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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The perk of working in beauty is getting the chance to test out a multitude of products.  From cosmetics to skincare and everything in between, my poor skin is sometimes but through the wringer. My skin tends to be on the sensitive side and when I find a product that cooperates with it, it’s a certified winner! To keep my skin in tiptop shape, I’ve tried a plethora of brands and products with weak results and have finally found the answer to beautiful, revived, healthy skin—GOLDFADEN MD.

Being a scrub junkie, I couldn’t wait to get my hands around a jar of GF’s Doctor’s Scrub! My first spin with this exfoliator was all it took to get hooked. Made with perfectly round ruby crystals and a pleasant, refreshing scent, my skin truly felt cleaner and super soft with this scrub. After using it now for a full month, my skin looks brighter, more even and clear! Pesky scarring left from old blemishes has also lightened.  While most scrubs strip the skin of moisture and leaves it feeling tight and dry, Doctor’s Scrub keeps skin hydrated and glowing all while getting rid of dead, dry skin – a problem I suffer with lots in the colder months. It really is a dream in a jar.

The folks at GF really got this one right. I’ve looked high and low for a daily moisturizer that doesn’t leave my face greasy and really hydrates my skin. Vital boost sinks in and primes my skin perfectly for a flawless foundation application. Like the scrub, this has also worked in the process of evening out my skin tone and rejuvenated the overall appearance and texture of it.  This moisturizer is like silk on skin and keeps my makeup from sliding off my face midday. In LOVE with this!

We all could benefit from a little more sleep in our lives, but who has the time? From work to school and every daily activity in between, our skin begins to really suffer, especially the delicate skin under our eyes. After taking off the brightening concealer hiding my dark under eye circles, it really became evident that I needed to give my under eyes a little TLC. It was no surprise that I turned to Bright Eyes. And boy did it do exactly what it says! It lightened up my Herman Munster dark circles and reduced my puffiness.

I am truly obsessed with the quality of this skincare line and how well it responded to my skin. 
I’ve officially have my sister’s hooked to it as well!

Give GOLDFADEN MD a go and tell me how you like it! 

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