Tuesday, September 11, 2018

 New York Fashion Week SS 2019
Designer: Michael Costello
Hair Stylist: Peter Gray
Brand: NuMe

Michael Costello's spring 2019 collection was an absolutely bohemian dream. From the beautifully flowing, vividly colored dresses to the equally brightly-hued accessories, this collections delivered high-energy dresses that screamed bold confidence with dramatic movement. While the stunning voluminous dresses and poppy tropical color palette dazzled on the runway, hair stylist Peter Gray made sure the hair look for Costello's show playfully complemented the thrilling collection in an effortless fashion. 

Using Nume's high-quality hot hair tools, Peter created a hair look displaying bohemian elements while it freely flowed with his beautifully billowy designs. When discussing his inspiration on the chosen hair look, Peter wanted the look to ultimately look uncomplicated. "The look is fun, a modern twist on the gypsy hairstyle that incorporates effortless waves and braids," said Gray. This is how he achieved this look: 

Prior to styling the hair with hot tools, each models hair was primed with NuME Hi! And Dry Blow Dry Cream. Applying the product to damp hair and allowing it to settle in for a few moments helped boost the volume of the hair while texturizing it and adding a bit of lift. 

Once prepped, the hair was sectioned into smaller, manageable divisions for drying. To get an even, smooth blowout, each section was expertly wrapped around a NuMe Ionic Round Brush and blow dried using a NuMe Technique Dryer. Each section was completely dried, starting at the roots and making sure to swiftly pull the round brush away from the hairline with each section. Before moving along to the next section, NuMe Root Werk was sprayed onto the roots for additional body and lasting volume. Once the hair was fully blow dried, NuMe Hair-Fie Ready Finishing Spray was applied to the hair for a touch of sheen, lasting hold and served as a perfect primer for curling the hair.

To style the freshly blown out tresses, the hair was once again sectioned off and curled using the NuMe Octowand 32mm barrel curling wand. As each curl was set around the wand and released, each stylist evenly recoiled each curl and clipped up each to set and cool. Once the hair was curled and set, the hair were let down and softly brushed out with a comb. For an added boho accent, small front-sections of hair were braided and delicately pulled back and pinned. 

The finished look was given yet another layer of texture by rubbing NuMe The Dry Shampoo is Everything into the hair with their hands.The effortless yet chic look was locked in with a generous spritz of NuMe Freeze Please Finishing Spray. Select models sported hair jewelry in the form of gold coins on colored thread for a gypsy element which tied in the essence of the collection.

Images courtesy of Michael Costello, Getty Images, Stephanie BC

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