A Few Tips for Kissable Lips

Thursday, February 14, 2013

If you haven’t noticed already, it’s Valentine’s Day and if you’ve got yourself a cutie to smooch up to on this day of love, you have to make sure your pucker is in tip top condition. From smeared lipstick to chapped horrors, these tips are sure to keep you looking perfectly kissable for your Valentine festivities.

Exfoliate & Prep
Nothing says “please don’t kiss me” like a set of dry, unsightly lips. A good exfoliation the night before or a few hours before your night out can make all the difference when it comes to a beautiful pucker. In order to get a flawless foundation for lipstick application and pillow-y soft lips, use a lip scrub like Fresh Sugar Lip Polish (cannot get enough of this miracle product!) or mix your own Brown sugar & olive oil concoction at home for a DIY quickie. To get an extra oomph and va-va-voom factor try this natural lip plumper recipe here.

Prime & Line
I always feel iffy about lining directly onto lips without a proper coat of primer. Whether it’s your favorite lip balm or a quick swipe of a soothing lip treatment, make sure you have something on your lips before any color application. My go-to pout primer is DuWop’s Lip Venom Lip Plumping Balm – I love lip plumpers and yes, this does give a bit of that minty, tingly feeling once applied—for those who shy away from pouty lips or that classic tingle you may want to use this product sparingly.
Whatever colored lipstick you will be choosing for your sweet evening, choose a liner of a similar hue and line your pretty lips evenly & neatly.

Stain & Color
Choose a stain in a similar shade to that of your lipstick, and apply to your lips. You will thank yourself for this tip as the night goes on. After multiple sips of your drink, bites of food and quick smooches, your lipstick will begin to breakaway but your stain will provide just enough color to keep up with your full look and the wear will look really pretty as well.  
Make sure to apply your lipstick with a lip brush as it will be extra precise and look perfect.

Blot & Final Touches
After any lipstick application it is always, always recommended to blot with a tissue. It neatly takes off any excess product and leaves behind just enough color and sheen. Make sure to clean up the corners of your lip of any uneven lines and perfect your shape.

Hope everyone has a super sweet Valentine’s Day & if you’re single on this day of love, grab a few girl friends in the same boat, throw on your highest heels & prettiest lipstick and go out to dinner or drinks! There’s no reason to be alone on this stupid holiday. 

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