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Monday, April 1, 2019

As the weather cools, it's completely normal to see your skin dry out and require twice as much moisture than the warmer months of the year. While we're inclined to drench the skin on our faces and bodies with moisture-rich products, we often forget that our scalps need the same attention.

The winter season tends to strip the scalp of its natural hydration and leaves behind a flaky, somewhat irritated surface in need of extra attention. Though it may seem like you would need a plethora of hair care products to remedy each issue separately, I found a single product that is getting to the root of our troubled winter scalp concerns. 

Kristin Ess' amazing hair care range for Target recently launched an effective scalp-targeted hair care roundup with products providing a hefty dose of protective TLC. More specifically, the Instant Exfoliating Scalp Scrub, which has changed the way I look at my scalp health. 

Prior to shampoo, this richly-formulated sugar scrub is meant to be applied directly to the scalp and massaged in small circular motions. This method gently exfoliates the targeted area while softly breaking up buildup and flakes. I found that my scalp started to flake more during the brutally cold winter and this product effectively lessened the flaking and subsequent roughness from the buildup. Additionally, I found that while my scalp feels incredibly clean after use, it's more hydrated without producing more oil, an issue I found with most hydrating conditioners and masks. Greasy roots the next day after a wash is not something I want after using a high-quality product. 

Along with its lovely subtle scent, I feel that my hair has become stronger from prolonged use and see less breakage and fallout. This could be a result of the Zip-Up technology unique to this product. This exclusive complex aids weaker bits of the hair (the cuticle and split ends) while promoting overall healing and protection against those pesky environmental irritants. 

Much like the skin on our face, we need a product that tackles seasonal scalp issues while offering enough protection and healing long after the product is applied. While this product has rebalanced my suffering winter scalp, my overall hair health has great improved. Best of all, this genius hair product allows me to skip an extra day (three) between washes and still feel fresh and clean without losing its bounce/natural volume. 

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