Bouclème Launches Limited-Edition Collaboration with Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

Monday, November 7, 2022

Bouclème x Preen by Thornton Pregazzi Scarf

In an exciting collaboration right in time for the holiday season, Bouclème, a clean, plant-powered curly haircare brand founded by Michele Scott-Lynch is partnering with celebrity-favorite Preen by Thornton Bregazzi to launch an ultra-chic multiuse accessory to sport year-round. The star piece is a stylish scarf featuring a reimagined take on the English fashion house's "Electric Bloom" pattern illustrating a fanciful floral design with contemporary elements. 

Signature to the brand's romantic tone, the modern floral pattern dazzles in a bold blue hue that sits against a soft pink background. This fashionable yet functional accessory launch spotlights curly-haired individuals and offers a stylish option to dress up an array of beautifully curled hairstyles and more with ease and elegance. Whether one opts to frame their curls with a classic headband wrap or chooses to weave this vivid scarf into a chic braided style, the ways to wear this polished accessory are truly endless. An expert in curls, Bouclème founder Michele often struggled with finding hair accessories and sought to create a fun piece that not only served the curly hair community but one that could be enjoyed by all. "I use a scarf in so many ways from wrapping my hair at night to tying my curls up. Working with Preen meant we produced something that everyone could use," says Michele. 

Bouclème x Preen by Thornton Bregazzi scarf launch

Best of all, elevate your chosen hairstyle with Bouclème Super Hold Styler, a premium styling product which makes for an ideal companion to this hair accessory. A lightweight gel gets to work on defining curls while adding a dose of moisture, this brand favorite delivers major lasting power that won't breakdown throughout the day. Highlighting a Bouclème-charged hairstyle with their fresh limited-edition scarf makes for an eye-catching, unique look that is sure to impress. 

When creating this stylish accessory, Michele certainly had purpose and gifting in mind. "We wanted to partner with Preen to produce something super cool for Christmas that wasn’t just the usual seasonal gift set," explains Michele, "Why just limit to curls when you can wrap gifts in the scarf or even make it a gorgeous necktie.”

Bouclème x Preen by Thornton Bregazzi scarf styling

She encourages one to image this elegant scarf beyond the measures of a hair accessory. This unique piece can be added to favorite bag or wrapped around your wrist or waist for an attractive accent. Its lightweight fabric and generous cut allows it to be manipulated in beautiful designs like bows and twists for added dimension and flair. 


A limited-edition launch to get all buzzing in excitement, be sure to shop this wonderful launch exclusively on on Monday, November 7th, 2022. 


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