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Monday, March 14, 2022

Akash Mehta & Nikita Mehta

In the midst of the pandemic, the world was forced to return to the basics as the lights dimmed on our thriving realities. For siblings Akash and Nikita Mehta, revisiting their Indian roots was just the remedy they needed during this trying time. With a vivid upbringing steeped in culture, tradition and Ayurvedic practices, it was the therapeutic and beneficial Indian ritual of hair oiling from their childhood which soothed the stressors of the modern era. This humble ritual ultimately sparked the creation of Fable & Mane, a unique Ayurvedic haircare brand reviving and strengthening hair from root to tip. I sat with the two to get the skinny on the brand, their philanthropic efforts and chatted all things hair the Indian way. 

Bringing the meaningful traditions of Indian culture and Ayurveda to mainstream audiences was a vital mission for the Mehta siblings. From ingredients to development and the overall brand philosophy, every element of Fable & Mane is rooted in meaning. The name itself is inspired by the treasured childhood memories Akash & Nikita have of their grandmother oiling their hair. While a special tradition on its own, these hair oiling sessions were colored with lively storytelling, which further enhanced the experience and ultimately became the spirit of their brand. It was only fitting that their initial product launch was an impressively formulated star hair oil: HoliRoots Pre-Wash Hair Treatment Oil.  

fable & man holiroots hair oil

An age-old tradition pulled onto the contemporary stage, hair oiling not only rejuvenates lackluster tresses but offers a wealth of benefits. Hair oiling focuses on both the restoration and strength of hair and the scalp, which many in the western beauty world recently learned is crucial to comprehensive hair health. 

An impressive oil comprised of dynamic, healing Ayurvedic ingredients, HoliRoots Pre-Wash Hair  Treatment Oil is an efficacious blend restoring hair in a way not seen before. This unique oil is a pre-wash treatment designed to be massaged onto the scalp to achieve maximum benefits. "Indian head massage is really important...massaging this oil throughout increases the blood circulation to your scalp which will help deliver essential nutrients and oxygen" says Akash. The massage is an integral part of the treatment as the absence of this ritual can cause healthy hair to inadequately absorb its benefits. While one can apply the treatment 10  minutes prior to washing the hair, Nikita encourages leaving it overnight for the best results as a longer window allows the product to soak in and let's the ingredients get to work.  

One of the primary benefits with consistent hair oiling with the HoliRoots Pre-Wash Hair Treatment Oil is the increased strength of hair and lessening of hair fallout. Coming off the heels of the pandemic, stress is at an all time high which is a leading cause of greater hair loss among many factors like postpartum, illness and over-worked hair. Tackling this unsettling hair woe with traditional hair oiling coupled with the ever-important scalp massage ultimately enhances the health of weakened hair and changes it's state of growth and texture. 

indian head massage

The passion the two bring to the development of each product is evident throughout the line. The highly coveted HoliRoots Pre-wash Oil Treatment is formulated with Ashwagandha, a potent Ayurvedic ingredient, which aids in strengthening and thickening fine hair along with Dashmool, a powerful blend of 10 potent plant roots and extracts which repairs an irritated scalp and soothes any itchiness or dryness. Coconut is a prevalent base ingredient throughout the line which is naturally vitamin-rich and features lauric acids and other fatty acids which is excellent for hydration. For their SahaScalp Serum, they sought out Amla, a mighty antioxidant ingredient far richer in Vitamin-C than an orange.

For the Mehta siblings, Ayurveda is not just a buzz term but rather the core essence of their brand. Hair care should be tackled in the same streamlined approach as this ancient healing science suggests: with quality natural ingredients, minimal components and addressing an issue with intention and self. "We wanted a core range as less is more. In Indian Ayurveda, you don't have many products in the cabinet, which is the opposite of what you see in beauty today," says Akash. The siblings sought out to create a mindful foundational collection of carefully curated and crafted products that can be uniquely layered together for specific needs. 

The universal haircare range offers products with multilayered solutions targeting the source of the issue. Scalp care is addressed with the SahaScalp products, a powerful pair of products that addresses and remedies stressed scalp conditions (SahaScalp Amla Soothing Serum) and ensures a pristine cleansing (SahaScalp Wild Ginger Purifying Scrub). The HoliRoots products, the meeting of holistic plant roots, is a complete haircare regimen reviving hair with a concentration on strengthening the hair. Their take on the classic haircare method is improved with the HoliRoots Hair Mask, an ultra-nourishing and damaging-reversing cream mask which provides hair with a vitamin-rich punch of shine and moisture. A favorite of Nikita's, this silicone-free rich hair mask was in development for three years prior to hitting shelves. Much like the luxurious hair treatments at  premium salons, this product allows one to slowdown and focus on application and enjoy the masking experience while gaining its immense benefits. 

holiroots hair mask

Akash and Nikita honor their heritage in every layer of Fable & Mane, though the heart of their work lies in the Fable Fund, a philanthropic endeavor which benefits the endangered Tiger population in India. While the majestic animal serves as the logo of the brand, it is the protection of the species and their natural habitat through various efforts that is the grander purpose for the duo. The sibling funded foundation addresses this growing issue with a multifaceted plan of action which provides full support of the rangers on the ground from equipment to aid, educating locals and providing relief on damages, and ultimately providing better watering systems and habitat conservation for the big cat population in the area. 

fable & mane haircare founders with amna anwar

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