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Thursday, February 7, 2019

JINsoon "Sweetheart Stripes" Manicure | Valentine's Day 2019
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Valentine's Day is one holiday you can indulge in all the darling heart motifs along with red and pink toned everything. Incorporating these joyful tones and designs into our beauty routine can spark fun results. When it comes to nail art, the creative designs one can create inspired by this love-centric holiday is endless and no one does is it better than nail guru and leading influential nail artist Jin Soon Choi.

Creatively remastering classic Valentine's Day themes and imagery, Jin Soon has created two unique and ultra-darling nail designs that are sure to dazzle. The first is a dialed up take on the iconic shades of the holiday whereas the second design is a take on the iconic conversation candy hearts we all adore on V Day in a modern color palette. Using her own incredible polish range, here's how you can create these looks: 

Look 1 -- Sweetheart Stripes

Step 1 - The key to creating a perfect manicure is to be sure you have clean polish-free nails and no signs of any left over residue that may linger after polish removal. Once clean, cut, buffed and shaped to your desired length and shape, you're ready for polish. 

Step 2 - Once nails are sufficiently prepped, its time to prime the nails. Apply a single layer JINsoon Power Coat to the the nails. This base coat not only protects the nails from additional coats of polish but allows the following products to adhere to the nails in a more even and smooth fashion. 

Step 3 - Now it's time for color. For the base shade, apply two coats of JINsoon Doux, a sweet powder pink shade, to the nails. Allow to dry a bit before moving on to design.

Step 4 - To start this chic striped design, you'll begin with JINsoon Aero. Using a striping brush, dip into Aero and neatly draw a single in the center of the nail from cuticle to tip. This will be a marker and foundation of lined design. 

Step 5- Once that is done, the curved lines will be created next. Before moving onto the next shade, clean the striping brush with polish remover and gently remove the excess onto a paper towel. Using JINsoon Hope, a creamscile orange, create a curved line to the left of the center line in the same direction as the previous line. 

Step 6 - Simply repeat the previous step on the right side of the center line but this time use JINsoon Love, a sophisticated bold pink. 

Step 7 - Allow the design to set a moment. Once set, seal in the look by layering a coat of JINsoon Top Gloss to the nails. This final sealing touch locks in the design while giving it a professional, lustrous finish. 

Look 2 -- Candy Hearts 

Step 1 - Removing all traces of old polish is a must before any any manicure. Hydrate the cuticles, cut and/or shape the nails to your liking prior to any polish application. 

Step 2- Once nails are prepped, prime the nails with a single coating of JINsoon Power Coat. This brilliant base coats the nails in a protective base, filling in any ridges that may be present on the nails and creates a clean  and fortified base ready for color. 

Step 3 - For the foundation color, use JINsoon Doux, a pale pink tone. Apply two event coats to each nail and allowing a moment to set in between applications to avoid streaks or uneven spots.  

Step 4 & 5 - Once the foundation polish sets, these two steps will detail how to create the curved heart shape design. To begin painting the left side of the heart, use JINsoon Aero and create a curved shape half way down the nail. Continue on the next nails with shades JINsoon Hope and JINsoon Love.  Once complete, the same curved method will be done on the right side of the nail, making sure to overlap the previously created curve. Only this time, you'll use JINSoon Spriffy on each nail to create the mixed sweetheart candy heart look. 

Step 6 - Allow the design to set a moment before sealing the look with a coat of JINsoon Top Gloss 
The finally look will be ultra-glossy, chic multi-toned candy heart-inspired tips. 


Images courtesy of JINsoon

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