This Plant-Based Answer to Retinol is Youth In A Bottle

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

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Since its launch, Herbivore Botanicals has transformed the scope of skincare through the power of nature. Committed to creating effective skincare formulated with naturally derived ingredients, Herbivore's sustainably driven brand offers mindful products from design to final product execution. Their gem-toned bottles housing potent blends have captivated many and their latest launch, Moon Fruit Serum, is sure to do the same. Read on to discover the impressive ways this recent brand addition is transforming aging skin. 

With so many anti-aging products on the market, Herbivore expertly formulated the secret to turning back the clock on aging through natural substances. Moon Fruit Serum is a plant-based retinol serum which works directly on the signature characteristics of aging skin and effectively diminishes the progression of these familiar signs. 

Crucial concerns like fine lines, wrinkles and uneven texturing are remedied by this potent product without any harsh effects on the skin. Those suffering with these hallmark issues of aging skin as well as acne and loss of suppleness are prime candidates of this plant-based retinol alternative as its clinically proved blend goes to work on dramatically reducing such issues while promoting a more youthful, heathy condition of skin . Due to its heavily researched non-synthetic compilation (peptides, 1% Bakuchiol, vitamin-rich super fruits), this reformative anti-aging serum offers a dramatic improvement in skin through gentle, well-tolerated ingredients which are universally suitable and safe to use while pregnant and breast feeding. 

The key to achieving lasting results and maintaining a healthy state of skin through this serum is strict consistency. Like all treatments of quality, results are seen through steady use which is even more important for a product like this as it's natural composition sometimes requires more time than its synthetic counterpart. Though more time may be needed to achieve maximum results, the improvements outweigh the treatment timeline. The best way to attain the ultimate benefits of this serum is to use it during your evening skincare routine with 1-2 pumps applied to freshly cleansed face and brought down to the neck (an often ignored section) prior to moisturizer. A prime skincare tip to lock in this powerful youth-boosting serum is using an enriched facial oil as your final skincare step. 


1% Bakuchiol // The key plant-based element currently present in the skincare industry as the most effective alternative to retinol. This remarkably researched gentle ingredient is proven to prevent fine lines and wrinkles while aiding in the recovery of elasticity, firmness and lightening of pigmentation, all commonly occurring in aging skin. 

Vitamin-Rich Natural Ingredients // Derived from a carefully chosen combination of superfruits and herbs, these contents are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, C, B5 and essential acids which are clinically proven to firm skin. 

Peptides // Naturally extracted from key plants which offer multipurpose benefits ranging from firming skin along the face and neck to tightening suffering skin areas in these targeted spaces. 

best anti aging serum


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