5 Enticing Autumnal Candles to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

best autumn candles

As the weather grows colder, nothing sounds more comforting than escaping the chill in a warm and cozy home. A classically comfortable home may include a roaring fireplace, a luxury unknown to most city dwellers, but achieving these same atmospheric qualities is quite simple. Filling a space with deliciously scented candles with notes reminiscent of the season can create an inviting and aromatic haven regardless of grand amenities. Whether the burn fills a room of enticing fall spices or warm, fragrant notes familiar to the cooler seasons, I've compiled a collection of 5 enticing autumnal candles to make your home feel cozy all season long. 

ruske mulholland

RUKSKE // Mulholland
A luxury candle collection which provides an elegant experience with every burn, RUKSKE candles are the epitome of timeless quality. From a chic and sleek presentation to the use of high-quality ingredients, founder Brooke Dulien truly offers a luxurious aromatic adventure with each of her candles. Formulated with a coconut blended soy wax, a cleaner alternative to the traditionally harsher candle waxes, each candle is crafted with carefully chosen notes, ultimately creating a special scent profile with each candle. Mulholland is the perfectly complex yet alluring blend to light this autumn as its burn fills the air with aromatic spicy notes (cardamom, nutmeg) carried by rich musk and deep elements (leather, oud, cedar) with a slightly tart pop (bergamot, grapefruit). A warm and intense scent to enjoy long after the season has passed. 

ortigia sicilia ambra candle

Encapsulating the essence of Italian luxury through unique fragrances, Ortigia Sicilia's vast array of  opulent offerings lead one on a delightful sensory journey. Their candle range is no exception as each beautifully blended candle is not only formulated with unique ingredients but are housed in attractively designed glass jars serving as an attractive decoration element. The warm amber and woody elements of oak featured in their Ambra Nera candle is an ideal option for a cool fall season. A rich burn fills a room with an abundance of pleasantly warm notes creating a cozy oasis to enjoy while escaping the autumn chill. 

nest candle rose noir & oud

NEST // Rose Noir & Oud
An authority of scent, NEST fragrances has expertly captured the hallmark scents of each season while incorporating their unique blend of luxury. One of their designer candles transports one to another place through their specially blended scents. Of their vast library of fragrances, Rose Noir & Oud beautifully smells of the deeper and more sultry notes of autumn. An exquisite pairing of floral and woody notes, this warm yet smoky candle evokes the joyful tones of this season through rosy elements melted with deliciously rich oud and black leather. 

nette candle

NETTE // Suede Fringe 
A brand committed to clean and sustainable practices and ingredients, NETTE is elevating candles far beyond appearance. Formulating their handmade, Italian glass jarred candles with non-toxic wax mixtures (coconut-soy) and non-synthetic fragrances derived from essential oils, NETTE is creating an attractive clean alternative with maximum chicness. With an ever growing range, these cotton-wick candles offer a clean burn that will provide pleasant aromas to any space. Suede Fringe, a richly scented spice noted blend is fitting for autumn. Kissed with warm elements like suede and sandalwood, this fusion of scents will encourage you to light this addictive option well after fall. 

otherland chandelier

OTHERLAND // Chandelier 
Space transforming scents, clean ingredients and artistic, polished glass jars are the identifying hallmarks of Otherland candles. With a fashionable eye coupled with her globe-trotting history, Abigail Cook Stone brings an interesting perspective to the candle industry. Her thoroughly crafted range of clean, toxin-free candles fill a room with luxurious scents without the harsh pollutants. Chandelier, a luxuriously robust scent appropriate for fall, saturates a space with a blend of champagne, leather and saffron. A sophisticated scent perfect for a seasonal fete or a calmer moment that invites a more extravagant tone. 


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