5 Street Chic Ways to Style a Scarf For Winter

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

I get it, it's pretty hard to look chic in winter. With a typical winter wardrobe consisting of bulky coats, heavy knits and layering up like a crepe cake, warmth often times trumps style. We may feel cozy with our coats buttoned and zipped to the tippy top but end up feeling more like fluffy marshmallows with legs. Thankfully, winter accessories, especially scarves, help jazz up our weighty outerwear with a punch of color and style. As one of my favorite year-round accessories, here are five street chic approaches to styling a scarf this winter.  

Vibrant Tones
Perhaps my favorite type of scarf to wear, boldly colored silk scarves in eye-catching patterns offer an elegant and chic accent to a multitude of looks. Color is often reserved for warmer months and is shied away from during the winter season. Breaking the mold and opting for a poppy silk scarf not only helps break up a muted winter ensemble or outerwear, but provides an elegant element to bulkier styles. Silk provides warmth without weight and looks lovely wrapped classically around the neck. 

Tonal Print 
If you enjoy the fabric and feel of silk but are not yet ready to jump into full color, try reaching for a silk scarf with a print in complimentary tones to your wardrobe or coat. Slinging the scarf around your neck without traditionally wrapping around allows the colors and print to peek through from under the coat and offers a chic accent without creating too much of a competing contrast. I like to diagonally fold in half with the pointed triangle falling towards back and the tapered tails fall in the front which creates a more elongated look. 

Classic Wool Styles 
Perhaps the most common style in our winter wardrobes, rectangular wool scarves are a standard warm accessory that doesn't require much effort. Elevating this seasonal classic with a belt gives a more polished appearance. Whether your belting your favorite wool scarf over a knit dress or coat, this style draws the eye to the waist and creates a flattering shape and dimension to your overall look. Opting for a belt with a fancy buckle in a sturdy metal (brass/silver) further upgrades this simple styling tip. 

Faux Fur Accents
While fur garments and accessories look and feel luxurious, many brands are designing beautiful faux alternatives which are both ethical and modestly priced. A great way to dip your toes in this faux trend is by trying a stole or scarf with your choice of outerwear. Due to their voluminous quality and stiffer design, tucking a faux fur scarf under the tie sash of your coat or favorite belt helps keep this chic accessory in place while giving a slimming look.  

The extravagant quality of cashmere makes it the reigning champion of cold weather garments and stylish extras. A beautifully soft and lasting fabric, cashmere shawls and scarves make excellent wardrobe staples. These versatile pieces can be effortlessly worn but experimenting with fresh wrapping and tying techniques can offer a new perspective to this classic style. Whether it be a half or full large bow design, tying your cashmere favorite in an eye-catching fashion can offer a whimsical feature to your winter look without sacrificing warmth.  

How to Get The Look 
Classic Wrap 
Begin with a square silk scarf. Take one corner and bring to the opposite corner, folding into a symmetrical diagonal triangle. Holding the two corners on the folded edge, bring the scarf up to the neck. Tie the scarf once at the back, comfortably securing at the neck - the scarf should appear with the pointed portion of the triangle in the front . Once tied, bring the two tails to the the front and knot twice in the front to match the point. 

To achieve a more voluminous wrap, follow the steps above but instead of working with the triangle we will create a neat pointless shape. Simply fold the point inwards towards the end, creating a lengthy rectangular scarf with pointed tails. Follow above and knot off-center in the front for a chic look. 

Large Bow 
Gather large scarf or shawl evenly at the middle and hang around neck. Neatly tie once in front and continue into clean bow. Adjust tie and tails to symmetrically sit at the neckline of the coat and make sure the tie is secure. To finish, fluff the bow's curves to accentuate the design. 

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