Bobbi Brown and Katie Holmes Collaborate on New Beauty Collection

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bobbi Brown x Katie Holmes Palette
This season brings the exciting collaboration of  Bobbi Brown and Katie Holmes. The palette which features an ultimate range of universally complimentary products enhances a range of faces. Created for today’s modern woman, the two beauties have created an eyes, cheeks and lip palette that serve as a foundation for a creative variety of looks. From natural to dramatic this palette meets both form and function. Small enough to tote around in your makeup bag, the Bobbi & Katie Palette tackles all high points of the face and is sure to liven you up on the dullest of days. Following Bobbi’s effortless aesthetic of beauty and Katie Holmes flawless approach to fashion and beauty, this palette allows you to enhance your unique assets. If you need a single all-in-one, go-to palette this season, make it this, as it houses a gradient of colors that can boost your face from lackluster to lively in a few swipes of color.

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