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Friday, January 24, 2014

As you know, I'm a girl that prefers warm tones when it comes to beauty products. Bronzes, warm golds and sultry brown hues are my absolute favorite. While I do love a great neutral eye shadow palette, I still pick up beautiful colors that look lovely in the pan.

I have racked up quite a collection of green and blue toned eye shadows that I use as accent shades (liner, blended on lower lash line, etc) but unfortunately these lovely colors rarely see the light of day. During my early college years, blue tones came out to play quite frequently, but I quickly realized that they just weren't for me. However, I still love a great blue smoky eye when done right. 

I was re-inspired to try this cool toned shade after Lupita Nyong'o sported those beautiful ocean blue Chanel shadows (LES 4 OMBRES QUADRA EYESHADOW in Fascination) at the SAG Awards this past week.

If that wasn't enough to pull me back in, accent blues were the premier color for the beauty look at Versace's couture presentation earlier this week.  The sleek shade perfectly highlighted and modernized the soft smoky brown eye look I so dearly love. 

Of course this beautiful color immediately influenced my nail color of the week. Dipping into my nail polish collection, I reached for Jin Soon's 'Blue Iris' -- easily one of the most gorgeous colors of blue that can ever be. It's vibrant and rich yet subtle and compliments all skin tones.While the color looks stunning in the bottle, I was scared that the shade wouldn't translate well on my nails. Thankfully, the color is just as beautiful, if not more when applied on nails. True to Jin Soon's superb quality, the polish is still on, free of chips and the glossy finish is still shining. 

Along with polish, jewelry dressed in the royal shade have also been in heavy rotation! 

Would you try this luxe shade for you next manicure? 

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