Dial A Dilemma: Faking A Sun-kissed Glow

Thursday, March 29, 2018

With nor'easter number 4 (4!) hitting us on the first day of spring, this aggressive winter season is hanging on like a bad cold. With such deary weather conditions, many of my sweet friends are craving some sunshine as well as that stunning sun-kissed glow we all enjoy in the warmer months. It's been a long season of ridiculously cool temps, harsh wind and messy snow stormy conditions and we've had just about enough. It's safe to say we're all itching to shelf those heavy winter skincare products and slip on something lighter.

But how do we mimic that lustrous bronzed glow when weather refuses to catch up with the season? 

Liquid bronzing products. These gels, serums and tinting products help faux the glow and give your complexion a warmth not possible with powder bronzers.

Before I jump to my absolute favorites, I should mention that I'm not against powder bronzes and still an avid user and fan (Nars Laguna, forever!). Whether matte or luminous, bronzing powders have been helping us faux the summer glow during the cooler months but it still feels, well, faux. It sits on your skin or atop your favorite foundation and never really feels natural.

Thankfully, these stellar liquid products warm up the skin in a different fashion. From innovative formulations to  multi-dimensional uses, these products capture the best of summer sunshine into a bottle without any of the sun damage

Tan-Luxe The Face Illuminating Self-Tan Drops 
As simple as adding a drop or two to your daily moisturizer, oil or serum, Tan-Luxe Facial Tan Drops warms up your complexion in more even fashion.Unlike powder bronzer, these light and customizable drops work with your own unique skin tone and create a warm shade that looks natural rather than a mask of flat color. In an effort to diminish those unsightly streaky, strong and harsh blocks of bronze along the face, these potent drops create a more even complexion while providing an added boost of radiance. Mimicking that subtly lustrous veil of color you achieve after a relaxing day at the beach, Tan-Luxe helps you go a shade or two darker than your current skin tone, ultimately creating a personal experience that fits your needs.
*Do remember that ever 2 drops equals one shade darker than you current skin/foundation tone. 

Chantecaille Radiance Anti-Aging Gel Bronzer
Whether it's the stunning formula or effortless application, it's evident why this superstar liquid bronzer is a best-seller for Chantecaille. A cross between a creamy serum and a gel, this easily blended and ultra-light liquid bronzer beautifully sits with the skin and offers a flush of seamless color. While giving flawless warmth, its anti-aging properties (raspberry stem cells) might be this product's most winning quality. We all know laying out and soaking up the rays does quite the number on our skin (burn, damage, thinning, wrinkles), but this spectacular gel gives all the benefits of a day by the pool without the damage. Additionally, while halting signs of aging, this versatile skin-benefiting gel both protects and repairs the skin.
*Due to its weightless texture/application, it doesn't disrupt your sunscreen or foundation.

Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer 
I've been a major fan of iconic powder Laguna for many years and was thrilled when I found out NARS was recreating this flattering bronze tone in a liquid. I've been using this fluid version for a bit now and it works beautifully both with and without foundation. Its sheer application leaves a beautiful light finish, and often use it for contouring (for a soft multi-dimensional complexion) or blended right into my foundation for an overall glow. It does have slightly luminous finish which amplifies the overall look of the skin, making it appear more youthful and radiant. I love wearing it with highlighter on low-maintenance beauty days where I want to skip the full-coverage foundation and want a more fresh-faced look.
*I sometimes blend it onto my eyelids and pop an iridescent gold shade on the center for an easy, subtle smoked eye look


*All product images courtesy of each respective brand 

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