Dial A Dilemma: The Best Beauty Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A dear friend of mine approached me recently with a beauty dilemma that is all too common for us girls --
How do I make my eyes look bigger with makeup?

While we all have different eye shapes, strategically placing eye shadow and a liner can make eyes seem larger and more awake. From shimmer to color -- I've compiled a list of the top universal beauty tips to make your appear larger and brighter.

Too much dark liner on the upper lash line and water line and close up the eye. Opt for a white or nude colored pencil when lining your waterline. The light color will open the eye and give the eyes a widening effect. This trick also works well for the tired mornings where your eyes feel like they need a little boost.

Skip the dark shades -- Like the liner, a dark smokey eye can make eyes appear smaller. Dark colors essentially make the lids look smaller and can become overwhelming.

Light shadows -- Choose shadows in lighter tones and contour a light brown color onto the outer corner/crease (different eye shapes require different blending techniques).

Additionally, take a champagne/gold shimmered shadow and apply it to the tear duct area. Applying a light, shimmery color allows the eyes to look brighter and bigger. You can take the same shimmery tone and blend into the center of the lids for an added effect.

Line/Mascara -- With an angled brush, swipe a chocolate brown shadow under the lower lash line. Keeping the color neatly along the lower lash line widens the eyes further. Finish with mascara and you're good to go.

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Images: Elle Ukraine, Sephora 

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