Spring Hair Revival

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Long are the days of hiding our hair under warm knit hats and fur-trimmed hoods. Spring has arrived and that means warmer temps and ample amounts of sunshine. It's time to let our hair flow freely in this (pollen filled!) breezy air. 

BUT HOLD THE PHONE. Like any seasonal shift, our hair may still be suffering from the previous season's wrath. We may be experiencing dry. limp tresses that are in dire need of a major perk up for the season ahead. My hair is certainly different during the warmer months of the year--its more prone to frizz, dries out a bit more and intolerant to most styling products. 

To insure healthy hair all season long it is important to treat the foundation and maintain a routine that is suitable to your unique concerns. Whatever your hair type, I always recommend a good coconut oil treatment once a week. Along with oil, here are my all-time hair savers that keeps this lioness mane of mine tamed and lovely. 

Coconut Oil Hair Mask 
Trust your mom when she talks about natural beauty wonders she loves, I listened to her about this and never looked back. Its an simple affordable and super beneficial treatment that will revive your hair in the best ways. A single treatment will leave it softer and lighter. Its a wonderful alternative to a heavy conditioner and does far more than just hydrate parched hair. 

Simply massage oil onto your scalp and concentrate on the roots of the hair. Softly apply any and all remaining oil on hands onto the shafts and tips of the hair. You can tie your hair into a loose ponytail or messy bun and let it sit for a couple of hours. You can surely pop on a plastic shower cap if you feel strange at first. It's the perfect weekend treatment. 

A voluminous blowout after a treatment makes my hair feel/look like I belong in a Pantene commercial. 

Weleda Rosemary Conditioning Hair Oil
I was turned onto this little gem early last year and absolutely love it. A perfect product to tame frizz, hydrate and polish hair, Weleda's rosemary oil has become a fast favorite of mine. You need a super small amount of this product to do the trick and can apply to hair before or after styling. I prefer to apply a small bit to my hair after I've styled it as a serum to lock in the look and focus on the ends to soften them a touch. This product can be a bit thick in consistency (it is a dense oil after all) so a little does go a LONG way (trust me!) and be sure to avoid applying product in the roots. 

Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails 
There is no better way to treat our hair than from within. A fortified vitamin that targets these prime areas is a great piece to have to your routine. Infused with a super oil (Argan), these vitamins feature biotin along with a medley of antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid. 

From my experience, not only has my hair felt and looked more healthy but fallout (which happens too often for various reasons) has lessened quite a lot. From the pleasing results thus far, this lovely little vitamin isn't leaving daily vitamin mix anytime soon. 

What are some of your go-to hair saving tips & products?

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