Skincare Solutions To Repair Rough and Damaged Skin

Thursday, August 31, 2017

With so many commitments filling up our daily schedules, it's easy to start neglecting the seemingly unimportant things like skin care. (As a beauty expert, this is quite the sin, I know!) Skin care is VERY important, especially at the start of a new season as weather can greatly affect the health of your skin. 

From harsh environmental pollutants to wild temperature imbalances and beyond, the skin absorbs all sorts of toxins and without proper protection, weakens in these conditions. In my case, it was prolonged sun exposure without proper recovery. At the start of this summer, I made my usual skin product swaps which included a major upgrade in sunscreen, a lighter moisturizer and a refreshing face wash. However, with the harsh heat and stronger sun rays, my skin was starting to take a beating and I was just too busy to care. 

A huge mistake I immensely regretted. My skin had accumulated a disgusting layer of dead skin that pushed my already oily skin into overdrive. It resulted in a super oily mess that barely held on to any foundation (even with a strong primer) or cosmetics. I realized my out-the-door, skimped skincare routine was not enough for all the sunscreen and makeup I was layering on my skin. It was only when the texture of my skin visibly started to look battered and blotchy that I started to take notice. Thankfully, these simple skin rules and superstar products reversed all that damage,  repaired and restored my skin to its normal, smooth and radiant texture. 

I can’t stress enough the importance of a good exfoliation. Not only does it rid the skin of dry, dead build up but really cleans the skin and gives it a proper, gentle buffing. Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub has been a favorite of mine as it’s mild enough for daily use and really gives skin a deep clean.

Detox, detox, detox! So many factors contribute to congested skin and nothing properly remedies that than an effective detox mask. So many toxins were hanging out in my skin causing enlarged pores and rough, dull and oily texture. Thankfully Caudalie Instant Detox Mask really pulled away the dirt and left my skin feeling refreshed radiant and with visibly tightened pores.

Be sure to use a warm damp muslin cloth (love Eve Lom muslin cloths, large and lasting!) to remove the mask as it’ll allow you to effectively remove access dirt/oils and exfoliate simultaneously.

HYDRATE (facial oil) 
An individual who has oily complexion might think it’s absurd to apply oil to your skin but I assure you, facial oils are easily one of the greatest skincare products. Thinner than an actual moisturizer and more moisturizing (as I see on my skin), facial oils evenly sink into skin and heal troubles in a soothing manner. Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil not only repaired my overworked, damaged skin but made it smoother and brighter with extended use. Best of all, its amazingly relaxing scent makes me feel like I just left a luxurious spa treatment. 

Hopefully my skin care mistakes will remind you to make time for your skin. It is important to spend that extra 30 minutes or so every weekend to revive your skin and pay attention to its unique needs. A little time will lead to a more youthful and radiant appearance down the line. 

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