Get The Look - Kate Beckinsale at The 2014 Golden Globes

Monday, January 13, 2014

Celebrity: Kate Beckinsale
Hairstylist: Sascha Breuer
Products: Moroccan Oil 

To set off her beautifully intricate Zuhair Murad couture gown, Sascha took an edgier approach to Kate's otherwise romantic hairstyle. 

"With her wholesome, English rose good looks, Kate can get away with quite a bit of edginess in her hairstyle, so we went with a punk-inspired diva look that's a bit different from her usual soft flowing waves," says Sascha. 

Here's how to get this lovely look yourself: 

Tools -- Blow dryer, skeleton brush, elastic hair ties, bobby pins

Prep -- Start with damp hair and liberally spray Moroccan Oil's Root Boost directly on the roots of hair. Not only with this give phenomenal boy but will also provide a great base for manageable hair styling. 

Blow Out -- Using the skeleton brush, blow dry hair and use fingers to create texture and additional volume. Once dry, separate hair into a deep "U" shape (grabbing hair from temples and lifting up crown of hair). Once gathered, clip section neatly into a clip. 

Styling -- Using an elastic, pull remaining hair into a low side ponytail that sits on the nape of the neck. Coil and wrap the tail into a messy bun. Sascha suggests to pull delicate pieces of hair out of the bun to the give the illusion of hair naturally falling and loosens the bun. Make sure to secure with bobby pins. 

Top Styling -- Release the clipped section of hair and back comb at the roots. Moroccan Oil's Boar Bristle Teasing Brush expertly maximizes volume and provides an extra dimension of texure. 

Finishing Touches -- For added shined and manageable long-lasting hold, mist hair with Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray.  For more control application -- spritz product onto fingers tips and apply to where it's needed. Secure look with extra bobby pins for maximum hold and you're done. 

A beautiful look that doesn't require much work, Kate Beckinsale's stunning up-do is certainly worth a go. Will you try this look on yourself? Let me know and tweet or instagram me a picture @AmnaAnn & I'll perhaps feature your take on this look! 

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