NYFW TIBI FW 2015 - Nails

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New York Fashion Weel Fall/Winter 2015
Designer: Tibi
Manicurist; Jin Soon Choi
Brand: JINsoon

It's seems as though Jin Soon's creative snow-tipped manicure couldn't have come at the better time. New York City continues to get hit with harsh weather and snow lately and this sweet manicure is making me fall in love with the natural patterns of this unpredictable snowfall this season. 

While the current weather is mimicking Jin's manicure, Tibi's FW 2015 collection was inspired  by the valued elements of the Inuit culture--kinship, strong spirit for adventure and wandering and thier expert understanding of the Artic climate. Tibi's designs illustrated the foundation of Inuit dressing with warm garments with interesting textures in a cold color palette.  

With such a collection, Jin created a sophisticated neutral nail look that featured elements seen throughout the designs (sculptural lines, textures, cool tones). 

Here's how to achieve this look yourself: 


PREP: Clean, polish-free nails are a must. File nails to a desired shaped and apply a fortified protective base coat like JINsoon Power Coat. 

COLOR: Once dried, apply two even coats of JINsoon Nostalgia on the nails. 

DESIGN: Assuring that the nails were first dried, Jin followed with the snow dipped design. To create this unique effect, start at the middle of the nail paint a curved line across the nail to the to tip (horizontally). For the prefect icy shade, she used JINsoon Doux (to launch in Spring 2015). 

FINISH: To seal in the look, Jin layered on a coat of JINsoon Top gloss for a perfect high gloss finish. 

Images via: 1 (style.com), 2-4 (courtesy of JINsoon) 

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