The Perfect Skin Base: Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

Friday, December 4, 2015

Finding a perfect foundation is easily one of the toughest and most time consuming cosmetic tasks you'll ever experience. From color to formulation and every other unique concern in between, finding your ideal skin base is not as easy as it may seem. 

With so many different foundations currently on the market, this dizzying pool of options becomes clearer if you understand your own specific needs. While a superstar product may be boasted by your favorite beauty youtuber or blogger, it may not be the best for you. Once you've understood your own skin, alone or with the help of a professional, you'll be closer to finding the perfect skin base that best suits you. Skin type, texture, desired coverage and finish are the main concerns one needs to take into account when shopping for a foundation. 

These major concerns are the exact factors expert Prescriptives Custom Blend Beauty Geniuses (CBBG) look into when creating your unique foundation. I had the opportunity to have a digital meeting with my fabulous (and very intelligent!) CBBG, Erica. Upon providing a picture of my bare face in natural light (a crucial factor in picking up your actual skin tone/coloring), we got to chatting about my skin concerns. 

I've always liked medium to full coverage foundations that aren't too heavy and provide a matte finish. While many foundations fit that very description, often times many of these tend to oxidize on me throughout the day. This leaves my face a good shade or two darker than my actual skin tone, which is terrible and looks awful. *tomato face* 

If that's not troubling enough, SO many brands shy away from offering foundations with yellow undertones. I can't tell you how many lovely foundations I've tired where I needed another shade to even out the tones. 

Thankfully, Erica noted every single one of my concerns and blended my perfect foundation while we chatted up foundations. 
Here are some of the major noteworthy tips from our conversation: 

*Oilier Skin Types: for a longer lasting and nicer overall look stick to matter finishes. Anything with sheen or a dewy finish will only further highlight the troubling aspect of your skin and will slide right off your face by end of day (or even start to breakdown within the hour) 

*SPF: while a great factor to add to to foundation, this is the exact thing that is making the product oxidize 

*Finding the Perfect Color: to get a true color match to your actual skin tone, swatch three colors along your jawline and neck in natural light (if possible). Erica noted that she take's all her clients at her  CB counter outside to get the best look at shades. A foolproof trick that will get you the best match every time

*Application: foundation application is not just for your face. Pull it down to your neck and ears as well, especially if you're wearing your hair up. It will give you a perfect, seamless look 

Anyone can walk up to a Prescriptives beauty counter and schedule a one-one-one session with a CBBG and you too can experience an eye-opening meeting that'll leave you with the perfect skin base you've been wanting for what seems like ages. Also you don't only have to be a fan of liquids, Prescriptives offers a powder in your exact shade as well. 

With the holidays right around the corner, I'm sure your social calendar is filling up quickly with fun events. Now is the perfect time to walk  run to your nearest department store and schedule your Custom Blend Foundation meeting with a Prescriptives CBBG. Don't have the time to head out, enjoy the digital Custom Blend experience from the comfort of your home, a PX Beauty Genius will help you find your perfect shade at a time best suited for you (please be aware of session hours).  

Who wouldn't want the gift of flawless skin for the new year? 

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