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Friday, April 1, 2022

pillow talk push up lashes mascara

Talk about luscious lashes! Pairing exceptionally atop a lash primer or wonderfully worn alone, this mascara quickly made it its way to the very front of my mascara drawer for great reasons. Here's why I'm considering this new launch as a hero product in its category. 


An authority in all things glamour, Charlotte Tilbury's beauty and skincare range is worth the splurge in every aspect. While the ultra-chic and luxurious packaging draws the eyes, the quality across her range is truly remarkable and keeps me coming back to this brand time and time again. Already a fan of her iconic Pillow Talk collection, I was quite intrigued by her latest addition to the line: Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara. 

As a major mascara enthusiast, I was eager to get my hands on this one. An attractive option, this mascara features an innovative wand design offering a long-lasting lift effect to the lashes. Unlike traditional mascaras that are commonly designed with a 360-degree bristle wand, Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! is uniquely designed with a duo comb-like brush. A closer look reveals that the bristles arranged on either side of the wand spine are diamond-shaped which evenly coats and beautifully fans out the lashes for an eye-opening effect. Best of all, this precision wand design lifts and coats the lightest and tiniest lashes on the line. 

The real goodness of this wonder product lies in its formulation. It touts a weightless, pushed up, and lengthening effect that makes the eyes appear bigger, brighter and more awake - hefty promises which beautifully deliver with sharp accuracy. 

Comprised of three key ingredients: Carnauba Wax which creates body and texture for a light-as-air false lash look, the ultra-conditioning and thickening agent known as Keratin, and an exclusive lifting polymer extracted from the Larch Tree which creates that mesmerizing pushed up, flexible application with maximum holding power, this mascara makes for an incredible makeup bag addition. 

Always drawn to a mascara with a fluffy, voluminous wand, I surprisingly enjoyed this slim, comb-like design far more than I initially thought and was thrilled to see it live up to its advertised promises. Not only did my long, fluffed out, glamorous lashes last throughout the day, no pesky smudging or fall-out occurred with this richly-colored formula. Despite my layered application, my lashes looked healthy, clump-free and nicely removed without any lash loss (a problem I see with with similar products on heavy makeup days!). 

If you'd like to try this amazing new mascara for yourself. grab it at a sweet deal at the annual Spring Sephora Sale starting today, 4/1!

pillow talk push up lashes mascara

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