Top Moisturizing Solutions for Dry Hands

Monday, February 22, 2021

With our new ultra-careful reality encouraging frequent hand washing and sanitizing, it's no surprise that the condition of our hands is starting to suffer. While promoting safety and keeping harmful germs at bay, hand cleansing practices are depriving our hands and cuticles of moisture and leaving them in a vulnerable heath. Coupling this with bitterly frigid temperatures creates a detrimental situation that screams for repair and restoration. Reviving dry, battered hands doesn't require a handful of steps or products, but rather a succinct strategy that should be consistently followed.   

Dry hands not only look rough but feel uncomfortable as cracking and small cuts become more common in weak, moistureless skin. The easiest, fool-proof way to tackle dry hands instantly is a creamy, dreamy, ultra-moisturizing hand cream. While a wealth of small, bag-friendly hand creams line store shelves, this is the time to get smart with your choice and opt for one with impactful ingredients. Skylar Renewing Hand Cream, is formulated with hyaluronic acid (HA), the superstar skin-plumping ingredient which amplifies hydration. Beneficial anti-aging peptides, which work beautifully with HA, help this product work overtime to protect hands while healing agents like vitamin E an coconut oil provide lasting hydration and restore elasticity. Best of all, this non-greasy concoction's subtle scent will keep you in an island state of mind in our winter reality. 

To maximize on hydration, seek a mask treatment providing a 360-degree healing approach. Overall hand health is vital as tricky areas like cuticles and  delicate skin between fingers is often overlooked. Nourishing masks like Patchology Perfect Ten Self-Warming Hand and Cuticle Mask uniquely charges up by natural body heat and quickly gets to work on dry, suffering areas. This at-home, 10-min glove mask mimics a luxurious spa-like experience while remedying overly dry hands. A rose and coconut oil blend soothes and softens with macadamia nut oil protecting against further damage. This comprehensive buttery soft solution is the perfect hand reviving treatment to use weekly.

When giving attention to the hands, its important to highlight the cuticles. With over-sanitizing stripping the skin of moisture, the cuticles become overwhelmed and dry out to the point of harsh, painful cracking. Now is the time to embrace natural nails with an enhanced focus on cuticle health and strong natural nails. Bare Hands The Dry Gloss Manicure takes a luxe approach to maintaining natural nails by concentrating on improving cuticles with a protective oil and a unique nail tool  which helps achieve a glossy nail texture. Nourished, natural nails not only gives nail beds a break from high-maintenance polish but bolsters long-term healing. This simple yet effective set features a chic, fortified buffing plate that unites nail keratin resulting in an impressive week-long, high gloss finish. Top off this therapeutic nail treatment by drenching cuticles in a potent, comforting oil consisting of various fruit and essential oils. 

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