Falling In Love With A (Frog) Prince

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Leave it to Poppy King, the ultimate lipstick queen, to create a creative and innovative lipstick that is sure to look lovely on every pout. As a longtime fan of her hydrating sheer lippies, I was pretty excited to hear that she had launched a new shade for the coming season.

Much like last summer's wildly famous Hello Sailor, Frog Prince comes in an outlandish color that is sure to make anyone look twice in complete confusion. However, what you see is NOT what you get in the greatest was imaginable. Although the lipstick is bright frog green it comes on as soft sheer rose shade. Interestingly so, no two shades are perfectly alike. This product is uniquely blended with an interesting factor that responds to your individual lip tones and chemistry and transforms a single swipe into a rosy pink that's all yours.

Similar to those already on the market, (Smashbox O-Glow, Dior Lip & Cheek Glow, etc), be careful not to go overboard with application as this too leaves lips ultra pink as it sets in (looking much like a stain). Like a small child with a new toy, I got too swipe happy with my first run with this product and my lips looked SO PINK -- which looked awful on me. Unlike those already available, I find this to be far more hydrating (shea butter & soothing vitamin E) and a lovely base for another lipstick or liner. The wear off throughout the day is actually quite pretty. This little wonder will surely be a makeup bag staple this summer.

In other style news -- popped into H&M recently and completely fell for this cute dress -- a perfectly simple silhouette that looked equally lovely belted or just thrown on. I mean how can I not love a dress covered in greenery, ha!

Note: Yes, I ALWAYS carry flats when I'm in the city, I'm not trying to be a hero. Its not fun taking an always crowded bus and two trains to your destination and back home in heels -- typical NYC lifestyle. To those fabulous ladies that can do it (like my best friend) you girls are pretty amazing. 

Images: Lippie image courtesy of Lipstick Queen 

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