Dial a Dilemma: Lackluster Winter Skin Rescue

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Winter is certainly a tricky season for skin as it is forced to adjust to extreme competing temperatures. Cool winter air coupled with the dry conditions caused by indoor heating leads to overly dry, lackluster skin. Rather than loading up on highlighting cosmetics, focus on the actual condition of skin, what it's lacking and how to repair these concerns. 

How do I restore my skin's radiance during the winter?

Unsurprisingly, skin appears more stripped and dull during the cool months and remedying such an issue simply lies in strengthening the skin, more specifically the skin's barrier and diminishing loss of water (moisture) throughout. Epidermal water loss leads to a flakey, drier state of skin and can also cause unsightly redness.

Angela Caglia SoufflĂ© Moisturizer is the ideal one-step solution as it precisely tackles this vital concern while a potent blend of effective ingredients work towards soothing and softening the skin. What makes this special product stand apart from the rest is its use of a unique patent-pending Lipid-Lock technology which expertly uses essential fatty acids to diminish trans-epidermal water loss throughout with intense hydration. 

While this exclusive technology solely makes this twice-a-day, lightweight moisturizer a skincare necessity, it is the overall vitamin and antioxidant-rich formulation that truly transforms skin. Meadowfoam Seed Oil, an exceptional, deeply moisturizing component that mimics the skin's own oils which ultimately balances the skin is the lead ingredient in this daily skin wonder. With extended use, this healing and luxurious blend will not only rejuvenate the skin but will work towards softening fine lines, intensely hydrate parched, dry areas and help achieve optimal skin health. 


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