Summer Bucket List

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

With the unofficial start to summer finally here, its time I compiled a list of some of the things I want to do, see and enjoy this summer. If you didn't already know, this summer is a pretty big one for me because June marks my 10 year heart transplant anniversary. It's pretty wild to think it has actually been 10 very full, exciting and challenging years since I got my new lease on life. So, in celebration of that beautiful event, why not spend the whole summer celebrating life in the most fun (and safe) ways.

1. Take a dessert making class
I've had a Sur La Table summer dessert making class bookmarked for ages and never found a right time to schedule or get my friends together all at once to finally attend. This summer, I'm making it a point to attend one of these cooking classes and dazzle my mom with pretty summer sweets that won't result in a call to the FDNY. I promise I won't burn down your kitchen, mom!

2. Midsummer Night Swing at Lincoln Center 
A night of live music and dance lessons at beautiful Lincoln Center sounds like the perfect NYC summer night. It also looks like a whole lot of fun. Best of all, a night of dancing with fun twirling seems like the ideal time to wear one of the many full-skirted dresses I have handing in my closet.

3. Visit all the NYC Pop-ups & Touristy spots 
Last year, my sisters and I made a promise to check out all the fun pop-ups, cute instagram-friendly events happening around the city and really appreciate the sights we've called home for all our lives. It ended up being a pretty fun summer and resulted in some hilarious memories. I definitely want to make the effort to get us all together for the same kind of fun this year.

4. Summer Love with the City 
The summer is the perfect time to visit unloved neighborhoods or gorgeous areas of the city I haven't been to in years. I loved the seaport but haven't been since its renovations which was quite some time ago. The same with the lovely BPC area, which I last visited in my early high school years. I've become so comfortable going to the same areas of the city and finding new gems to love in those areas but it's time to explore and fall in love with old places once again.

5. Weekends/Day Trips Out of Town
Even this die hard New Yorker enjoys a day out of town. Long holiday weekends are my favorite to stay in the city because it's so quiet and less busy but taking a day away from city life on an ordinary summer weekend is a different vibe that is much appreciated. Whether it's to a beach or new town, a quick trip is always a great idea.

6. Coney Island
I haven't been to Coney Island since I was a kid. I hear it's changed plenty but the Wonder Wheel is still up and running. During my visit all those years ago, I completely lost it on the swinging seats when it stopped at the top of the wheel and want to look at that fear straight in the face once more. I may not have the guts to ride the scary red and blue swing seats, but I'll give the white still seats a go with plenty of cotton candy in hand to ease my fear of heights.

7. Boating at Central Park 
Since we're on the topic of fears, water is another one for me. My BIL spoke about an afternoon of kayaking on the Hudson and the thought alone made me want to run away. While I may be too chicken to for this water activity, I'll try a safer option of boating at Central Park. It's equally beautiful, much smaller and there's a beautiful lunch at the Boathouse waiting for me after.

8. Summer Sporting Events 
Living so close to Citi Field and the Billie Jean King National Tennis center you'd think I'd make it to sporting events often during the summer. I'd be lucky to get in two Mets games a summer which is pretty sad. Most of my friends find baseball ridiculously boring so finding a great game watching companion is pretty slim. Thankfully, that seems to be changing this summer. With some dates already scheduled, this fashionista will be at various sporting events this summer season.

9. Movies at the Park 
My favorite activity for the summer is attending one of the grand movie nights at Bryant or Central Park or the many other lovely outdoor venues around the city. These nights usually play popular old movies in a very fun fashion in some of the best settings in the city. It's a great activity to gather your friends and catch up over a great movie. A major upgrade from your standard Netflix night at home.

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