A Restorative Lip Reset with Typology Paris

Friday, August 4, 2023

typology paris lip mask

As we transition throughout seasons, our most delicate facial areas crave a restorative reset. Like the eye area, the lips tend to be far more delicate and fragile than the skin on the body and require a more attentive and targeted care strategy. Taking this concern into consideration and prioritizing lip care in an innovative fashion, luxury French skincare range Typology Paris has launched a unique lip-centric product aiming to restore and strengthen this delicate and often forgotten about area with ease. Read on to learn how this potent new launch is elevating lip health, expanding Typology's take on lip care and how it'll ultimately create softer, fuller, healthy lips. 

typology paris lip peel

RESURFACING LIP PEEL // AHA & Pomegranate Enzyme 
The newest addition in their lip care assortment, this advanced Lip Peel is formulated with pomegranate extracts and AHA (Mandelic acid), an effective and complimentary pairing of exfoliating agents that gently rid the lips of dead cells in a manner unlike traditional granular lip scrubs. Additionally, lips are highly vulnerable to environmental factors which are compounded during seasonal shifts when lips are more susceptible to overall health interruptions such as moisture-loss and textural changes leaving them in a more fragile, rough state. This naturally-derived lip peel not only adequately remedies these common lip concerns but does so in a non-abrasive manner that limits further damage to this already sensitive area. The result is a more nourished, smoothed and supple pout that serves as the perfect canvas for tinted lip products. 

typology paris lip mask

REPARING LIP MASK // Ceramides & Hyaluronic Acid
A decadent lip mask that drenches the lips in a veil of  ultra-hydrating and soothing ingredients, this targeted blend instantly goes to work on reviving damaged lips whilst protecting its barrier and maintaining moisture retention. Rich in hyaluronic acid, a star skincare component, this fortified substance protects the lips from further loss of moisture while it's hydrating elements keep the lips conditioned. Best of all, the reparative qualities of this acid in tandem with reinforcing ceramides aids in the softening and reduction of fine lines along the lips. The inclusion of mango butter (essential fatty acid), amplifies the healing components of the mask and creates a protective barrier that prevents additional damage or dehydration. A single use leaves the lips in a healthy, ultra-smooth state that will advance the overall state of the lips with continued use. 

Typology Paris heavily prioritizes the healing and hydrating needs of the lips and works towards creating beneficial products with essential and naturally-sourced ingredients that truly heal and restore the state of lips. An ideal representation of quality over quantity, this impressive brand continues to craft potent blends of substance that offer genuinely successful results. 

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