Get The Look: Phoebe Bridgers Radiant Beauty Look at Met Gala 2022

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Phoebe Bridgers Met Gala 2022

Every fashion savvy eye was set on the star-studded red carpet of  last night's 2022 Met Gala and the beautiful turnout and jaw-dropping looks certainly did not disappoint. From glitzy ensembles to beautifully elaborate gowns and beyond, the First Monday in May was a welcomed return after a 2020 cancelation and 2021 delayed presentation. Phoebe Bridgers, a multi-talented artist and actor, shined on the red-carpet  in a sparking, crystal-embroidered dress which was topped with an equally radiant makeup look. 

Using  an array of Tata Harper products, Makeup artist Susie Sobal created a minimal yet chic look which spotlighted Phoebe's glowing skin while stunningly complementing the show-stopping dress. When detailing the inspiration behind the look, Susie aimed for a youthful look with a dramatic pop. "We were going for a young, modern vamp look," explains Susie. 

To breakup any buildup and rid the skin of any debris prior to cosmetics, Nourishing Oil Cleanser was used to clean the skin. Once the skin was cleansed, Susie followed up with two key products which ensured maximum hydration and skin suppleness. The duo included the Resurfacing Mask, which helped the skin achieve a fresh glow and was then followed up with the Hydrating Floral Essence to lock in the moisture and provide extra hydration. For an enhanced dose of brightness, Susie applied Rejuvenating Serum thereafter. 

Continuing with the skin, Susie wanted Phoebe's undereye area to appear fresh and youthful. This delicate area was treated to a hydrating application of Elixir Vitae Eye Serum. She continued with her final tip to achieving a flawless and glowing skin look prior to makeup by using Water Lock Moisturizer which gives a smoothing look to the skin, 

The key to this modern look was a radiant complexion which Susie created with her layered skincare technique and Illuminating Moisturizer with Diamond Dust blended onto the skin. The result was a fresh and nourished base with a hint of flattering shimmer. Susie livened the skin by diffusing the cheeks in Cream Blush (Lucky), which offered a lovely wash of color. For the final dramatic pop to the look, Susie finished the look with a vampy lip choice, achieved by drenching lips in Be True Lip Balm, for a smooth and full pout and layering Lip Tint (Be Adored) atop for the perfect deep rose hue. 

Much like the face, Susie wanted Phoebe's overall skin to also glow. A simple blend of Revitalizing Body Oil with the Illuminating Moisturizer was applied to the skin giving the body an irresistibly hydrated and glowing appearance. 

Phoebe Bridgers Met Gala 2022



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