Victoria Beckham x Skype -- The Insider Exclusive

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Since her days as a sassy Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham as been seen as a fashion icon of sorts. From her recognizable pout to her high heels, Victoria not only as made her mark in fashion but continues to thrill the fashion industry time and time again. 

Not only has she successfully shed her Posh Spice image but VBecks has flourished as a massively successful fashion designer. Her classic and elegant designs first walked the runway five years ago. Since her initial presentation, Victoria's beautifully creative vision, true inspirations and love for fashion design have been evident in each following collection. 

Five Years - The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story

In a collaborative effort, VBecks has joined forces with Skype to create a visual project that documents a side of Victoria Beckham's design efforts that has never before been seen. The short films follow Victoria and gets not only a behind the scenes look at her label and team but captures her personal take on the industry and designing. The viewer gets to see Victoria in a different light, one of a dreamer that exceptionally executed her vision with equal parts hard work and passion. 

As a fan of hers since the Posh days, this project is a must-see for me and really for anyone who appreciates the fashion industry or a successful tale of a hard worker. 

Will you be watching these lovely short films? 
Let me know your thoughts! 

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