3 Elegant Ways to Tie a Silk Neck Scarf

Monday, March 8, 2021

Luxurious. Classic. And so very CHIC.

Silk scarves will always be a favorite accessory to pull from my wardrobe. These boldly colored and pretty patterned squares instantly elevate ensembles and add a polished accent to any look. Whether it's a skinny style delicately wrapped around my wrist or a large statement piece topping off my favorite blazer, silk scarves are a wardrobe staple that remain timeless and fashionable. While I've shared smart ways to style a silk scarf in this post, the following story will highlight elegant ways to tie a neckerchief, a smaller silk scarf variety, around the neck.

Style 1 // Simple Fold Tie
1. Fold your neckerchief in half diagonally, be sure to have the pointed edge facing downwards and smooth over any ripples.
2. For the next fold, securely fold the long edge inwards half way. Be sure to keep the pointed edge free. 
3. Tightly pinch the ends of the freshly folded edge and bring the scarf to the front of the neck. Join both tails at the nape and tie once. 
4. Holding onto the knot, shift the scarf over to the right side of the neck, with the pointed edge sitting neatly at the left. Tie the knot once more for a strong tie, neatly adjusting the tapered tails over the shoulder.  

Style 2 // Double Fold Tie
1. Follow step one of the previous style. 
2. As in Style 1, the scarf will be folded inwards but this time it will be folded twice, a third of the way in each time. 
3. Now the scarf with look like a long, slim style with a pointed tip. Bring to the front of the neck, pull the two edges to the back and knot.
4. With the free tails, bring them neatly to the front and tie once more. Double knotting for a secure tie. 
5. Lastly, adjust the setting of the scarf. For this style you can keep the pointed edge centered  or placed to the side like I did below. 

Style 3 // Complete Tie  
1. Follow step 1 of Style 1
2. For this style, fold inwards from the pointed side. Pull the pointed tip up towards the long folded edge.
3. Continue folding two more times until you have a neat long, slim folded scarf. 
4. Tightly hold the ends and bring the scarf to the front of the neck, making sure it's centered. Tie once at back.
5. Bring the tails to the front, keep them aligned with the initial placement and tie twice at the center. Pull and accentuate the tails for a tidy look and make sure all the folds are properly tucked and present clean lines as seen below. 


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