Brightening Skin The Greek Way

Thursday, July 5, 2018

With my favorite OLEHENRIKSEN Truth Serum coming to an end, I was itching to find another potent brightening Vitamin C skincare product and stumbled upon a winning rose option by KORRES.

The Brand
A longtime fan of the natural, cruelty-free Greek beauty company, KORRES expertly uses ingredients (wild rose, saffron, pomegranate, etc.) grown in this Mediterranean region and infuses their most beneficial qualities into their vast and multifaceted skincare products. Since first being introduced to the brand by their ultra-nourishing Greek yogurt range (the after-sun cooling gel is a must for summer!),  I've incorporated at least one of their products into my skincare regimen every season thereafter. 

Why Wild Rose
Currently, it is their remarkable Vitamin C Active Wild Rose Brightening Oil which is just as beautiful as it is effective. While the presentation alone is worthy of a purchase (actual wild rose petals are housed in every bottle), this luxurious oil has become a rather fast skincare staple in my growing collection. Unlike most vitamin c-infused skincare products I've used in the past, this skin wonder delivered the quickest results.

With 20 years of backed research and modernized formulation, this antioxidant-rich and ultra hydrating brightening oil features cold pressed wild rose oil, healing vitamin a, a punch of vitamin c and a handful of natural botanical extracts. These effective ingredients not only revive skin and soften fine lines but work towards creating a more collagen-rich, supple and improved skin texture. A universal product, that works beautifully for all skin tones and types, this oil really targets our skin troubles while protecting it against UV damage.

The Results
While these grand claims would charm any skincare enthusiast, I was quite skeptical about using this product. Reading rave reviews touting overnight brightening and various other promises still didn't completely sell me on the product. With such tricky expectations, I still gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised by the result. Just one night yielded brighter skin, tightened the slight visible pores along by inner cheeks and ultimately saw an overall radiant complexion which sometimes becomes lackluster in this harsh heat. I was even more thrilled that with use, these remarkable results only continued. Best of all, those troubling blemish scars and slight dark spots I've had lingering on my skin have also begun lightening up. It is rare to come across a product this good that also works well.

I've found that this oil is lighter than others I've tried and beautifully melts in as you press it onto the skin. The smell, which can be quite intense upon opening, dissipates and leaves behind a hint of pleasant rose. In regards to application, a little goes a long way so a few drops (two at most per use, if used twice a day) is all you need for the face and a couple more if you're bringing it down to the neck. 

Additionally, this multi-functional oil works well as a companion product to other skincare products like moisturizer (a drop or two blended in for added hydration) or foundation. In the summer months, a couple of drops mixed into my foundation offers a lighter and more radiant finish without sacrificing quality of color or coverage. 


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