Easter Nails With Jin Soon Choi

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring is finally here and we couldn’t be more happy to make the seasonal (and beauty!) shift. I find myself reaching for lighter moisturizers, poppy lip options and my favorite pastel polishes. There is something about delicate pinks and cheerful orange tones that look so perfect in the spring sunshine.

This season, nail guru Jin Soon Choi choose these tones and vibrant spring blues to create a chic manicure perfect for the Easter Holiday.

Reminiscent of Easter egg decorations, this delectable manicure offers a poppy layered look using her amazing polish range – JINsoon. With a few simple steps, this manicure maven has detailed the exact way you can recreate this festive manicure yourself.

Always begin with absolutely clean, polish free nails. File and shape nails to either a natural square or rounded shape. Buff nails if desired.

After nails have been properly shaped and cleaned, apply a coat of JINsoon Power Coat as a base. Once dried, apply JINsoon Dolly Pink to the entire nail bed.

Once nails are polished and dried, apply JINsoon Poppy Blue polish 2/3rd’s of the way from the top of the nails. Create a scalloped or curved edge at the end closer to the cuticle and fill polish to the tip.

While you can finish the look off here, Jin offers another tone of color to maximize the manicure. Grab Formula X For Sephora in Seismic and polish over the poppy blue in the same manner as the blue.

Finishing Touch
Once dried, finalized the look in a coat of JINsoon Top Gloss. This ultra-glossy, high-shine top coat will leave nails looking professional and super pretty.

Will you be trying this look for your next manicure?

Images: Courtesy of JINsoon  


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    1. I just love Jin Soon!
      Her polish range is truly to die for!

      So glad you enjoyed the post!
      Keep an eye out, I'll be posting another nail tutorial later today :)



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