Florasis Redefines Opulence Through Elevated Cosmetics

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

chinese beauty brand florasis

If you frequent the social media accounts of top international makeup artists and industry connoisseurs, you may have seen the ultra-luxurious palettes by Florasis featured in their attractive creations. A leading Chinese beauty brand, Florasis uniquely blends the abundance of Chinese beauty traditions with their vast arts and culture into remarkable cosmetics that not only visually stun but offer an outstanding quality of color. Read on as I dive into the extravagant world of Florasis and how the brand is redefining opulence through color cosmetics, beauty and presentation. 

Dreamed up from the mind of one formally educated in landscape architecture design, the founder of Florasis blended a passion for botanicals and Chinese arts with fine beauty experience to create this unique beauty brand. Founded in 2017 by the naturally striking and inspiration-rich West Lake region in Hangzhou, China, every component of Florasis is steeped in the historic beauty of Chinese culture and arts. After densely researching centuries-old documents and tomes detailing the beauty traditions of this Asian society, the attention to floral and herbal ingredients was very apparent. With the knowledge of these nature-powered beauty adornments, the team sought to bring these magnificent recipes into the modern era charged by innovation and design. The result is a beauty range like no other which vividly depicts Chinese heritage with contemporary formulation. 

Before one even dips into their almost-velvety powder cosmetics, the remarkable designs emphasized in every Florasis product speaks volumes. When developing this unique line, design was a crucial factor for the brand and the founding team were sure to infuse Chinese traditions through specific ingredients as well as other key components of presentation. The exquisite design elements feature intricate embossed imagery of cultural symbolism like the graceful and elegant peacock, a prominent symbol of the Dai people of China. From their beautiful palettes to their lipsticks, each artistic arrangement is thoughtfully crafted in every aspect. From packaging to product patterns and materials, an opulent tone is woven throughout the range which extends to the overall quality of each product. A premium cosmetic, Florasis products are true piece of  impressive art worthy of a prime spot on any vanity. 

In addition to being visually stunning, Florasis offers a comprehensive range covering all of one's cosmetic needs. The ever-growing collection features eye-catching, boldly hued palettes as well as a set of sophisticated shades for the face and lips. The carefully chosen colors throughout the line encourages the creation of varying looks ranging in intensity and style. 

florasis eyeshadow palette

With each inspired by an enchanting myth or cultural folktale, the meticulously designed patterns on each product spotlights elements of these poetic stories, further accentuating the roots of this brand. Their best-selling Floral Engraving Phoenix Palette offers an ornate arrangement of powder shades with stunning etched details highlighting the "All Birds Pay Homage to the Phoenix" myth. Much like the fine silky powdered shadow formulation evident in this palette, the powder products present throughout this collection are of the highest quality and sit beautifully on the skin. 
florasis translucent powder

florasis blossom lipstick

Whether you're looking to dress your eyes, lips or skin in a veil of color, Florasis has you covered with their impressive product catalog. Issued in both a classic satin-finish lipstick (Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick) and liquid option (Blooming Rouge Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick), the lip options extend from neutral tones to punchy rouges, all of which apply comfortably on the lips. Finish off your makeup with their signature Fairy Peach Blossom Ultra-light Setting Powder, a finely-milled translucent powder that seamlessly sets your foundation with a soft-focus, airbrushed finish. 


A beautiful merging of magnificent Chinese culture with modern beauty, Florasis is an impeccable C-Beauty brand with one-of-a-kind factors. With an exciting entry to the American market, this extravagant line offers a unique touch to this ever-evolving market while being a beautiful celebration of Chinese traditions. 

top c-beauty brand florasis


Bouclème Launches Limited-Edition Collaboration with Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Monday, November 7, 2022

Bouclème x Preen by Thornton Pregazzi Scarf

In an exciting collaboration right in time for the holiday season, Bouclème, a clean, plant-powered curly haircare brand founded by Michele Scott-Lynch is partnering with celebrity-favorite Preen by Thornton Bregazzi to launch an ultra-chic multiuse accessory to sport year-round. The star piece is a stylish scarf featuring a reimagined take on the English fashion house's "Electric Bloom" pattern illustrating a fanciful floral design with contemporary elements. 

Signature to the brand's romantic tone, the modern floral pattern dazzles in a bold blue hue that sits against a soft pink background. This fashionable yet functional accessory launch spotlights curly-haired individuals and offers a stylish option to dress up an array of beautifully curled hairstyles and more with ease and elegance. Whether one opts to frame their curls with a classic headband wrap or chooses to weave this vivid scarf into a chic braided style, the ways to wear this polished accessory are truly endless. An expert in curls, Bouclème founder Michele often struggled with finding hair accessories and sought to create a fun piece that not only served the curly hair community but one that could be enjoyed by all. "I use a scarf in so many ways from wrapping my hair at night to tying my curls up. Working with Preen meant we produced something that everyone could use," says Michele. 

Bouclème x Preen by Thornton Bregazzi scarf launch

Best of all, elevate your chosen hairstyle with Bouclème Super Hold Styler, a premium styling product which makes for an ideal companion to this hair accessory. A lightweight gel gets to work on defining curls while adding a dose of moisture, this brand favorite delivers major lasting power that won't breakdown throughout the day. Highlighting a Bouclème-charged hairstyle with their fresh limited-edition scarf makes for an eye-catching, unique look that is sure to impress. 

When creating this stylish accessory, Michele certainly had purpose and gifting in mind. "We wanted to partner with Preen to produce something super cool for Christmas that wasn’t just the usual seasonal gift set," explains Michele, "Why just limit to curls when you can wrap gifts in the scarf or even make it a gorgeous necktie.”

Bouclème x Preen by Thornton Bregazzi scarf styling

She encourages one to image this elegant scarf beyond the measures of a hair accessory. This unique piece can be added to favorite bag or wrapped around your wrist or waist for an attractive accent. Its lightweight fabric and generous cut allows it to be manipulated in beautiful designs like bows and twists for added dimension and flair. 


A limited-edition launch to get all buzzing in excitement, be sure to shop this wonderful launch exclusively on boucleme.us on Monday, November 7th, 2022. 


A Mesmerizing Holiday Gifting Experience with Rituals

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Rituals Holiday Collection 2022

The holiday season is a significant time of year which evokes feelings of gratitude, immense joy and a desire to express appreciation through the thoughtful act of gifting. Though, with such a dizzying display of choices, finding an ideal gift can often times become a tricky task. Thankfully, Rituals, a luxurious beauty brand focusing on fine fragrance, has streamlined the gift-giving process by launching a carefully curated holiday collection that is sure to impress in more ways than one. Read on to discover the mesmerizing Rituals 2022 holiday launch and how this mindful range is creating a memorable gift experience in multifaceted ways. 

Infinitely inspired by the centuries-old traditions of Asian cultures, Rituals turned to Japan for this year's holiday collection. With a mindful focus on the Japanese art of origami and expanding on the culture's approach to gifting with an emphasis on presentation, this year's ready-to-gift sets beautifully illustrate these traditions in marvelous fashion. Each gift set is meticulously wrapped in the layered, folded method of this art with elegant hints of Rituals signature design elements. With such an ornate origami-inspired wrapping technique, this year's modern sets offer a sophisticated presentation that is sure to create a lovely gifting moment. 

While the wrapping is enough to wow the receiver, the luxurious Rituals body & home items are all housed within reusable, keepsake gift boxes that offer an extra aspect of surprise to this unique gift. Each set features a thorough assortment of products in some of the brand's signature scents like Ayurveda, Sakura and Karma as well as two premium holiday additions (Sweet Jasmine, Savage Garden) for the more fancy personalities on your list. Best of all, every component of these unique sets are composed of environmentally-conscious materials. 

rituals Ayurveda gift set and karma gift set

While remaining a luxury brand, Rituals is deeply passionate about formulating and offering their expertly-blended signature products in the most sustainable measures. Steeped in their brand philosophy, Rituals brings sustainability to the forefront by consistently evolving and finding modern ways to upgrade their packaging and practices with conscious solutions. As recognized in this year's holiday collection, the brand chose to assemble this impressive curation with a range of recyclable materials without sacrificing their trademark luxurious essence. The paper used in this seasonal launch is FSC certified as well as including a minimal use of rPET (highly recyclable plastic) design components. Excitingly, previously used ribbon finishes are replaced with more environmentally-responsible alternatives like paper closers with metals seals which offer a refined and polished touch to their packaging. 

Highly valuing the importance of sustainability and the results of such practices on our lands, Rituals continues to make an effective change through informed choices which helped them attain their new B Corp status and remain committed to reducing their carbon foot print by half per product by the year 2030. With such a path, the brand hopes to achieve Net-Zero by 2050.  

Amplifying their goals and commitments towards a more clean planet, Rituals has made their greatest sustainable efforts yet with this holiday collection. This moving effort was implemented by choosing environmentally-mindful alternatives in every aspect from product formulation to design. 

savage garden gift set rituals

Perhaps the most coveted gift of the holiday season, the 2022 Advent Calendar is a grand item of wonder exquisitely blending holiday charm with the best of the brand through a fresh innovative design. Unlike traditional advent calendars, this ornate and striking 3D calendar can serve as a piece of holiday decoration while sparking joy via a daily treat. Fully equipped with a string of lights, this modern, eye-catching  calendar is true feast for the eyes and spirit. Sparkling in every aspect, this reimagined seasonal delight encourages one to indulge in the best aspects of this giving season without breaking the bank. Containing $213.50 worth of lush surprises, this $125 sumptuous decorative gift gives far beyond its initial reception. Reserved for those on the tippy top of your gift list, there's no better way to dazzle this special person than with the lasting gift of the Ritual of Advent 2022. 


From sophisticated design elements to the fine points of quality and their signature excellence, Rituals has truly perfected the art of gifting with this year's impressive and swoon-worthy holiday collection. Stand out from the ordinary this festive season by discovering the magic of giving the Rituals way, one which is rooted in luxury and driven by improving our world through effective sustainable efforts. 

2022 rituals advent calendar

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