Holiday Ready Hair with the New KISS Gold Edition Curling Hair Styler

Thursday, November 8, 2018

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With holiday season right around the corner, our social calendars are filling up rather quickly. With so many social commitments waiting for us in the coming weeks, planning beauty and hair looks may seem like a daunting task. I luckily found a solution to your hair worries this season and will have your tresses looking holiday ready in a flash.

I got a chance to preview KISS's newest hair tool, the Instawave 101 Automatic Curler during its press event and discovered this fancy update is the ideal item to have on hand this holiday season. This unique product is such a hair styling game changer. As a fan of glamorous, full voluminous hair, achieving this look isn't the easiest of tasks. Usually involving hot rollers, curling irons and a slew of hair products, I was shocked to see how well my hair turned out with just the Instawave.

Instawave 101 Automatic Curler
Available in both 1" and 1 1/4" barrels, the Instawave easily curls hair without clamps or extra hot bare wands. The stylish tool automatically curls hair around its pearl ceramic barrel with a simple push of a button and allows you to custom create a curled or waved look in half the time required with standard hot curl tools.

You'll definitely need a few test rounds to get comfortable with this style of curler, but once comfortable, curling will be a breeze. I loved how this chic tool waved my hair beautifully without much work. Simply weave a one inch sections of hair between the tongs and push the button in the direction you desire and watch the curler neatly spin your hair around the barrel. Its important to make sure you're always curling your hair away from your face to create that fancy, voluminous look. Best of all, the Instawave heats up to 400 degrees which allows the hair to take shape quickly without much damage. A few seconds of hold results in a perfectly smooth, shiny waves.

Glamorous Hair in Half the Time 
I headed to the event with freshly washed blown out hair. Due to prior styling, my hair was already prepped and primed with sufficient product and texture.

To create this full bodied, waved look, the stylist at the event roughly sectioned my hair and curled each section with the Instawave for a more relaxed, tousled look. The final result was effortless curled waves that went from meetings to after work events with ease without losing its shape or sheen. I did finger comb my hair to break up the curls a bit to give it a more undone look.

The entire process took about 20-25 minutes which is unbelievably quick for my hair. I know I will be relying on this wonderful product during the holidays as it makes for speedy styling and touch-ups and leaves my hair soft to the touch. Best of all, its light-weight design makes it travel-friendly which is a must for this time of year. The Instawave has become a fast favorite and will get lots of use long after the holiday season is over.

Images: Product image courtesy of KISS

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