4 Fall Nail Looks with JinSoon

Friday, September 3, 2021

JINsoon x Suzie Kondi

Say goodbye to the neon tones of summer and try your hand at these minimalistic nail art looks this autumn. Using the trendy JinSoon x Suzie Kondi Collection, illustrious nail artist Jin Soon Choi has imagined up four ultra-chic nail art looks perfect for the fall season ahead. Get settled in and let's dive right into these looks. 

Prior to starting any nail design, be sure to properly prep the nails. For a less harsh option, choose an acetone-free remover to clear away an remnants of previous polish, debris and oils. Use a nourishing cuticle oil and gently push back with a cuticle tool of your choice. Follow by shaping nails to your desire and layering on a single coat of JINsoon Power Coat evenly on each nail. 

A fresh take on a classic design, Jin Soon modernized a traditional French tip with contrasting shades and on-trend hues. "I think using two different pops of color on each hand makes this look modern and fun," says Choi. 

Step 1. Begin this two-toned design with the lighter shade, Piedra. Swipe the nail polish brush in a diagonal line from one nail wall towards the center of the free edge. 
Step 2. Follow by picking up the darker polish (Palma or Lavanda), and repeating Step 1 on the opposite nail wall. The darker shade of choice is to overlap the lighter shade and neatly meet in the center. 
Step 3. To avoid smudging, allow the polish design to dry for 1-2 minutes. 
Step 4. Once dry, apply a complete layer of JINsoon HyperGloss to each nail to achieve a gel-like finish. 

Often presented in a black and white combination, Jin Soon has added a whimsical touch to this elegant pattern by using a fresh color way. 

Step 1: Prior to creating this cheerful nail art, place a dollop of Palma and Piedra to a nail pallet or piece of foil. 
Step 2: Using a dotting nail tool, dip into the first shade (Palma) and create a free-handed, spaced dot pattern on the nail. 
Step 3: For a unique look, choose a dotting tool in different sizes and pick up the next shade (Piedra), continue applying dots to the spaced areas on the nail. 
Step 4: Allow 1-2 minutes for the design to dry and set. 
Step 5: Finish the look with a coat of JINsoon HyperGloss top coat. 

An elegant interpretation of the standard French tip, Jin layered two polishes for a more complex look that appears modern and sleek. 

For this nail look, you'll need a precision nail art brush. If you don't have one, a tiny paint or makeup brush will work well too. 

Step 1: To start this design, begin by picking up Palma on the tiny brush and draw a thin line along the free edge of the nail. 
Step 2: With the same brush, use Lavanda and draw a thin line below the one you've just created with the previous polish. 
Step 3: Whilst drying, use a clean cotton bud soaked in remover and clean up the edges. 
Step 4: Once dry, give the nails a glossy, chip-resistant finish with a fortified layer of JINsoon Top Gloss. 

An ultra-cool nail look, this negative space design will offer a fun way to wear a sophisticated shade in an eye-catching minimalistic shape.

Step 1: Use a tiny nail art brush and saturate with your preferred polish (Piedra). Draw a free-handed swirl lined shape along the nail, stretching from the bottom to top of nail. 
Step 2: Once the shape is achieved, use the same polish and fill in the nail from the line to the neighboring nail wall. Be sure to leave a bare space on the opposite side (negative space). 
Step 3: Use a polish remover saturated cotton bud to clean up the design and allow to dry for 1-2 minutes. 
Step 4: For a glossy, chip-resistant finish, layer nails with an even coat of JINsoon Top Gloss. 


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