NYC Style Classics No.1 - How to Wear White & Warm Neutrals

Friday, March 25, 2022

how to wear white and neutrals

One look at current trend reports will reveal the resurgence and wild reinterest in neutral ensembles. Modestly toned and visually pleasing, white and a warm neutral is a timeless pairing that is once again gaining influence beyond the fashionable set but sadly leaving much to be desired. Those seeking fresh ways to wear this simple combination are left in a sea of bland copy cat looks featuring the same style suspects: oversized trench coats, blazers, trousers and white shirts, often all worn together at once. While the look reads clean (and rather dated), it has also been worn to death which ultimately loses its modern value. Take a break from this repetitive formula and reimagine this palette with these three chic alternatives fit for contemporary city settings. 

While color block looks are reserved for more punchy, vibrant hues, the same formula can be applied to soft tones. Rather than opting for a cool break between a top and bottom, a chic jacket saturated in a single contrasting tone (tan) atop a solid colored dress (white) amplifies the chic factor. Bookend the look with richly colored dark accessories and finish with a bold red lip. 

trench coat style

For this styling option, I like keeping the warm neutral the focal point of the look and have the contrasting soft white tones frame the piece. A sweater in a deliciously deep caramel anchors the full look and provides an simple foundation to build upon. Polished materials like tweed and an a-line skirt create a more elevated look but a more casual take can be achieved with a classic topper coat and tailored pants in the same pale white color.

white and neutral fashion look

Much like the reintroduction of this color pairing, silhouettes and design details of the past are once again becoming new. Pretty details like embroidery and puff sleeves can be worn beautifully if proportions and garment styles are taken into consideration. Opting for a piece with overly voluminous shapes and extra fabric can often drown the figure and appear frumpy. Selecting a more properly fitting blouse or sweater with subtle takes on this design offer a more current and effortless way to enjoy this vintage style. 

puff sleeve sweater style

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