday, August 4, 2023

typology paris lip mask

As we transition throughout seasons, our most delicate facial areas crave a restorative reset. Like the eye area, the lips tend to be far more delicate and fragile than the skin on the body and require a more attentive and targeted care strategy. Taking this concern into consideration and prioritizing lip care in an innovative fashion, luxury French skincare range Typology Paris has launched a unique lip-centric product aiming to restore and strengthen this delicate and often forgotten about area with ease. Read on to learn how this potent new launch is elevating lip health, expanding Typology's take on lip care and how it'll ultimately create softer, fuller, healthy lips. 

typology paris lip peel

RESURFACING LIP PEEL // AHA & Pomegranate Enzyme 
The newest addition in their lip care assortment, this advanced Lip Peel is formulated with pomegranate extracts and AHA (Mandelic acid), an effective and complimentary pairing of exfoliating agents that gently rid the lips of dead cells in a manner unlike traditional granular lip scrubs. Additionally, lips are highly vulnerable to environmental factors which are compounded during seasonal shifts when lips are more susceptible to overall health interruptions such as moisture-loss and textural changes leaving them in a more fragile, rough state. This naturally-derived lip peel not only adequately remedies these common lip concerns but does so in a non-abrasive manner that limits further damage to this already sensitive area. The result is a more nourished, smoothed and supple pout that serves as the perfect canvas for tinted lip products. 

typology paris lip mask

REPARING LIP MASK // Ceramides & Hyaluronic Acid
A decadent lip mask that drenches the lips in a veil of  ultra-hydrating and soothing ingredients, this targeted blend instantly goes to work on reviving damaged lips whilst protecting its barrier and maintaining moisture retention. Rich in hyaluronic acid, a star skincare component, this fortified substance protects the lips from further loss of moisture while it's hydrating elements keep the lips conditioned. Best of all, the reparative qualities of this acid in tandem with reinforcing ceramides aids in the softening and reduction of fine lines along the lips. The inclusion of mango butter (essential fatty acid), amplifies the healing components of the mask and creates a protective barrier that prevents additional damage or dehydration. A single use leaves the lips in a healthy, ultra-smooth state that will advance the overall state of the lips with continued use. 

Typology Paris heavily prioritizes the healing and hydrating needs of the lips and works towards creating beneficial products with essential and naturally-sourced ingredients that truly heal and restore the state of lips. An ideal representation of quality over quantity, this impressive brand continues to craft potent blends of substance that offer genuinely successful results. 

The ATB Perfect Ten // Jan 2023

Tuesday, March 28, 2023



Summer Friday  Light Aura Vitamin C + Peptide Eye Cream

Have had this Vitamin C-laden eye cream sitting in my test pile for quite a while and dove right into it the moment my current option finished. A tiny but mighty skin wonder, this petite jar houses a potent pale orange-toned cream that has not only kept my under eye area hydrated but has revived the previous  dullness whilst providing some noticeable brightening along this sensitive area.

Perhaps the most aesthetically designed toner, Freck Cactus Water is far more than what meets the eye. The true value of the product lies in the water-like content sitting within the sleek bottle. Comprised of veggie and plant extracts (kelp and cactus), this hydrating toner has visibly evened out my skin while keeping it balanced (goodbye dead skin cells!) in this season's cool weather. 

Swapping my ultra-loved REN brightening toner for this BHA option, Algenist is proving to be a strong contender in my current routine. Keeping breakouts and blackheads at bay, my skin is not only tolerating this clarifying and exfoliating toner exceptionally well but its congestion-preventing qualities are keeping my skin healthy and supple.

A long adored product in my beauty arsenal, this rich priming and moisturizing hybrid product is one I reach for often during the cooler months. Abundant in hydrating hyaluronic acid and squalane (anti-inflammatory) with conditioning vitamins (C, E and B), this rich yet non-greasy moisturizer is the perfect companion to any complexion cosmetic. Keeping my skin adequately hydrated in the season's signature chill whilst creating an ideal canvas for foundation, this best-seller has been an incredible addition to my fall/winter beauty routine. 

Enhanced by Vitamin E, this fortified Vitamin C Serum really goes to work on boosting the radiance in skin and improving overall texture and tone. Now on my second bottle of this wonder serum, I can really speak to the quality and efficacy of this product. My skin has truly become brighter with use and the texture woes settle and smooth. An absolute winner in this skincare category.


Wowza, a mainstay in my beauty bag, this classic bronzing powder will always find a prime spot in my beauty drawer. Offering a perfect wash of bronze color, this summery product seamlessly warms up my complexion without the blotchy application often seen with cream or thicker bronzing powders. During the winter, I tend to crave extra warmth and this iconic Nars product wonderfully does the trick.

Infusing skin nourishing ingredients like Avocado Oil and Mango Butter, this teeny color stick is a purse-friendly product that offers a soft flush of color on-the-go. A favorite for when I want a touch up or add an extra boost of color, this unfussy cream formulation effortlessly blends onto the cheeks and lips without any harsh lines. During the winter season, I find myself reaching for color products that liven up my pale cold-weather skin. 

Never did I think a foundation could replace my love for Estee Lauder Double Wear but this fresh, sunscreen formulated blend did the impossible. A feathery, semi-matte foundation, Very Valentino offers the perfect veil of color without masking my natural skin's texture with a breathable finish. Best of all, his light yet buildable medium-coverage foundation stays put on my busiest days and looks lovely at any hour. Very interested to see how it lasts on the skin during the summer months. Stay tuned. 


With an uptick in frigid weather, my scalp is suffering in more ways than one and this Fable & Mane Scalp Scrub gives it both a much needed reset and squeaky clean finish. From product buildup to winter weather trauma, the unique blend of this scrub (Pink Himalayan Salt, Wild Ginger) effectively tackles the buildup sitting on my scalp, cleanses the surface while simulating my hair follicles and ultimately leaves my scalp in a more healthy and nourished state. My secret weapon to more purified and rejuvenated scalp, Fable & Mane SahaScalp range is the perfect remedy and treatment for healthy hair at the roots.


As an ultimate mix master with my personal fragrance choices, I just love a deluxe collection of scents that can be layered and paired to one's unique preferences. This wonderful discovery set of iconic Jo Malone fragrances was gifted to me months prior and I have since had an absolute blast blending and spritzing different scents together for a more tailored scent experience. I would highly recommend this set for any fragrance lover who not only wants an introduction to the brand but one who enjoys a variety of scent profiles from this incredible fragrance house. 

Best Findings Across Beauty, Hair and Skin in 2022

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

When looking back at the past year, I've had the opportunity to not only try new products but also have been introduced to new brands that have become fast favorites. While some fell below expectations others flourished and slowly became my most reached for products of 2022. From hair to skin and an array of cosmetics in between, this year proved to be one filled with products featuring innovative formulations, restorative qualities and many providing elegant beauty upgrades. 

Read on to discover this year's comprehensive cut of standout products and remarkable items that have enhanced my beauty routine across all areas of attention. 

2022 best beauty products


2022 best skincare products

2022 best haircare products


2022 best bodycare products

Estee Lauder | Youth Dew 
Jo Malone | Soap Bar (Red Roses) 

An Elevated Wellness Experience at The Park Terrace Hotel

Thursday, February 9, 2023

yoga at the park terrace hotel

A fresh year invites the opportunity to reevaluate goals and aspirations. For most, health and wellness are often found on the tippy top of this list however implementing these goals may seem a bit daunting. Good health is often a comprehensive effort which extends beyond simple fitness targets and values a balance between the mind and body. Thankfully, the Park Terrace Hotel is simplifying these aims with their new Wellness Package which highlights a variety of experiences that nourish the mind, body and soul. Keep reading to discover the remarkable elements of this unique program and how it can elevate your wellness journey in 2023.

park terrace hotel ritual of jing

Taking a multitiered approach to wellness, the Park Terrace Hotel has crafted a carefully planned package that lends to every aspect of one's wellbeing through impactful services. During an overnight stay, an individual can partake in a centering set of activations that can be modified to one's unique needs. Prior to diving into the thrilling physical aspects of this trip, guests are invited to settle in and unwind in one of Park Terrace Hotel's signature rooms. These elegantly designed spaces feature all the premium needs one requires for a rejuvenating escape which are all elevated by eye-catching views of the city. Best of all, guests of the wellness package are treated to luxurious in-room amenities including products from the Ritual of Jing Collection by Rituals. This sleep-supporting aromatherapy range features healing ingredients (Jujube) and fragrant botanicals (Lotus, Lavender) which enhance serenity and promote a more peaceful state of rest. Best used in a pre-slumber routine, the pleasant scent profile of Ritual of Jing has the power to transport one to more tranquil mindset by creating a calming and soothing atmosphere. With such a comforting ambiance, a night of undisturbed, deep shut-eye is sure to be achieved.

Once refreshed, a visitor can kick off this special journey with an adrenaline boost at their state-of-the-art fitness center. A sleek space that hosts heart rate-charging classes by renowned instructors and a collection of Peloton bikes with various open equipment for individual cardio sessions. 

eric mosley yoga

Alternatively, one can opt to move the body through a fulfilling yoga experience with acclaimed NYC yoga instructor and mediation expert, Eric Mosley. Whether it's a class or a one-on-one session, Eric's calming demeanor and welcoming tone makes both novices and experts of the craft feel at ease throughout every yoga class. A truly worthwhile fitness event, Eric leads with intention and concentrates on movement through engagement that feels comfortable to every individual in attendance. Heading the class in a meditative fashion, he highlights the need for centering the body with one's mental state through specific movements that ultimately nourish one's personal needs. 

Visitors of  Eric's exclusive yoga experience are certain to leave in a more serene and complete state as his attentive teaching methods allow attendees to really engage and release any tensions they may have entered with. Helping client's gain the most of each step with simple, tailored modifications and soothing breathing patterns, Eric creates a meaningful experience that feels both organic and mood boosting. 

An exceptional encounter that results in peak relaxation, a yoga class with elite instructor Eric Mosley is not to be missed whilst visiting the Park Terrace Hotel. Once physical health is adequately satisfied, the hotel's luxurious facilities allow one to further unwind in their deluxe sauna space. 

wellness at park terrace hotel

Perhaps the most exciting offering of the hotel's impressive wellness package is a 90-minute Hypnotherapy session with HMI Certified Hypnotherapist Ginger Gibson. Amplifying relaxation and heightened awareness through guided concentration, this therapeutic practice marvelously opens the mind and allows one to turn inwards and discover themselves with a fresh, distraction-free perspective. Ginger's expert skills helps client's maximize on this exclusive and valuable experience through a calming method which help individual's better understand themselves whilst gaining greater control over their own psychological state. 

With a radiant disposition, one cannot help but feel at great ease and delight in Ginger's company. Expressing such welcoming qualities in addition to her certified expertise, a hypnotherapy session lead by Ginger can broaden the mind beyond the current position and help reevaluate both general needs and specific concerns. While some remain unfamiliar with this beneficial practice, Ginger ensures that all who sit with her in session are treated to a powerful, stress-reducing and healing experience that results in a more confident and positive sense of self.  

yoga at park terrace hotel

With such an exceptional and thorough wellness package, the Park Terrace Hotel is helping their visitors achieve the greatest state of wellbeing in 2023. Whether you're looking to recharge with high-impact fitness courses or seeking a more relaxed revision to daily living, the Park Terrace Hotel is the prime place to attain such goals. 



Founder of Black Mat Yoga // lululemon Ambassador 
Renowned Yoga and Meditation Expert who has taught extensively in various professional spaces/studios as well as the wildly popular streaming workout platform, lululemon Studio Mirror

HMI Certified, Expert Celebrity Hypnotherapist // Founder of
With a global, age-inclusive clientele Ginger Gibson, a member of the American Hypnosis Association, has counseled many individuals with various conditions and continues to practice in-person at various locations - presently at the Park Terrace Hotel
Book Dates: 12/1/2022-12/31/2023
Stay Dates: 12/7/2022-12/31/2023

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