5 Must Have Mascaras You Need Now

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A beautiful set of lashes perfectly frame the eyes and serve as a luxurious finishing touch to any beauty look. While Elizabeth Taylor was gifted with a natural set of  luxe lashes, many of us fake the lush lash look with a pair of falsies. No longer reserved for dramatic evening looks, false eye lashes have become a normalcy among beauty enthusiasts. However, achieving longer, fuller and more voluminous lashes can be done using the proper mascara. I've rounded up the top 5 mascaras I have loved and used time and time again -- each delivering mega volume and full lashes.

While mascara formulation is important, the wand is a major factor is achieving that neat full look. Also, no one said that its a crime to layer mascaras. If you're anything like me, you will find that layering mascaras (or any beauty product) can produce some really lovely results. I have detailed some mascaras that work well layered together below.

Benefit They're Real 
The name and packaging was enough to reel me in but boy does this mascara deliver. Those who have used it (myself included) have surely seen a great difference in lash length with this product. Offering a plastic wand of medium fullness with tiny bristles, this mascara really separates lashes and gets every little corner lash. My only concern is that it does not add much volume or thickness. I advise using this a base mascara.
$23, benefitcosmetics.com 

Layer options -- Benefit 'They're Real' + Too Faced 'Better Than Sex

Too Face 'Better Than Sex'
Dare I say that this mascara is better than the suggested intimate activity? (haha!)
This mascara is absolutely amazing. While the name is somewhat controversial, its wand is the stuff of mascara wonders. The hourglass-shaped brush is covered in closely set bristles which pushes up and evenly coats each lash upon application. Offering major volume and thickness. this mascara can be worn by its self or layered over 'They're Real' for maximum effect.
$23, sephora.com

Sephora Outrageous Volume
While the quilted packaging makes this mascara a beautiful asset to your makeup bag, its lash power is what makes it a beauty staple. Its uniform plastic wand features thin compact bristles that evenly coat lashes with a single application. Its deep black and richly formulated texture makes this one of the darkest mascaras I've tired in quite sometime. Delicate enough for those with sensitive eyes, Outrageous delivers some serious volume and length.
$15, sephora.com

Layer options -- If you want added thickness, add a coat of YSL 'Shocking' over a single coat of Outrageous Volume. 

YSL Shocking
The name says it all -- this mascara holds quite the shock factor. Featuring a slightly elongated brush, this mascara really adds some drama to lashes. The ultra smooth, silky formula makes it easy to layer and gives lashes both length and thickness without looking clumpy and stiff.
$30, nordstrom.com

Givenchy Noir Couture
I saved the best for last. Much like their couture collections, Givenchy beauty continues to push the envelope. A long time fan of their Phenomen'Eyes mascara, I was over the moon when I tried Givenchy's Noir Couture mascara. All while curling and lifting, this extraordinary product features a unique triple sphere shaped wand that add intense volume to lashes. This mascara is a lash superstar as it tackles each area of fullness and improves the look and texture of lashes with extended use (lash booster expert complex). Noir Couture is my absolutely favorite product for full fluttery lashes.
$32, sephora.com 

Which mascaras do you love most? Let me know in the comments below.

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