Florasis Redefines Opulence Through Elevated Cosmetics

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

chinese beauty brand florasis

If you frequent the social media accounts of top international makeup artists and industry connoisseurs, you may have seen the ultra-luxurious palettes by Florasis featured in their attractive creations. A leading Chinese beauty brand, Florasis uniquely blends the abundance of Chinese beauty traditions with their vast arts and culture into remarkable cosmetics that not only visually stun but offer an outstanding quality of color. Read on as I dive into the extravagant world of Florasis and how the brand is redefining opulence through color cosmetics, beauty and presentation. 

Dreamed up from the mind of one formally educated in landscape architecture design, the founder of Florasis blended a passion for botanicals and Chinese arts with fine beauty experience to create this unique beauty brand. Founded in 2017 by the naturally striking and inspiration-rich West Lake region in Hangzhou, China, every component of Florasis is steeped in the historic beauty of Chinese culture and arts. After densely researching centuries-old documents and tomes detailing the beauty traditions of this Asian society, the attention to floral and herbal ingredients was very apparent. With the knowledge of these nature-powered beauty adornments, the team sought to bring these magnificent recipes into the modern era charged by innovation and design. The result is a beauty range like no other which vividly depicts Chinese heritage with contemporary formulation. 

Before one even dips into their almost-velvety powder cosmetics, the remarkable designs emphasized in every Florasis product speaks volumes. When developing this unique line, design was a crucial factor for the brand and the founding team were sure to infuse Chinese traditions through specific ingredients as well as other key components of presentation. The exquisite design elements feature intricate embossed imagery of cultural symbolism like the graceful and elegant peacock, a prominent symbol of the Dai people of China. From their beautiful palettes to their lipsticks, each artistic arrangement is thoughtfully crafted in every aspect. From packaging to product patterns and materials, an opulent tone is woven throughout the range which extends to the overall quality of each product. A premium cosmetic, Florasis products are true piece of  impressive art worthy of a prime spot on any vanity. 

In addition to being visually stunning, Florasis offers a comprehensive range covering all of one's cosmetic needs. The ever-growing collection features eye-catching, boldly hued palettes as well as a set of sophisticated shades for the face and lips. The carefully chosen colors throughout the line encourages the creation of varying looks ranging in intensity and style. 

florasis eyeshadow palette

With each inspired by an enchanting myth or cultural folktale, the meticulously designed patterns on each product spotlights elements of these poetic stories, further accentuating the roots of this brand. Their best-selling Floral Engraving Phoenix Palette offers an ornate arrangement of powder shades with stunning etched details highlighting the "All Birds Pay Homage to the Phoenix" myth. Much like the fine silky powdered shadow formulation evident in this palette, the powder products present throughout this collection are of the highest quality and sit beautifully on the skin. 
florasis translucent powder

florasis blossom lipstick

Whether you're looking to dress your eyes, lips or skin in a veil of color, Florasis has you covered with their impressive product catalog. Issued in both a classic satin-finish lipstick (Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick) and liquid option (Blooming Rouge Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick), the lip options extend from neutral tones to punchy rouges, all of which apply comfortably on the lips. Finish off your makeup with their signature Fairy Peach Blossom Ultra-light Setting Powder, a finely-milled translucent powder that seamlessly sets your foundation with a soft-focus, airbrushed finish. 


A beautiful merging of magnificent Chinese culture with modern beauty, Florasis is an impeccable C-Beauty brand with one-of-a-kind factors. With an exciting entry to the American market, this extravagant line offers a unique touch to this ever-evolving market while being a beautiful celebration of Chinese traditions. 

top c-beauty brand florasis


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